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“With God we shall do valiantly.” -Psalm 108:13. 💜 💜 This week has been tough. Nothing earth-shattering happened. Just a week of tiny frustrations and failures that have built up and left me feeling overwhelmed. 💜 💜 People often ask me how I do it all and stay so composed. The truth is I am not always composed and I don’t always have it all together. No one sees me snapping at my husband, forgetting to text back my friends, or missing birthdays. I’m a hot mess so much of the time. The only way I get through — the only way I have victory over my circumstances — is through Christ. The smile on my face is because Jesus knows allllllllll my mess and loves me anyway. THAT is a reason to smile. Can a girl get an amen?! 🙌🏻 #christ #withgodallthingsarepossible #jesusloves #hotmessmama #mygodisgreater

80 11 Mar 24, 2018

Fear is the thief of joy. I deserve to be happy, and so do you. Always. Each one of us is worthy of being happy. Taking a look at all of the blessings around you, and life in its entirety, it’s a beautiful. 💫 ————————————————————— Scripture reads: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you He will never leave you nor forsake you. •Deuteronomy 31:6• #mygodisgreater #amazinggrace #blessingsonblessings #faithoverfear #gracewins

132 3 Mar 24, 2018

Get up, stand up, never give up ♡ Even on days the pain hits like a ton of bricks, God gives me rest. Not one tear falls that he doesn't see. Even when I can't - he can. The pain you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming - Romans 8:18 #latenightworkout #picsoritdidnthappen #pretendingidonthavetoworkat5 #goodthingitookanap #noexcuses #playlikeachampion #fitfam #gains #myGodisgreater #mystrength #leaveitatthecross #ezpz #bombshellapparel #handwashonly #yeahright #lemon

23 7 Mar 24, 2018

When they think they KNOW.... but they have NO idea... #ItsMyTime #GodsPlan #GreaterIsComing #MyGodIsGreater #Winning #IAMASHEGOG

111 6 Mar 24, 2018

Freedom. For me, it’s freedom from fear + finances and freedom for my family. But what does that mean? FEAR: God has called us with a purpose + if we live in fear, we are letting the enemy keep us from being obedient. I don’t know about you, but I want to do what God wants. His way is just SO much better than mine. FINANCES: Whether you have a lot of money or little money, if it controls your actions, it’s an idol. Period. Anything that takes the place of God in your life is an idol. I don’t want to think about money more than necessary. FAMILY. When I’m stressed or maxed out or fearful, I am just not fully present with my family. They end up getting my leftovers when they should get my best. When I mention freedom, I’m not talking about this “look how fancy my life is” freedom. I’m talking about chains breaking, truth seeking, heart changing freedom. Who wouldn’t want that?! #wearefreedomcollective

69 1 Mar 24, 2018

You're not alone. You're understood. You're supported. When your kids play in the hospital rooms and hallways together, it's WAY more than "doing life together." A bond that no one else will understand. And now they both have hair. It's a beautiful thing. . I hate that you had to go through this but can't imagine life without you friend erikacatg FB Prayers for Olivia La Loggia #cancersurvivors #thrivorship #choosejoy #mygodisgreater #princesswarriors #family

159 3 Mar 23, 2018

This that glow when you start giving all your problems to God 💛 #mygodisgreater

180 0 Mar 23, 2018

My God is bigger than cancer #breastcancer #mygodisgreater

13 1 Mar 23, 2018

You never know how your testimony, your deliverance, your breakthrough will effect the lives of others. #dontbeselfish #youcanchangealifeandnotevenknowit #mylifeisatestimony #mygodisgreater

33 2 Mar 23, 2018

Every girl needs that little black freakum dress...❤️❤️❤️ Dress and Shoes H&M . . . #freakumdress #legsfordayzz #lilblackfreakumdress #sheready #msyipsastyle #budapestnights #datenight #dippedinbutter #becauseamworthit

179 11 Mar 23, 2018

I have heard often over the years that I make this Momming gig look “easy”. I’m so glad I can give anyone that illusion 😂 this thing we call Motherhood, well it’s by far the most challenging, difficult and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. And these last few years.... I’m pretty sure looking back, it will contain some of the nittiest and grittiest of our parental journey. We’ve been stretched and tested as parents and as partners and It. Has. Been. Hard. I’m thankful for the flexibility of time, the patience and support of a partner who just might be as crazy as me, the energy to keep up with this crew and LOTS of helping hands, within and outside of our four walls ☺️ to say we’re blessed is such an understatement. These six little hands have moved our family in a direction it may not have otherwise gone and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that God’s plan is so much bigger and better than mine, that He knows the needs and desires of my heart from the very beginning, through to the very end of my story. He knows who needs to hear it and whose paths I am meant to cross. I pray that He will use me in the way He sees fit and will give me the courage and direction needed to take each step closer to Him and to each of the hearts He places in my path ❤️ #healinghearts #stepbystep #myGodisgreater #littlehands #helpinghands

20 0 Mar 22, 2018

I saved this image from Pinterest this morning and today's word during 7pm service, was the work of the holy spirit. Receiving the power of the holy spirit. Acts1:8 I must say I feel the holy spirit deep within me. Lord FATHER THANK YOU. #THEFULLARMOROFGOD #GodsMercies #GodsMercy #DaughterOfTheKing #MyGodIsGreater #GodIsGreat #GloryToGod  #DaughterOfTheKing #GodsGift #GodsCreations  #InGodITrust #GodFirst #GodIsGreat  #GodIsGood #TheLordHasMyBack #TheLordProtectsMe #IamHisDaughter #JesusChristIsMySavior #Blessed #GodIsGreat #GodIsWithUs #GodIsWithMe #GodShineThroughMe #GodGivesMeStrenght #GodIsCalling #GodIsMyStrenght #IBelieve

25 0 Mar 22, 2018

The instantpotcompany made one of my favorite kitchen tools ever. Especially when it comes to a pork stir fry that cooked almost all day. My dad also got some grapes 🍇 which were delicious! They’re definitely my favorite fruit. . . Real talk. So I get almost super super anxious sometimes when people bring home a lot of groceries. I know part of it stems from being a control freak around food and not trusting God and thanking Him for the GIFT of food. So often I find myself giving into anxiety, but I am so very thankful for God’s gentle reminder that I, Emily, don’t have to work everything out: while I am just walking one moment at a time, He is leading me every single step. Right now I’m still learning to cut back those workouts, enjoy more of an abundance of food, eating food even when I didn’t do a long workout, and honoring hunger instead of constantly being controlled by anxiety. I am so very excited for what God has done and how He’s drawn me to Himself through every single struggle. The struggle is so real, but my God is greater than my struggle. #myGodisgreater #fromfoodfearstofoodfreedom

89 12 Mar 22, 2018
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