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I am excited to have my babies back hahahahaha 😂 I have missed this hydration serum like crazy especially in the dry cold of Texas. I mix a few drops with my other serums and it just adds an amazing hydration boost !!! I’m also excited to try there restore serum !!! Thank you for creating a great product !! valjeanlabs

69 1 Jan 9, 2018

It was warmer in Texas today then in Florida ! I also went on 6 mile bike ride with my bro nicholasrayb . I’m Feeling kind of in a state of paused . Like time isn’t moving . I haven’t had a time of not doing something constantly for a long time . Tomorrow drew my nephew comes home and I’m excited about that . But honestly what is my purpose. What is my destiny. Why are some people pushing me out and leaving me in the dark ? Well chin up and keep pushing forward . Also Kinda In love with my new jacket from tommyhilfiger 💖.

70 2 Jan 7, 2018

Im sorry my Swedish/Nordic (Viking) ancestors !! I have to say I can’t stand the cold 😰 thank god for paintedearthskincare and egyptianmagic for helping bring my cold chapped skin back to life 🙏🏻

75 2 Jan 3, 2018

*Me looking at 2018 *I am so very thankful for the year I have experience. 2017 has been an amazing year with blessings and struggles. I am nervous but ready for what lies ahead ! I hope you all have a safe New Years . Remember never drink and drive and to always surround yourself with people you trust .much love .2018 is gonna be big musically just you watch !!! Also would like to shout out the brands that have changed my 2017 paintedearthskincare egyptianmagic bareminerals mychellebeauty

88 3 Jan 1, 2018

The stars at night are big and bright , deep in the heart of Texas 💖

82 1 Dec 30, 2017

a kiss it's simple really two lips touching although it can be complex just talking about it makes my feelings twist but it depends on who with. with you it would be complex because it would mean something but with someone else it would be simple, just two lips touching

116 2 Dec 29, 2017

Tori’s Stupid choice of the day : going out in 34 degree weather with wet hair to snap a picture for insta . I’m a rebel with a cause lol 😂 still sick with a cold too lol whose a boss? I’m a boss 😎 #motivation #believeinyourself #selflove #sweden🇸🇪 #swedish #viking #paintedearth #dewyskin #selfie #summerfun #actress #singer #summerloving #summertan #modeling #model #heartdiseaseawareness #hearthero #swedish #blueeyes #instagood #naturalhighlight #blessed #follow #BMGModels #hearthero #modelswithscars #photography #famouslyinlove #happiness #viking #christmas

101 3 Dec 28, 2017

SWIPE!! ‘We all have scars. Some you can see, some you can’t. Im lucky you can see mine’ Yes, it’s true, models can have scars! Scars are unique, and cool in their own way. Don’t let these things stop you from pursuing your dream Careers. Aim high. Here are 5 models with scars, successful and living the dream! (FULL ARTICLE in bio) by teenvogue #teenvogue #vogue #modelswithscars #imperfectlyperfect #successful #models #beautiful #inspirational #scarsarebeautiful

19 0 Dec 24, 2017

I love earth tones so much !!! 🌾🍂

106 1 Dec 24, 2017

Finally I have gotten a full nights sleep and am feeling somewhat normal again 😊🙏🏻❄️ hope you all are doing wonderful !!!! My stress break-outs have been put under control and my skin kept healthy because of the great skin products and makeup brands I use xo ! paintedearthskincare mychellebeauty egyptianmagic bareminerals

93 1 Dec 22, 2017

The Last moments shall be treasured 🙏🏻

99 1 Dec 18, 2017

The look I give when people spew incorrect “facts” about the descendants of the Nordic/ Swedish gothic tribes aka “Vikings “ 🤨

98 2 Dec 9, 2017

A few years back, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was told I would not survive. I was healthy and strong at 250 lbs and a personal trainer. The cancer wrecked everything about who I was. I dropped down to 120 lbs and looked like a walker from the walking dead. I went through multiple surgeries which my abdomen shows the scars. I went through chemo, I went through radiation, I was under the knife and still they said it was over. I was sent home to settle into my last days. My nurse came in day after day to the same couch I was always on to change my bandages and ease me into the inevitable. One day I woke up and realized if I was going to die it was not going to be on that damn couch. So I started working through the pain, getting up and working out. I would put a weight belt around the bandages so they didn’t move and I trained. Each day the home nurse would scold me telling me I can’t do that. Each day I told her if I am going to die, I will die on my feet fighting, not only back giving up. After weeks of pain and struggle, the workouts got easier. My weight started increasing, my health started improving. A miracle happened. I FOUGHT BACK!!! I may not be 250 lbs now but I am a strong 185 lbs. I can lift some things heavier than before the cancer. I was able to do things I couldn’t do before. Do not give up, because even when the tip top professionals say that you are done, you make the choice to agree or not. I wasn’t done, I didn’t care if they said so. I didn’t care that they said I couldn’t do what I was going to do. Years later, I am healthier and stronger than ever. I beat the devil I beat my cancer. If I survived, please remember that you can too!!! #cancer #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #model #models #numamodels #numa #numainternational #numamodelsinternational #malemodel #aspiringmodel #inspiration #fightback #selfie #fighter #martialarts #mma #modelforhire #model4hire #health #scar #modelswithscars #modelswithtattoos #followme

51 40 Dec 5, 2017
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