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People do change with time🕛⌚ But these remained same fr years😍😍 Numerous occasions with same ppl always the best 😘😘 #friendsfrlyf #memories

0 0 Jun 25, 2017

These 2 goofballs make my heart ❤ so happy! 😊 #behappy #babypayton #myheart #mybaby #allsmiles #memories #goodtimes #goofballs #lovethem #giggles #daddysgirl

1 0 Jun 25, 2017

Ever since I was a kid I have liked Blue Coconut Snowcones. Today my step-son Brandon took us to his favorite place and I had them add Nerds to it to try a little something different. After what we heard the other day was a little something I needed to bring back lots of memories... #bluecoconut #blue #coconut #snowcone #wow #snowcones #nerds #candy #sugar #foodporn #shavedice #memories #thankful #blessed #loved #stepson #son #advocare #gonzales #kid #fav #favorite

3 0 Jun 25, 2017

Yeah it's in tanger 😂😂 kolchi 3la style 😍😍 #Memories

0 0 Jun 25, 2017

A letter to my children about their siblings. Dearest children- you will love each other: or else. "Yes sweetheart I know your brother threw a book at your face but one day your going to be best friends; I promise. " The amount of times that sentence or one like it has come out of my mouth and I find myself convincing my children that the other ones are actually good value. "How lucky are you to have four sisters and a brother, so lucky; it's like you have five best friends around all the time!" "But Mum I don't like ANY of them and Emerson can't even talk yet; I don't want them as best friends " Okay, okay; I get it: but here are four reasons why your brothers and sisters are going to be your best friends and there is nothing you can do about it. Reason one: Well force you. I'm sorry if you have different personalities or if two of you are strong headed. But you're family and family sticks together; so hug each other. Now. Because I said so. Reason two: They are the only ones who will understand how crazy growing up in your household was. No one else will relate to Mum dancing around the house at 10pm to "Lil Jon" telling you about her glory days while sewing up your school uniform; No one. Reason three. The bond a brother or sister have; its something different; It's magic.There's something special about wanting to punch someone in the face so bad and loving them so much at the same time. Cherish that. Reason four: Because well force you. Okay other than the fact that I've run out of reasons. This is reason one, it's reason four; it's reasons five, six and seven. You just can't escape them. It's a life sentence and if it's not a life sentence it's definitely a sentence for the next twenty years. You may as well embrace it or else we'll just have to force you. Siblings are special, they are annoying, intrusive, they are your blood bonds for life, they'll make mistakes and they'll need your help and understanding , they'll have achievements and you'll be there to cheer them on, your siblings are so so important and you are lucky to have each and everyone one of them. And if you can't see that, we'll force you. Krechelle Xx

1 1 Jun 25, 2017
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