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Regrann from gonitracore - Proper Form of Incline Cable Chest Fly Join us 👉 gonitracore for more fitness tips Share with a friend who will benefit from this - 📷 Post Credit to hungtheswoleasian - ✅Major Muscles Involved: Pectoralis major ✅Variations: alternate, single arm. ✅Benefits: Develop Pectoral - Tips for an effective Incline Cable Chest Fly: - 1️. START LIGHT - Pay attention to form and ROM, train the muscles, develop mind and muscles connection 2️. Lower cable in a control manner, pull hands together on the top in front of you. 3️. Keep elbows angle fixed 4️. To increase time under tension, squeeze on the top 5️. Keep spine straight 6️. Have a slight lean forward to focus the tension on upper pecs . . . #aestheticsovereverything #getfitstayfit #instahealthy #musclegrowth #weightlossfamily #crossfitlifestyle #crossfitlove #musclemen #muscleman #regrann

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Gym Selfie on Fleek...💆🏿‍♂️ #gymselfie #muscleman

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Train hard. Stay hot. 🏋🏼‍♂️🔥 Read books. Stay smart. 📚❗️Work to make all of you, from top to bottom and front to back, the best possible. I wanna inspire you fellas! 💜💪🏼🍆 #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #muscles #muscleman #gym #training #hard #big #juicy #alphamale

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Pizza? Burgers?

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