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21 Months to go on our debt free journey !! I’ve worked out it’s going to happen by August 2019 - I’ll be 49 and completely debt free without any payments!!. Can we do it sooner - we are doing everything we can to beat this date. How long until you are debt free 🙌🏻 #21months #debtfree #debtfreedom #debtfree2019 #debtfree2019 #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeliving #debtfreegoals #savethedate #savemoney #llnoe #cashisking #daveramsey #llnoe #mortgagefreecommunity #mortgagefree

76 12 Nov 17, 2017

There is nothing we love more than creating a relationship directly with our clients. . We want to hear from you! Whether you are interested in switching your mortgage to a lower rate, thinking of refinancing before the new mortgage rules set in, or simply contemplating a purchase and looking for more information about your mortgage pre-approval, our team is here to help. . Did you know we have a live chat feature on our website that instantly connects you to one of our agents? Drop us a line today [link in bio]. 💗 . . . #mortgagesavvy #lessstressmoresavvy #weloveourclients #personalfinance #mortgageagent #mortgagebroker #mortgagelife #realestate #financialplanning #mortgagefree #mortgagegoals #homeownership #moneygoals #mortgagequestions #financialfreedom #moneysquad

67 0 Nov 17, 2017

Got our new generator today. It was on sale at Home Depot as part of their Black Friday deals. It is incredibly quiet and it will be a back up to our solar setup. To hear how quiet it is (while running a space heater) check out our Insta stories.

61 4 Nov 17, 2017

Haven't shared any house pictures in a minute! We are getting so close! Painting next week, already have flooring, appliances, tile and cabinets ready to go in. Shits gettin real up in here! #buildingahome #mortgagefree #debtfree #outofpocket #financialgoals #workhardplayhard #hustle #grind #ladytattooer #ladytattooers #girlswhotattoo #cleanslatetattoo #alaskachicks allanfach

88 4 Nov 16, 2017

Right now I’m working on a huge addition to the van with ashley_dangerfield but it takes a lot of planning and materials. It’s also holding up a lot of other stuff so I’m trying to be useful and get some miscellaneous things done. Haven’t wired them in yet but got some spots up and switches installed. In other news I just ordered £100 worth of lighting materials for something completely unnecessary... stay tuned. #motoringhome #vanlife #vanbuild #offgrid #mortgagefree #van #conversion #selfbuild #camper #campervan #spotlights #lighting #12v #adventure #diy

43 0 Nov 16, 2017

Yesterday I took $1K of “my husband’s money” and made another payment to the mortgage. Typically we use his paycheck to pay for all of our life expenses (food, gas, bills). Anything leftover is used to cash flow irregular expenses. However, there’s nothing we need to cash flow so I made a payment. Somehow I feel like this might come back to haunt me, but hopefully not. 😬

82 15 Nov 16, 2017

Want to pay your loan off early? Follow these basic hints! Tip # 4 - Choose a product suitable to your circumstances Package loans with all the bells & whistles such as an offset account often have annual fees around $350-$400 On a loan of $400,000 you would need to have approx. $10,000 in your offset account at all times to save enough interest just to cover the annual fee you pay - anything less and it could actually be costing you money! A $395 annual fee over a 30yr loan term could result in $11,850 of unnecessary fees, unless of course you have sufficient funds in the account Offset accounts can be fantastically useful facilities but it all depends on your own individual circumstances and what the property is used for (owner occupied or investment). Consider wisely

13 2 Nov 16, 2017

Made a trip to Home Depot today to get some much needed insulation supplies. Going to lay down our first layer of insulation before we put up the firing strips for the ceiling panels. Hopefully Adam can get done with work at a decent time tomorrow so we can get some in before it gets too dark and cold to work in Luna.

85 1 Nov 16, 2017

I can't stop smiling! This little house of ours is coming together so beautifully. Ahhh can't wait to start new memories. ❤️😍

59 8 Nov 16, 2017

Feeling stressed about the “stress test?” The panic stops here. ✋️ . Wondering how the new mortgage rules affect you and your financial goals? Whether you are months away from buying your first home, you’re ready to upgrade, or you’re worried about paying off some lingering debt, there are plenty of options to consider before the January 1st deadline. . Keep calm and head on over to our latest blog post for everything you need to know about the new mortgage rules – link in bio! 👩‍💻 . . . #mortgagesavvy #stresstest #keepcalmcarryon #mortgagerules #lessstressmoresavvy #mortgageagent #mortgagebroker #mortgagelife #realestate #financialplanning #mortgagefree #mortgagegoals #homeownership #moneygoals #firsthome #investmentpurchase #debtfree

66 1 Nov 15, 2017

1. My bank finally applied my principal payment correctly making my loan 11% paid off! 2. We had surprise dinner guests last night. I was going to order pizza until I realized I had all the ingredients for homemade pizza in our fridge! 3. Finished the pay period with $6 extra which I am using to treat myself to lunch today! . Are you celebrating any budget/finance wins? Please share!

113 6 Nov 15, 2017
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