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26 1 Nov 25, 2017

Minutemen - The Punch Line 1981 SST Records (1st press w/ insert)

27 2 Nov 25, 2017

Morning coffee and this lovely Hi-quality reissue of super rare sought-after French only percussion album by Prosper N'Kouri. The septet features three different percussionists, plus some jazzy sax, trumpet, and guitar! Love the afro funk style. Never heard of it and never would, if it wasn’t for lovely folks at Superfly Records. Record that was still unknwon until this reissue, this private album includes the hypnotic club banger like Congo Expressions a pretty unique proto house percussion hybrid rack. The whole album is great with cut like “I take you my feeling” a deep minimal uptempo funky jazz beats. As usual with Superfly, beautiful quality repress with paste on covers made in Japan, Obi and 180grs vinyl. Killer tunes. — #nowspinning #nkouri #prospernkouri #jazz #afrobeats #afrofunk #music #musiclover #musiccollection #percussion #vinyl #vinyljunkie #vinylrecords #vinylporn #vinyloftheday #vinylcollector #vinylclub #instavinyl #recordcollector #vinylcommunity #vinylcollectionpost #hifi #audioporn #audiophile #gyrodec #superflyrecords

53 0 Nov 25, 2017

...That band with that overplayed 90's song. Sadly considered in a way, a one hit wonder band... Well, far from that, they have an awesome collection of singles, some of those are even in this record, like Somebody to Shove, a hell of a opening track, probably my fav' in this album. There's Leave without a trace with a magnificent video, and so on... Their album, Hang time is to me one of the first "grunge" albums ever and it's a good one, when the "movement" was just starting. Claire Danes appears in Just like anyone a video made for their next album, Let your dim Light Shine, being produced by non other than Butch Vig. Weird Al parodied the song Misery, funny song and video... and the covers, some of their album covers are pretty nice to look at. So no, no one hit wonders here. • • "...I'm waiting by the phone, waiting for you to call me up and tell me I'm not alone. Hello, speak up, is there somebody there? These hang-ups are getting me down. In a world frozen over with over-exposure, let's talk it over, let's go out and paint the town..." • • ● Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union. (1992, CBS/Sony Spain). • • #vinyl #vinylrecord #record #recordcollection #recordcollector #vinylporn #nowplaying #gravedancersunion #classic90s #nowspinning #soulasylum #lookatmy12inch #recordcollectorsarepretenciousassholes #vinyljunkie #holdenthedog #dustyfingers #vinyladdict #vinyladdiction #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #musiccollection #myvinylstop #vinylofig #instavinyl #vinylcommunity

177 0 Nov 25, 2017

Simpleplan/Perfect-2004- . PerfectのSingleです💿 これにしか入ってないTheturtlesのCover.Happytogetherが聴きたくて買いました✌️笑 PierreとDavidがSimpleplanやる前に活動してたResetてBandのCDもあるのか探したがわからず😭 . #simpleplan #pierrebouvier #daviddesrosiers #theturtles #happytogether #cdcollection #musiccollection #perfect #洋楽 #poprock

7 1 Nov 25, 2017

The Smiths - The Queen is Dead (1986/2017) So here's the final installment of my review of The Smiths' The Queen is Dead boxset. This is probably one of those albums that is sacred to many people. If you were growing up in the 1980s and found no solace in the mindless Stock, Aitken and Waterman dominated charts, Morrissey and Johnny Marr were likely the refuge that seemed to bring meaning to your life. Like so many awkward spotty teenager, this album was an importance part of growing up for me. In the past decade or so, I had taken a hiatus from The Smiths and Morrissey. However, in the past 6 months or so, I have been revisiting their albums and with fresh ears. A lot of music we grew up with, we take for granted after a while. Take away the sometimes forced miserablism of Morrissey's performances, a lot of The Smiths' works still stand up strong after 30 years. The Queen Is Dead deserves its place in the pantheon of great guitar pop classics even if it is not my favourite Smiths album. The album was the band at their majestic peak, taking their unique brand of navel gazing to grand new heights. In particular, I actually enjoy Morrissey adding a dash of dark humour with Frankly, Mr Shankly, Cemetry Gates and Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. The band's attempt at making a perfect album which is ceaseless in delivering one great song after another is executed flawlessly. Marr's guitar playing prettifies the songs, allowing Morrissey to meander with his rants and impassioned wallowing. The album is multi-dimensional in its delivery, without ever just remaining at one pace. From the ferocity of the title track and Bigmouth Strikes Again opening each side of the album, to pastoral moments and the beauteous There is A Light That Never Goes Out, the band never falls into a singular sound. Familiarity with the songs over the years had dulled me of the album's powers by the 90s, but now listening again, I can once again understand why its a classic. The sheer audacity for an indie band to produce an album of such ambition and attitude and magnitude in 1986 was frankly outrageous. That they pulled it off is testament to their brilliance as a group. #thesmiths

98 12 Nov 25, 2017

Fu Manchu - Godzilla (Man's Ruin Records 1997 green vinyl) Al that stonerrock is about in one sleeve and one 10". #fumanchu #godzilla #mansruinrecords #brantbjork #joshhomme #recordcollection #vinylcollection #nowspinning #vinylcommunity #loveformusic #albumcollection #igvinylclub #onmyturntable #33rpm #musiccollection

19 2 Nov 25, 2017

Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom (2017) • 13 Tracks • 12” Vinyl

33 2 Nov 25, 2017

Selena Gomez - Revival (2015) • 11 Tracks • 12” Vinyl • Limited Edition Website Exclusive

46 2 Nov 25, 2017

☠️ Hatebreed ☠️ ▫️ 🎸 Frank Novinec 🎸 ▫️ 🤘🏻🖤❗️❌

23 1 Nov 25, 2017

And the journey through the music's universe continues! I'm taking the time to revisit some albums of my collection, and this is one of my favorites: MaYan - Quarterpast A Masterpiece in relation to the union of Death Metal and Symphonic Metal! #mayan #mayanband #quarterpast #symphonicdeathmetalopera #deathmetal #symphonicmetal #heavymetal #musiccollection #musiccollector

14 0 Nov 25, 2017

Paramore - After Laughter (2017) • 12 Tracks • 12” Vinyl • Website Exclusive ?/4000

67 1 Nov 25, 2017
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