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___________________________________ It is a great honour to us to present to you one of this week's ⛪HASHTAG HIGHLIGHTS⛪: . 🌟 not_wired_up_right🌟 . ____________________________________ We love the work of this talented artist 💛! Please have a look at his wonderful gallery! Jim, thank you so much for sharing this fantastic picture with us 🙏. ____________________________________ picture selection: g_risu, to get featured tag ☞ #church_masters ____________________________________ church_masters is a feature page, that showcases regularly extraordinary work of the categories architecture, sculpture, graveyard, abandoned, edits and dark. ____________________________________

210 7 Mar 17, 2018

I truly believe that every photograph is a story. What is the story of this place, a storm approaching from behind? How many storms has this home withstood through its life with thunder shaking the foundation and rain, sleet, snow and wind falling against these walls?

115 6 Mar 17, 2018

while her surrounding contemporaries collapse at a disconcerting rate, she remains defiant...and statuesque....and still appreciates the occasional visitor

1024 40 Mar 16, 2018

Relinquished | Ghostly movements I visited this spot near me in 2013 & 2014, and since departing it for 4 odd years a piano has very oddly appeared in a now very sealed building, I mean who carries a very heavy piano INTO a derelict building. For a change I shot this with my Helios 44m - 58mm vintage lens attached to the front of my Canon 5dsr - I loved the tones it produces.

577 22 Mar 15, 2018

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144 22 Mar 15, 2018
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