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where students once thrived .....and spirits now roam..... #abandonedschoolhouse

211 8 Apr 28, 2017

Don't trash talk my team!

36 4 Apr 28, 2017

Going to a quite place to edit 🎥

137 8 Apr 28, 2017

You have no idea what it's like to face felonies and have your only friends turn back. #VisualFinesse

66 3 Apr 28, 2017

Guala Guala Guala Guala #VisualFinesse

58 3 Apr 27, 2017

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123 9 Apr 27, 2017

Cuneo Hospital (demolished) skywalk heading west. Most shots, even one I posted, are the opposite way due to a long vent cover making a good subject. You can see it in the far right corner.

110 10 Apr 27, 2017

Overgrown courtyard in an abandoned high school. The windows into the yard have been removed by scrappers as the building is ripped apart for its metal

101 4 Apr 27, 2017

. Hello, come in, I'm warm with pardon Hang on, don't go, it just got started Our life has grown, why now be parted? • Still I L O V E You / The Peak Show _______________________________________________________ 📸: poopiephotographer _______________________________________________________ #bnw_demand #bnw_creatives #bnw_drama #wow_america_bnw #transfer_visions_bnw #pr0ject_bnw #tv_noir #flair_bw #sombrebnw #blackandwhiteisworththefight #trb_bnw #bnw_edits #artistz_united #artistry_vision #pr0ject_uno #ig_collection #weekly_feature #dsb_noir #bnw_sundays

209 39 Apr 27, 2017
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