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"All transformation begins with an intense burning desire to be transformed." - Dr. Wayne Dyer⠀ . . Any change you're wanting to make in your life must start within you. Do you want it bad enough? I mean do you have a deep, deep desire to be transformed and become the person that you want to be?⠀ . . It won't be easy. Actually, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. And staying committed to your transformation even when it seem hopeless, impossible, and damn near crazy. ⠀ . . But if you have that burning desire to transform yourself and your circumstances, you can make it happen. If you're ready to transform in some area of your life type "I'm ready!" in the comments!

5 2 Mar 18, 2018

Every cell in your body is listening to your thoughts- be mindful of what message you’re broadcasting... #frequency #moods #intentions #subconsciousmind #lawofattraction #multiverse #lawsoftheuniverse #lifecoach #mindsetcoach #goldenbhive🐝

1 0 Mar 18, 2018

❤Bom domingo😍 ❤Boa semana 😍 ❤Sucesso😍 ❤Nunca desista dos seus sonhos!💎💹

5 2 Mar 18, 2018

Conditional ... #Lifestyles #understandinglife #mindsetcoach

1 0 Mar 18, 2018

Happy Sunday ! How you spend you day and plan for the next week is vital !! I know you have heard me say it tons of times ... But if you Fail to Plan the. plan to Fail !!! I have been thru this rollercoaster and seen the affects of both !! So get up , stretch , say your prayers , be grateful , have some coffee (I know we are all grateful for coffee 😉) workout and PLAN YOUR WEEK! I am starting new today !! Tomorrow starts the beginning of a New Chapter !!

14 3 Mar 18, 2018

Is someone you love stressed out? Do you want to help? To Fix it? Oooh! Oooh! Read this! You'll learn HOW to do that! Trust me. I'm an expert at this stuff... been practicing my whole life! (BWAHAHAHA!) Link to blog post in bio!

40 4 Mar 18, 2018

Hard pill to swallow for most. But it’s the closest thing to the red pill you’ll get in this life

10 2 Mar 18, 2018

Throwback to my birthday last week and more exciting times of picking up my shiny new car 🎉...when I wasn't zapped of all energy with a throbbing headache and sore throat 😫 I even cancelled my night out last night because I felt so awful and THAT is a first. It came from nowhere and has turned me into a grumpy, tired and not very exciting person to be around this weekend 😂 which is bad timing because James is out in the garden laying a patio so my poor children are stuck with me 😳🤦🏻‍♀️. . As a mum, when you aren't feeling well it's pretty impossible to just stop what you're doing and rest. Especially when like me you don't have anyone to call upon and take over for you while you go to bed. It's hard. Everyone else is cool because you're running around after them and making sure they're ok, and when they aren't well they have you. But what about you?. . It's one of those times where it becomes really apparent to me that nobody else is in charge of me except me. I'm in control of myself and that goes for looking after myself too and putting my wellbeing up there as a priority. I'm the first one to put my hands up and say I don't do it well and I don't do it often. But this is my kick up the arse! Mentally, emotionally, mindset etc I'm good with wherever I'm at. But physically? I neglect myself big time and I've had enough of either ignoring it, feeling guilty for it but not taking any action, or saying yep tomorrow is the day and then finding an excuse to put it off a little longer. This bout of feeling crap has had its place and is the the start of me feeling like I deserve to look after myself as much as I do everyone else. I spend the day trying to make sure the kids eat enough fruit and veg and then realise I've only had five biscuits, a packet of crisps, some leftover dinner and then two bars of chocolate 🤣🙄 No more! Now, who's with me?! ✨ Let's start a #iamapriority hashtag and tag me in any posts of you prioritising YOU so we can give each other a boost, build each other up and support each other with doing something every day that is looking after you. Let's stop it taking someone else two days of feeling crap to realise they're important enough. ❤

29 1 Mar 18, 2018

It might be snowing, but my favourite flowers are keeping me optimistic that spring is close! #favouritethings #tulips🌷 #thingsthatmakemesmile

6 1 Mar 18, 2018

Seja o bom dia que você deseja 😃😍💚🌄 #escolhassaudaveis #bomdia #mindset #mindsetcoach #vidasaudavel #herbalife

13 0 Mar 18, 2018
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