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"Back to bars" coming this week its over mumble muthafukas the streets and people want real hiphop back #unfukwitable #hiphoplives #emcee #TNT #showluv "The opposite of mumble rap is me! #noonecanfukwitme #phillysupportphilly #2017 #cyphercircuit cyphercircuitmembers worldstar everybody


Tela 120x50 soggetto commissionato, sassolini di casa mia, sabbia di cantiere, i miei amici acrilici e molta voglia di dipingere. In osservazione prima di decidere se fermarmi cosi mumble mumble... #acriliconcanvas #paintingsforsales #granditele #bigpaintings #seascapes #dipintiamano #dipintidimare #paintingartwaves #instagood #instagram #dipintidionde #onde #waves #marelungo


But My Urban Look Got The Chickens Clucking ... #SoonDrop No More Of That Mumble Rap Shit


Our annual fundraiser at school, Rendezvous at the zoo Julian did amazing in the show! #bestdonkey #mumble #ilovehim #zoolife


Can hear him mumbling??Yeah he is trying to talk nowadays..but the sound is so funny and when he mumble his tongue keep sticking out #my2ndborn #muhammaddayyanariz #jalanmasihtakpassnakberbualkonon #someoneimitatehim


I Asked Yukmouth How He Feels About Mumble Rappers....He Said thisComin Soon! #Rapshack #Rapshacktv #Rapshackmedia #sacramento #strongvisuals #hot97 #Out #hiphopmusic #q #worldstar #westcoast #californialove


Do yourself a favor... have a listen! richforever new album is cold as ice. No mumble rap, great content, beats is knockin


from the soul brotha himselfthe legend pete rock on mumble rap... just read...its self explanatory #shitisreal #hiphopspeaks #lyricismin #mumblerapout #whyareyouinthisculture #gothaaaaatway #cmon #hiphopforlyf #hiphophead #foh #rocarazzi


.am i as pridefulas you say that i am?i mumble loudlyand work through the silence...the only thing constant is your humble the other side of the world,get ready for the message of the sun.- nahkobear (miss yew xo)


Abuela we made it They said they was tired of the mumble rap so they told Ur fav puppet to bring them puti barz up to power 105.1 in nyc on the sunday sit down with iamemez powerisindustry ... full freestyle and interview coming soon #puppetcelebrity #puppetwave #power105.1 #ccshit #thor ( by scar media scarfacedadon)


This is the first show of a very, very busy month for left_for_wolves. Busting some jams at the Phoenix Youthy tomorrow afternoon with the homies from oceangroveband, as well as seeing the new crop of up and comers battle to the death. All Ages and $10 at the door. Should be a good one.P.s I also got roped into being the MC for the day, so come down and hear be mumble complete nonsense and drop heaps of Dad jokes yeah! #leftforwolves #oceangrove #dadjokes #freeza #phoenixyouthcentre


Its funny how Major record Labes make it seem like REAL HIP HOP is no longer marketable and try to convince us that Trap Mumble fuckery is all the people want... but look at the NUMBERS of me spitting BARS On Sway in the morning via My Facebook page - in 2 days 176,000 views over 3,000 likes over 3,000 shares and 800 + comments. Smh dont let them fool you my friend.... THE PEOPLE WANT BARS realsway thehappyhourwhb richnicedigital #ruffryders #quadirlateef


#throwbackthursdays me in the studio doin what i use to love but todays music has made me loose that love for hip hop no passion no real shit all u hear is money clubs same bs wrist froze poppn bottles cars no reall mcs whos on top like the good old days so i jus think its time to give my fans and the people that reall shit real struggle real singers no auto tune shit ans that reall west coast funk some mc lyrical shit back not jus this abc vocabulary mumble shit #studio #music #hiphop #latinhiphop #hoggbossmusic #zabmusic #mc #lryics #gangstamusic #nocomplaintsnoexcusesjusresults #motivation #onlyyoucandoit #focus


Coming to the states, I was 8 years old, shy and a non-native English speaker. For some reason that year, I found myself surrounded by bullies in my class. I remember this one time, I had a plush-toy key chain hung to my backpack and when I came back from recess, it was gone. I sat down at my desk and I found my pencil case opened, not remember leaving it open. I looked over across the room, I saw a group of girls playing with my pens that became horribly mutilated. I immediately started crying. The worst part about this piece of memory is that I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t make out the words in my mouth because I didn’t speak any English. I went over to the girls and confronted them yet I could only point to the pens and mumble the words “mine” over and over again. The teacher finally came and figured out the situation. I went home and told my family. My older sister helped my parents write a note asking for an apology because her English was better. The girls ended up apologizing but not in the genuine way that I expected. For the rest of that year, the girls continued to bother me and exert their negative energy towards me. Then I learned that speaking up and defending myself are fundamental in life. I couldn’t be shy anymore and I couldn’t let things scare me. Even though this experience was incredibly horrifying for me as a child, I learned to express myself and be a stronger, better individual. I have to thank my sisters everyday for inspiring me and helping me be the brave person I am today. Thank you for everything emlamlam itsmuggy


Suddenly, you awake and and start hyperventilating again, Carl sits next to you and calms you down "I-i-i-i" you try and say"Shh shh, its okay" Carl said You finally calm down"I had a terrible nightmare, i kept dreaming i was having a panick attack and kept waking up an-" "Yes, you woke up through the night atleast 7 times, i had to try and calm you down. At one point i thought you were gone" Carl interrupted "Thank you" you replied "Why?" carl asked "Why what" "Why do you keep waking up in the night" He said worried"Well-erm-its hard to explain...its a long story" "I think we have time" he chuckledYou smirked back"All you need to know is" "Itll take me time to get the strength to tell you" you said while hanging your head down"You dont need to say, its fi-""No.I want to say"Carl put hes hand on your hand, and said "im always here"-"Night y/r" Carl whispered "Goodnight"You saw Carl closed hes eyes and snapped into hes dreams while you on the other hand, you cant sleep. Your just laying in bed: eyes wide open and just thinking-thinking about yourself. "I need to say something to him... i-i-i need to...." you mumble to yourself"Hey y/r, how long have you been awake for" Carl asked "Well i never fell asleep""Y/r get some sleep you need it""But i cant,i just-just. I cant sleep. dont worry bout me"You snappedCarl stood up and sat on your bed, "Are you ready to talk now?" you take a deep breath "Yes" you slowly say••• #walkingdead #twd #ilovethewalkingdead #twdseason2 #twdseason3 #whodidnegankill #carlgrimes #rickgrimes #michonne #dalegreen #andreatwd #followforfollowback #likeforlike #fanedit #twdfanedit #daryldixon #twdedit #carolpeletier #MerleDixon #twdrosita #twdstorysfanfic #twdfanfic

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