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“There is no such thing as perfectly done in the scheme of human life or love. There are only imperfect people doing it well.” —Without Rival _____ I had convinced myself that I was just whining, and totally made a mental to-do list of “all the things” Bc the babysitting couldn’t happen today with all the germs, and the Little’s were going to be resting. _____ Then I sat in my bum until 10am 🤦🏻‍♀️. I ended up getting some laundry done, clothes switched for the seasons, and the floors downstairs swept and mopped...then I sat down on the couch with a splitting headache and a self talk going on in my head full of all the things I could be doing better in life. _____ Something (thank you Holy Spirit) told me to open the book laying beside me. And this quote was the first thing I read. _____ I then did some yoga, Bc that’s all I could handle after filling my sick plate too full today. Told myself that the bathrooms will get cleaned another day, and played legos with my girls until it was time to tuck them in. _____ Strive for well done each day-not All done. Not perfect.

12 3 Oct 24, 2017


8 1 Oct 24, 2017

My mom loves me and I love her 💕 #mommalove #kisses #charchartheshihtzu #charlie #dog #shihtzu

55 3 Oct 23, 2017

Tough times don’t last tough ppl do! With My Big Homie Momma Love My First Love 😍 She’s always Had My Back Now it’s Time For Me To Hold Up My End! Love You Ma We Gonna Be Straight You Raised a Strong Black Man And I’m forever Thankful For You 😘😘😘 #ForeverFatMac #MommaLove #AlwaysUs #MommasBoy #Blessed #WeGonnaMakeit🙏🏾

128 8 Oct 23, 2017

Action shots of my.little moon baby as mother nature....shes pretty amazing... all my rowdies are. #mommasprettylittleheart - #mommalove #sass #moonbaby #moonchikd #staywildmoonchild #theoneandonly #theoriginalmoonbabyallothersarecopies #theoneandonlysass tessagrace143"># tessagrace143

25 0 Oct 23, 2017

Happy Monday from me and the kid! She's enjoying her lunch while I enjoy a shake, I just don't have enough hands to include that in the pic 😂😂😂 I swear moms need at least 8 arms lmao! Like if you agree! Nevertheless, I applaud all the super mommies out there bossing it up with 2 arms 😂🙌🏾 #mommalove #supermom #feedingtimeatthezoo #breastfeedingmoms #breastfedbabies #chunk #mommysbaby #tgim

68 0 Oct 23, 2017

I’m so glad Vivian is feeling better today! Last week was pretty tough for the both of us. She had a running nose and bad cough. She was very fussy and wanted EXTRA attention. She didn’t eat much and lost a 1 pound and half. The doctor said it was a cold. 😷 Luckily, she didn’t have any infection. Just a minor cold. Oh and her back teeth are coming in. 😬 She was nursing like a newborn too! 🙂🙃

87 4 Oct 23, 2017
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