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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 🌸

84 4 Mar 17, 2018

I’m tired of the fake love , show me what you’re made of .. 🤷🏻‍♀️

78 2 Mar 9, 2018

A bit of color ... Still in healing ... One day at a time ... Scars and pain won't win ... Attempt at #modeling #flawed #tryingtostaypositive #face #countrygirl #female #blackhair #browneyes #39 #ageisjustanumber #alwayskeepfighting #nevergiveup #sponsorme #healing #lookingforsponsors #injurieswontstopme #modelswithscars

47 4 Mar 2, 2018

Temptation - the look I make at my birthday cake right before I eat my weight in it 🎂🤪 With photography it’s easy to become immortalized . While I’ll keep aging . This moment will stay captured and hidden from time . It’s one of the reason I adore photography and have a thing for old photographs 😊❤️

126 10 Feb 27, 2018

Guess my favorite color in the comments below and I’ll guess yours in reply 🤫🤗

100 26 Feb 20, 2018

Because I want to share more acting , here is an imperfect acting reel that I use for my live auditions at universities 😊This is a monologue from a play called “ Enigma “ By Floyd Dell it’s is a play based on a concept of a dis functional relationship that has concepts of emotional abuse . To me being able to walk away from a relationship takes so much courage and strength ! Especially from a partner that has manipulated you to the point of messing with your sanity and ability to know you deserve more . To anyone out there facing this struggle .. remember your self worth is not based on their love ! You do not need them to have value , their abuse is never ever something you deserve !! Someone who really loves you wouldn’t treat you in such a way ! For all those struggling this is for you and I am here ! You are never alone 🙏🏻

69 4 Feb 16, 2018

My motto is to always learn to love yourself before you invest love in a significant other . Invest in yourself . You’re worth it 🙏🏻💖

75 2 Feb 11, 2018

What’s your favorite fruit? 🍊 🍉 🍎 🍌?! Mini Mandarin oranges are yummy 😋

72 7 Feb 8, 2018

I’m sorry I don’t really care what car you drive.. how many girls want your number .. how much you can bench press .. . But if you can impress my mom , gain my dads respect and make me laugh until I cry then I’ll be charmed 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I’m a big goof !! How about y’all? How important is a sense of humor to you ?

96 6 Feb 4, 2018

So I put some temporary color in my hair and now it’s got mad red in it in the sunlight 😘🤪 see I have dark dark hair with red undertones so this stuff look cool as heck 😎

101 1 Feb 2, 2018

Many believe that if you haven’t fallen in love by my age then you have been missing out ...But I’ll tell you what.. I have fallen in love more and more with my passions , with music , with acting , with performing .. every single moment I am alive . They are my true loves . 💖

93 4 Feb 1, 2018

The lights in the harbor Don't shine for me I'm like a lost ship adrift on the sea ~ Johhny Cash

136 3 Jan 29, 2018

Whoooooo wants to know my skin prep ? So first I use mychellebeauty fruits enzyme mist after I wash my face and all that jazz . Then I put on my serums from valjeanlabs to set an open base for the other facial products to be absorbed to their full ability . Then I put on mychellebeauty spot treatment and then paintedearthskincare clear confession . Then I put a touch of egyptianmagic on and to seal it all off I put on a generous amount of boo boo gel from paintedearthskincare and add some more fruit enzyme spray. Now this is the system I am enjoying now and it changes sometimes with new serums and such but I keep it consistent mostly and that’s key for face Health is to have a routine and be consistent. I might do a video on this but I had a lot of people ask me about my skin prep . My thing is you should always spend more time prepping your skin Vs putting on makeup . I spend a good 20ish minutes prepping and only tops 10-15 mins on makeup 💄 mostly because I hate wearing heavy makeup and don’t use a lot . Only a bit of concealer and then used bareminerals mineral veil and warmth powders and then eye stuff and eyebrows 😂🤪 not very complex in that case lol 💖🙏🏻 hope this was interesting and answered some of your questions.

70 7 Jan 23, 2018

Sometimes are hearts bleed . we can’t really stop the pain or sorrow. We have to let go and allow ourselves to accept what we are feeling . Even if it’s more painful than ignoring it . Even if you can’t sleep at night . Even if your mind rushes and your soul is filled with heart ache . Sometimes not every heart broken song is written about a lover . Sometimes it is crafted by the ones we hold close . Sometimes heart break is just inescapable. It’s part of life . Sometimes we cry just to feel the release of the pain . To accept what we been hiding and fighting . Sometimes we lash out and blame ourselves. Sometimes we say , “you have to be strong” because we are afraid to be weak . Because In that weakness we are exposed rawly to are pain . Sometimes we let our hearts control moments that need the mind . Sometimes we invest so much in others that we have nothing self for ourselves . Sometimes we pull the stitches to the same old wound.. letting out old blood we never accepted . Sometimes we lose who we are and feel a drift within are own being . I feel my heart bleeding . Both new and old blood . I feel scars bursting . I allow myself these moments of pain , sorrow and self doubt . I give my self permission to not hide it away and cauterize the wounds that need to bleed . I give myself the ability to say my pain is worth feeling and is of value . My pain is worth working through . And above all , I am allow not to be okay. . .

69 1 Jan 23, 2018

I miss the beauty of summer 💖🌸🙄 I was able to swim makeup free and care free because of painted earth paintedearthskincare Boo Boo gel Ex which is sold out at the moment but i was smart and bought two last time 🤪 muhahahahaha

112 14 Jan 22, 2018
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