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My reaction when I realize I had the last scoop of superfoods in the house. Mailman, where you at?!?!? Did you know.... At just over $4 per serving, Shakeology quite the for your . Each serving packs up to 17g of protein per serving along with whole-food nutrition from some of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the . This combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients and rare adaptogens is LEGIT YO. SO LETS BREAK IT DOWN SHALL WE?! Each serving contains the same nutritional value as:3 cups of romaine lettuce 4 cups of raw 1 shot of wheatgrass1 bowl of exotic 3 raw onions7 raw carrots4 cups of non-fat yogurt4 cups of red radishes4 cups of raw broccoli1 cup of peasAND10 cups of cauliflowerI MEAN DANG! Buying all of these ingredients individually would cost around $41 versus just $4 for one serving of Shakeology!Can you see why I freaked out when it went empty?! #shakeology #sorrynotsorry #mailman #snailmail #heresthemailitneverfails #itmakesmewanttowagmytail #MAILLLL #momlife #momhumor #ifyoureamomyoullgetit

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