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Courage. There’s no denying change takes courage. Making a long term commitment to change your life, even for the better is scary. Try breaking big actions or thoughts into smaller, bite sized ones to take away that overwhelmed feeling.

4 1 Jan 18, 2018

Sabe da real? O negócio é se amar... mas se amar tanto ao ponto de você se sentir bem com sua essência com sua capacidade de olhar à si próprio e ver o seu melhor, somente o que você tem de melhor... não se auto rotule nem ao menos queira ser o que a sociedade impõe se você se sente bem com sua própria companhia e até mesmo com sua aparência isso não é ser egoísta é a maturidade que chega e quem quiser compartilhar disso com certeza estará em boas mãos... não perca tempo com rótulos e muito menos com aqueles que te julgam pelo que é externo!!! #vivasemmedo #jogaproalto #minimallife Créditos by pic danielfontanive

8 3 Jan 18, 2018

오늘은 주방 정리. 부엉이 티라이트 홀더는 신혼때 말레이시아 여행 중 마켓에서 가져온 것, 노란색 르쿠르제 주전자는 아직 연애중일때 남편의 발렌타인데이 선물이고, 네쏘 머신은 남편에게 준 2015년도 크리스마스 선물, 빨간 빈티지 스칸디나비아 냄비는 임신중 놀러갔다 같이 구입한 것, 하리오 커피 그라인더는 도련님의 남편 생일 선물, 무민 글라스는 나 홀로 헬싱키 여행 갔을때 이딸라에서 구입한 것, 마리메꼬 머그들은 이번에 남편이 수고했다고 선물해준 것들, 그리고 하얀 티팟은 베프의 집들이 선물이다. 하나 하나 기분 좋은 기억들이 얽혀 있는 물건으로만 부엌을 채우고 정리하니 오늘 요리 하면서 더 즐거운 마음가짐이었다. 저녁도 점심도 더 맛있었던것 같은 기분. Cleaned and organized my kitchen filling it with items I love like my le creuset kettle given by my husband as a valentine, my vintage Scandinavian pot purchased together on a trip, a white teapot given to me as a housewarming item from a bestie, Iittala moomin glass purchased in Helsinki when I traveled alone to Finland, and an owl tea light holder from Malaysia when we went on a trip early on in our marriage. Every item brings me back lots of good memories and warm happy feelings. Call me silly but I feel like my cooking has gotten better too thanks to the good vibes. . . #vscocam #vscogood #vscogrid #vscohome #hygge #hyggehome #instahome #minimalist #onthetable #marimekko #iittala #minimallife #torontolife #the6ix #휘게 #휘게라이프 #심플라이프 #미니멀라이프 #온더테이블 #토론토 #일상 #홈스타그램 #집스타그램 #그릇스타그램 #이딸라 #마리메꼬 #정리스타그램

28 3 Jan 18, 2018

Lush green things from our favourite rookandrose 🌿.

45 1 Jan 18, 2018

🌮Alright.. I’m no taco expert, but this place has some of the best tacos I’ve had in Houston! Ya know Houstonians are spoiled.. we have good food everywhere.. and this place is just another one of those delicious places that make H-town great! Thank you maryannrdz for taking me. Can’t wait to go again!😋♡☕️🍂

25 4 Jan 18, 2018

I made some super yummy shortbread yesterday with lemon tea & dried strawberries. And they are all mine!! {my family won’t touch them, something about tea in cookies being gross lol}

7 1 Jan 18, 2018

If you're in the process of renovating or just looking for some good RV products, we just finished up a list, complete with images and links, to almost all the products we purchased during our renovation and our first 4 months on the road. . Everything from wires to saws to LED lights to 🐕 beds to steak knives and wooden plates to low-profile speakers (probably the hardest thing to find) to window fuzzies (yeah that's a thing), it's all there. . Hopefully we'll save someone time finding that hard to find item. Given how long it took to put this list together, we sure hope so. Happy #shopping! (See our profile for the interwebs link)

61 4 Jan 18, 2018

Experience the small moments. This little guy LOVES to be outside. While it may be cold, windy, or I simply am not feeling up to walking around the neighborhood, to see his face light up makes it worth the effort. Every. Time. What small moments do you look forward to? morExperiences: We seek experiences, not the accumulation of stuff Sign up for giveaways and updates at . . #morexperiences #experiencesoverthings #experiencemore #changeyourperspective #newblog #minimallife #bucketlists #lifebalance #frugalliving #relationshipsmatter #natureisart #familymemories #momentsoflife #simplifyyourlife #simplify #minimalismisme #happinesswithin #beyourselfalways #debtfreecommunity #budgeting #smallmoments #goonawalk #getoutside #createsmiles

27 0 Jan 18, 2018

This is the view from our bed. We have a TV on the left. Brandon and I have always loved watching TV before we go to bed, after the kids are asleep. We spend lots of time together and at night time we enjoy being able to shut our brains off and indulge in a couple episodes of The Office or Seinfeld. Our other favorites are Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot and our guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore (don’t judge us!). We occasionally will watch YouTube vloggers also. On the right side is the mirror I use to get ready at. I went to school for cosmetology and love the beauty business. I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready but when I wash my hair and want to curl or straighten it I’ll do it right here. I have trained my hair over the years to only need washed once a week. This has been super helpful on the bus because it’s not always easy to spend 20-30 minutes in the shower washing my super thick hair. I sometimes wash my hair at the gym if it’s a day that I want to be able to shave also. We have about 12 minutes of hot water so doing both isn’t possible. TMI? Whatever this is bus life! Up on the left side of this picture we have three wooden bins from target. Two are mine and one is Brandon’s. We keep our everyday shoes up there. I have my chucks, gym nikes, my moccasin boots and a pair of camel (this color goes with everything) colored dressier boots. During the summer the boots get put away and I bring out my sandals and flip flops. Brandon has his wingtip boots, his running shoes, his gym shoes, his rainbow flip flops (lifetime warranty), and his work boots. Behind the wooden bins we keep our family’s iPads (out of kids reach) and my vacuum accessories. Our Apple TV is up there also and my bedroom oil diffuser. I will do an in-depth look into dressers and shelves over the next week.

305 16 Jan 17, 2018

#veganuary day 17 🌿 : Today, on a plant based diet you saved : 1000 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forest, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide and 1 animal's life. 💚

58 5 Jan 17, 2018

به دوردستها باید رفت و عاشقانه زیست . #microblading #minimal #minimallife #village #wonderful #amazing #awesome #awe #natural #nice #blueskye #lover #romantic #artmagazine #magazine #ndws

25 0 Jan 17, 2018
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