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Turn your #back towards negativity (you like what I did there😆) and surround yourself with those who lift you up, support you and encourage you ❤️ Life's too short for anything else. . . #fridayfeels #positivevibes #fitmum #gymtime #notimeforbullshit #strongereveryday #pulldowns #strength #homegym #workoutathome #strongnotskinny #muscle #gains #babygotback #shoulders #mindandbody #getitdone #throwbacktothursday #feelgood #lookafteryourself #fitness #health #happiness #flexfriday #progressnotperfection

1 0 Oct 20, 2017

Join us for Yoga and Breakfast in collaboration with mealswithmasego Limited tickets available Follow the link on our bio to RSVP and purchase tickets! #mindandbody #bend #Nourish #yoga #breakfast

3 0 Oct 20, 2017

Устаёшь на работе? Тебе нужен настоящий фитнес-релакс💆🏼 30 октября во всех клубах #ФизКультНН пройдет день признательности "Mind&Body"🌓 Мы приготовили специальное расписание тренировок с упражнениями для релакса и расслабления. Лёгкая музыка, тёплый свет свечей и приятная компания. Что ещё нужно хорошего отдыха? Расписание и предварительная запись на рецепции вашего клуба🗒 и по телефону 2 200 350☎️ Отдыхайте активно. Отдыхайте в ФизКульт😎 #фитнесдляжизни #fizkultnn #ннов #mindandbody #relax #nnov #ФизКультСпорт #ФизКультСтарт #ФизКультСоветская #ФизКультМещера #ФизКультПарковая #ФизКультЮжное #ФизКультДеловая #ФизКультРодионова

3 1 Oct 20, 2017

A quick glimpse into 2018. WOZA

21 2 Oct 20, 2017

It runs in the family ❤️ Forward Fold with Shoulder Stretch relieves the hunched-over effect of long hours sitting at a desk working (or studying as in my daughter’s case) #yoga #yogaeveryblessedday #yogaisforeverybody #yogaheals #yogaeverywhere #yogaforlife #yogafit #healthy #mindandbody #yogateacher #london #sherminaaliyoga

10 1 Oct 20, 2017

[Annabelle] Good morning everyone! It’s Friday, hurray! But before you start having cocktails tonight try this red beer/oranges vitamin bomb! ............... Guten Morgen meine Lieben, Freitag, hurra! Aber bevor es heute Abend Cocktails gibt, müsst Ihr unbedingt so eine Rote Beete/Orangen Vitaminbombe probieren! Entweder selbst gemacht wie bei mir oder in einem der vielen Saftläden, die es mittlerweile gibt. Dann habt Ihr Euer Vitaminpensum für heute erfüllt! Also, ich geh dann jetzt mal laufen... und Ihr?? Habt einen glücklichen Tag!!

22 1 Oct 20, 2017

Savory Breakfast: salty cake with kale. Which breakfast-type are you? Sweet or savory?

44 4 Oct 20, 2017

Share your best advice in 4 words or less...

52 21 Oct 20, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘bad things come in threes’ before. Did you know that this saying communicates a limiting belief? It’s actually a limiting belief of the worst kind because it will attract negative things to you. Let me explain… You see, your mind likes to be right! If you have a belief that ‘bad things come in threes’ and something bad happens, your subconscious mind will be on constant alert for the other two bad things…so that it will feel ‘complete’. Your mind’s need to be right is so powerful that it may even attract bad things to you. Something you can teach your children (and yourself!) to do is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. For example, if you want to shift the belief that ‘bad things come in threes’ then each time something negative happens you could say something like, ‘bad things are one and done. Good things are coming my way.’ Changing your belief enables you to shut down the negative energy from whatever happened and prepares both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to create something positive. #beyourtruth

20 1 Oct 20, 2017

Get 7 FREE fat burning juicing recipes - Link is in my bio #detox #mindandbody #organic #cleanse #raw #freshjuice #freshfruit #juicecleanse #juicelyfe

9 0 Oct 20, 2017

Now here's the thing. We are all submerged to a level of superiority. A feeling of higher authority and a belief that we are better than assumed 'average' individuals. Not everyone who obtains the highest level of education is as intelligent enough to reign supremacy over fellow intellectuals. The funny thing is that those who do so, aren't as intellectually advantaged so they use their voice to cause a fracas of noise, dominating a conversation in self-proclaimed success. Eliminating any chance of words and self-representation. Now here is what the wise do. As i religiously live by the Japan proverb, "In a crowd the wise remain silent and observe" when you do this you realize how much filth is exhausted from the lungs of these self-declared "know-it-all's". Let not their false persona leave you questioning your own intelligence. That's what they want at the end of day right? If they choose to degrade you, make uncouth remarks and question your way of reasoning and resolution. Let them, your calm nature will leave them wondering and questioning their own instead, that's if they are smart enough to do so in the first place. Rules of engagement: 1. Speak when necessary. 2. Don't compete with them. 3. Don't try to prove them wrong, or yourself right. 4. Listen in keenly, study your subjects 5. Once you've mastered their way of thinking, nothing they say or do will phase you. It's expected of them anyways. 6. Because such people are negative in nature and very judgemental, don't sacrifice your time and energy for them. 7. Maintain that smile, for they'll never know what's behind it.. 8. Agree to disagree and move on. 9. You know who you are so don't bother trying to better suit their demise. 10. And remember, wisdom isn't a common trait. By Sheila Bennati 07/09/16

84 6 Oct 20, 2017

So peaceful, so serene, so calm, it’s just that simple as long as we want it. ____________________________________________________________ #simpleliving #backtobasics #consciousliving

27 1 Oct 20, 2017

Help her to find the calm in the choas. #prettypowerfulgirls #empoweryourgirl #yoga

23 2 Oct 20, 2017
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