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Coach is like one of those people who slip into accents when he's around people with accents. So during warm ups against Baja, Mexico he transformed right before our eyes. #coach #urg #baja #transformer #morethanmeetstheeye

0 0 Jun 25, 2017

I'm a little biased since I'm a big fan of the toys, comics, cartoons and Michael Bay's #Transformers film series, but I had an absolute kickass time watching transformersmovie #TransformersTheLastKnight with my buddy Malcom last night! If you're gonna listen to the critics or haters (which I don't) you're probably not gonna enjoy it but I went in knowing what kind of popcorn entertainment I was getting and it my expectations were met and more. It is definitely #MoreThanMeetsTheEye. Another helluva fun ride in the #Transformers film universe that hit many right notes of a michaelbay and #Transformers film. Giant robots: ✅! Cool cars: ✅! Badass action: ✅! More time for Bumblebee: ✅! New characters: ✅! Outstanding visual effects: ✅✅! #KingArthur and the Knights of the Round Table: ✅! Epic medieval adventure: ✅! War movie: ✅! Sir Anthony Hopkins: ✅! Humour: ✅! Big sequence and design homages to #JamesCameron's #TheAbyss: ✅! The list goes on. So much of the movie was filmed in the format, if you're going to watch it, go for the imax.movies #3D version. Many people are going to miss out on the overall experience by not doing so. I believe it's truly the best way to see the movie as you're fully immersed right into the massive world of the #OptimusPrime, the #Autobots, and #Decepticons through full #IMAX screen action, scale, and cinematography. Many probably won't notice but Bay actually seemed to listen to fans, dialing back some of the poor choices of humour that plague a few of the other films in the series, but also zoomed us back out from the mode-changing complexity of the robots, and at times, the too-dynamic camerawork. It's still all there, but it all gels together better. #MichaelBay continues to craft some beautiful visuals and #TheLastKnight has some of the most stunning Bay-style photography of the entire series, very much reminding me of his early work. For me, easily one of the best in the series, and while the first film still captures the heart of Transformers the best, this chapter is a technical and visual marvel. The adult in me loved it as much as 9-year-old #scifi #Transformers #geek in me did. Can't wait to see it again! #AutobotsRollout!

2 0 Jun 25, 2017

A break with Optimus... #morethanmeetstheeye 🤖

8 0 Jun 25, 2017

Well, I wasn't gonna buy this guy at the prices I've seen him going for. But I know prices vary wildly even between stores of the same chain. This was the lowest price I've seen for a Voyager in this line so finally pulled the trigger. Wish they had Octone and Blitzwing too! #Target

18 2 Jun 25, 2017

Just watch the transformers the last night #transformersUniverse so great #bestmovieofthemonth #morethanmeetstheEYE....the ending is just an introductory to the part 6 of transformers #UNICRONwillRise

1 0 Jun 25, 2017

Super cool sky last night. At first, I thought it was my camera messing up and causing the line, then I realized that the sky actually looked like that! It was odd and amazing. I love happenings that leave me a little speechless and stunned. Reminds me that there is so much in this life that defies my own logic and understanding. It's good for the soul to experience moments of fascination. #skyscapes #floridaskies #wonderings #ponderings #naturelover #nature #livethislife #lovethislife #fascination #happenings #soulcare #youdoyou #strangeandwonderful #payattention #openyoureyesandsee #listenandlearn #notice #reality #morethanmeetstheeye #see #nofilter

15 0 Jun 25, 2017
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