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• Let's rock this day • … und am besten gleich die 6 nächsten dazu :) Ich hoffe, ihr seid heute gut in die Woche gestartet. • Folgendes: Ich habe mir überlegt, einen #MissionMonday mit euch zu starten. Jeden Montag wird es ein neues Bild mit meiner Mission für die angelaufene Woche geben. Ihr könnt dann eure Mission entweder unter dem Bild kommentieren oder mir privat schreiben, was euch lieber ist :) Und richtig oder falsch gibt es da nicht, das kann alles sein von "Meine Wohnung saugen" bis "besonders nett zu Kollegen sein" 🤔✌ • Das Ganze bringt uns nicht nur dazu, uns überhaupt Ziele zu setzen. Es ist auch sehr viel wahrscheinlicher, dass wir sie erreichen, wenn wir sie jemandem sagen. • Deshalb: meine Mission für die Woche: 2 Uniprojekte fertig gestellt haben 🤘 • Jetzt seid ihr dran. Was ist eure Mission für die Woche und was haltet ihr von dieser Idee? :)

49 6 Dec 18, 2017

Your Office Door Is A Trap - Sam Stecher As I make my way to my office everyday I think a lot about what’s waiting for me once step through the door. There are a few truths that hold up day after day. My email inbox will not be in the same pristine and organized condition as it was when I left the office. There is always something from the day before that is not finished to extent it deserves. If I let it happen I could walk in my office and not step out until it was time to head home and still not have satisfied the demands of the day. Before I ever touch the door handle I’ve been composing a triage list, prioritizing what needs my attention first and how much time I can allocate to each need. In fact as I walk into school I on occasion end up talking aloud to myself, voicing that list priorities and allocation of time. “O.K. First I need to scan the bid for the attachment for the board agenda. After that I need to simplify the calendar rationales with some bullet points. By 9:30 I need to make the call to set up the demo of…” I’m sure I don’t sound crazy at all. Click The Blog link at and read the rest. #education #leadership #teachersofinstagram #teacher #teach #teaching #classroom #missionmonday #ithappensinthehallway #community #students #school #schools #loveandlogic

7 0 Dec 13, 2017

#FastRepost from ulalaunch by fastrepost_app ••• ULA has launched 26 missions for the National Reconnaissance Office, including NROL-24 (pictured here), launched Dec. 10, 2007. This week marks the “launchiversaries” for three of those missions. We are proud to support these critical national security missions. #MissionMonday #RocketsOfInstagram

11 0 Dec 12, 2017

Our Junior League members are active volunteers in the Spokane community! Today, seven members volunteered at The Women’s Hearth. The Women’s Hearth’s mission is to work towards ending poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. They have a Christmas party each year and women will receive a backpack full of necessities put together by our Junior Leaguers. . . At the beginning of our General Membership Meetings each month we hear from a local non-profit and learn about their mission and volunteer needs. There are always opportunities to positively impact the Spokane community! . . #missionmonday #JLSspokane #JLSpokane #joinus

34 1 Dec 12, 2017

We are committed to building a brighter future for diamond mining communities. We donate 5% of profits toward education, environmental restoration, and economic development. Click the link in our bio and select this photo to learn more #BrilliantEarth #MissionMonday

312 2 Dec 12, 2017

ibamahr_updates sounddialarmmusicfestival singingmelody #MissionMonday.. When The Music Hits You.. Just Sound Di Alarm.. And Stay Calm!!!

39 0 Dec 12, 2017

A Trauma Healing Ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is offering hope to the witnesses of an epidemic of violence. Children who are touched by child militia recruitment, murder, child rape, and the fate of children born of rape learn in this program that pain must be transformed... so that it is not transferred. Children between the ages of 9 and 13 are taught to begin their process of healing by dealing with grief, self-worth, the desire for revenge and the forgiveness of perpetrators. Imagine children carrying a similar child for a day on their backs only to feel the relief of setting this child down - representing the release of inner pain. Imagine children accepting their uniqueness and precious value to God as expressed in artwork decorated with their own thumb prints and unique flower petals. Imagine a world where all God’s children may burn their written “hates” at the base of a cross... then walk forward to bravely break the cycle of violence. Westminster is proud to support this ministry! #missionmonday #wpcmissionmonday #advent #hope #lettherebehope #pcusa #pcusamission #congo

14 0 Dec 12, 2017

#MissionMonday · · · "The one raised to happiness according to his desires of happiness..." Alma 41:5 "I know that our desires or what we want in life goes a long way! Meaning if i want to be happy in life then i have to have that desire to be happy and do things that will help me have that Eternal happiness. The way we think is how how we feel and how we act. " - Sister Foni

95 1 Dec 12, 2017

ULA has launched 26 missions for the National Reconnaissance Office, including NROL-24 (pictured here), launched Dec. 10, 2007. This week marks the “launchiversaries” for three of those missions. We are proud to support these critical national security missions. #MissionMonday #RocketsOfInstagram

1702 12 Dec 12, 2017

🎄🙌🏼💕This Holiday season we're excited to announce the opening of our official non-profit organization, Dondolo Gives! 💙 With Dondolo Gives, we are now able to make a difference here in the U.S! ☺️ Naturally, we decided to start locally in our home town of Dallas! ⭐️ We chose communitypartnersdallas as our first stop - we simply fell in love with their incredible mission. CPD helps ensure the safety, restore dignity, and inspire hope for the abused and neglected children served by Dallas County Child Protective Services. There are several ways this organization impacts children but specifically, the Rainbow Room stole our hearts. It is an emergency resource center for children in the care of CPS providing critically-needed items such as new toys and clothes. We were able to donate over 15 boxes of brand new/unused clothing to this amazing resource. Please join us and help support such an amazing organization! For more info on the CPD - please click the link in our bio! 💕💙💕💙💕💙💕💙 #DondoloGives #DondoloBaby #Donation #CommunityPartnersofDallas #CPD #missionmonday #giveback

130 22 Dec 12, 2017
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