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. O V E R S T I M U L A T I O N ▽ This is one of the many side effects of PTSD & other mental illnesses. ▽ I’ve found this is especially true in the mornings or when extra tired... ▽ A towel thrown on the bed can feel like someone dropping a tonne of bricks right next to you. ▽ Every tiny pitch in someone’s voice is heightened & feels piercing or scolding. ▽ Music seems alarming & can cause extreme agitation. ▽ Every unexpected glimmer of light through the curtain or flash of a digital watch that you catch out the corner of your eye is like having the brightest torch shone directly in your face. ▽ You’re extra jumpy at everything! ▽ Your heart goes thud & you can feel the extra excess of adrenaline pumping through your whole body. ▽ You just want to wrap yourself in cotton wool or bubble wrap. ▽ Your head then tries to tell you you’re just being far too ‘sensitive’. ▽ Then there’s the days you wake in a foggy lethargy... It’s not that you’re not a morning person, you just take a lot longer to wake up & feel ok than others. Not everyday, but most days. ▽ You can feel like the biggest pain in the bum. ▽ I’ve found openness, gentleness & patience are key, from both yourself & others. ▽ I spent ages trying to ignore these warning signs that I wasn’t ok and just get on and be ‘normal’, not wanting to irritate others or be misunderstood, but it only heightened all of these things. ▽ I always wonder whether being a HSP (highly sensitive person) and/or Empath with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) can greatly aggravate these effects and mean that they’re experienced even more strongly than others?... ▽ Be kind to yourself & others. And please know, you’re not alone. ▽ Read more about living with PTSD in my latest blog post △ Link in bio ▽ ▽ Any other HSPs / Empath PTSD Warriors who feel the same or have other experiences? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! Xxx 💙 xxX

29 7 Mar 25, 2018

Important!!! So many of us say sorry when we could simply say thank you. I struggle with this myself. Not sure who drew this, so if you know who did, please let me know!

42 1 Mar 24, 2018

Long time no selfie 📸 Also trying to recap the week a bit because there was so much going on and I'm trying to get back into the IG thing again. ^^ Monday I don't even remember... 🤣 Tuesday was such a fucking great day that made my heart jump and healed some things inside me and shit because of various reasons. One of them being that my winged liner was on point others were less self involved. ^^ Wednesday was pretty good too because I had a first get to know each other session with a therapist and it was pretty bomb. We'll see how that goes but I'm optimistic! 🤗 Also I woke up before 7AM and was at the appointment, which was a half hour drive from my place, at 7.55AM that was 5 minutes early. And without being anxious af nonetheless and I even slept kinda okay the night before. So for some people this might sound silly but for me that's actually a fucking great accomplishment that wouldn't have been possible some months ago. 💪 Yesterday I had a follow up appointment at my new gastroenterologist who's helping me get a grip on the crohn's disease combined with poor mental health thing. We'll see how that goes. He vaccinated me against some of the regular stuff since that would have been due next year anyways and will add some vaccines next time too because we might try out a treatment where your vaccination status has to be up to date. And then I slept half of the day. 🙈 Friday I only had an appointment at my primary care physician and some calls to make and then slept again a lot. Today I'm trying to fill out some questionnaire for my therapist. Also I need to clean my apartment and myself up a bit and do laundry and all that. And then I'll sleep for the whole weekend I think... The last two or three weeks I had so many appointments and visitors and stuff and I'm so tired now... 😴 I hope y'all had and still have a good week and not too much stress. 💜 #selfiesforselflove #fatgirlflow #alternativecurves #fatbabes #chronicallyillbabes #selflove #allbodiesaregoodbodies #takingupspace  #fatbabepower #riotsnotdiets #effyourbodystandards #effyourhealthstandards #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessfeelslike #crohnsdisease #ibd #depression #anxiety

58 3 Mar 24, 2018

I’ve just got back from a 5 day break in Scotland with my best girls. It’s been an amazing few days and I really didn’t want to come home. I also felt guilty while I was away, relaxing, spending money, not looking for work or trying to fix my life. I felt like I didn’t deserve a break. But now I’m back home with everything still in front of me, I know that’s not true. It’s ok to take a break, no matter what you’re taking a break from. Life is hard and handling it with a mental illness is even harder. You deserve to take a break from everything. Never feel guilty for recharging your soul 💙

62 2 Mar 24, 2018

You can't magically replace your preconceived notions with healthy and positive talk, it's not that easy. You shouldn't give yourself a hard time for needing to work to get into a better place, mentally. ONE STEP AT A TIME . . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalillnessawareness #mentalillness #bpd #ptsd #schizophrenia #mania #depression #anxiety #add #adhd #ocd #selfharm #chronicillness #manicdepression #socialanxiety #suicidal #bipolardisorder #mentalillnessfeelslike #lifewithamentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #breakthestigma #warrior #staystrong #onestepatatime #Photography #youarenotalone

36 0 Mar 24, 2018
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