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राग एकटाच येतो पण जाताना आपल्यातली सर्व चांगली लक्षण घेऊन जातो, संयम सुद्धा एकटाच येतो पण येताना आपल्यासाठी कायमची चांगली लक्षण घेऊन येतो "फक्त निवड आपल्याला करायची असते''...!!! || शुभ प्रभात || #instagram #instagood #motivationalquotes #deepalisayed #acotar #marathimulgi #instafriends #takecareofyourself #behappy #bepositive #loveu #deepu #😗

5 0 Jul 21, 2017

this is one of my favorite quotes. growing up i've always been the "fat friend." on the outside, i was happy. but what no one saw was my struggle with self image. it eventually got so bad that I developed an eating disorder. i'm no longer letting that control me, an eating disorder is not a way to lose weight. an eating disorder is just a way my mind tried to destroy my body. now my body is destroying all the negative thoughts in my mind. #fitnessjourney #fitness #ed #edrecovery #motivationalquotes #workoutmotivation

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❌MANTRAS TO LIVE BY❌ • I Dream For A Living I envision a world where everyone lives their dreams, at it's best whilst making the world a better place. This is my dream, this is what I live for • Dream Big Or Wake Up No in betweens, I'm either dreaming up a next concept, action plan, strategy, storyline, inspiration or I'm wide awake working on them, no in betweens • Rule No.1 Never Be No.2 No replicas, no carbon copies, no duplicates. This isn't about competition, it's a mindset • One Thing Is Ok One movement, one mission, one dream, one vision, one purpose. Planting a seed with the expectancy to see a tree includes weeding, watering, applying manure etc. But the dream / purpose / vision is a tree • Stand For What You Stand For For everything you believe in: God, your dreams / purpose / visions. Whatever you innately believe in - stand for it. Let the world know why you're here an do it passionately • Every Day Counts Each and every day, action, decision, impression, speech, effort, collaboration COUNTS!! • TRIGGER / VERVE / YRE Think it. Create it. Start it.

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🤘🏼🔆🌀💋Uno de los mayores pecados que podemos cometer es no animarnos a ser nosotros mismos como somos! Porq así está bien Reconocer que lo que ya somos es suficiente, feliz tarde 🙏🏻 perdicies ni un solo día! #kitesurf #kitegirl #kitelife #kitelover #beachlife #beachbody #booty #blond #beachgirl #cuerposano #cuerpodeplaya #mentesana #fitgirl #fitlifestyle #fitkitegirl #motivationday #motivacionatope #motivacionfitness #motivationalquotes #mentepositiva #retiroespiritual #mujeresdeexito #mujeresmprendedoras

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Actors, it's not all about you. This industry works hard to keep us self concerned, self centered, and self obsessed. This affects our relationships, our art, and ultimately our career. But when we serve others, we bring value to them. When we serve others, we manifest humility. When we serve others, we flex the empathy muscle and we gain a perspective that only the service minded will understand; that it's not all about you. Love someone, prioritize someone, serve someone.

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With new projects ahead at work, I'm constantly doubting myself and have realized I'm scared of failure... But not scared enough to not give it my all and deliver successfully. It pushes me and motivates me to prove to myself that I am capable of anything that is given to me and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 🙏 🤓🤗😌 . . . #motivationalquotes #rawthoughts #godmystrength #mydeliverer #instathoughts #instashare 💭 📝

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