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7 1 Nov 21, 2017

The Wild, the Beautiful, the Sacred 💜💕 • • • jlyn348

6 1 Nov 21, 2017

Take me back to the weekend 🌴

9 1 Nov 21, 2017

tea time ☕️

27 3 Nov 21, 2017

View of the 🏞from the old road. I never get tired of these big rocks! 😍

9 1 Nov 21, 2017

Jellies! 👽

14 1 Nov 21, 2017

Perfection at its best 😍😍

11 2 Nov 21, 2017

The hills of Himare - where locals distill raki and gave it away like it's water

42 4 Nov 21, 2017

Supine bound angle is one of my faves! I got covered in leaves though 🙈🍁🍂🍁🍂 . I love to feel that direct connection to the earth 🌏 it helps me focus my energy. The root chakra for me is so important to remember and to feel grounded. My connection to my root is connected to my Ayurvedic constitution and so many other personal/professional areas of my life! #yogataughtme that everything is connected ... that we are all connected. 🌿 . I was so chuffed to start the 300 hour teacher training program this weekend! I told myself I would document my journey better this time, so swipe to see. 👉🏻 . Nothing bonds you quite like full days pouring sweat, pouring your heart into your passion and sharing meals with dear friends. I feel so lucky to be learning more. I could stay in school studying forever... 🤓 . #suptabaddhakonasana for #womenyogatribe . #pranayogaschool #progressnotperfection #meetthemoment #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogamotivation #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #practiceandalliscoming #yogapractice #yogapose #yogi #instayogi #yogaanywhere #instayoga #yogaaddict #yogapose

15 2 Nov 21, 2017

Rad poster by patersinister for our show December 1st at londonmusichall's own Rum Runners! We're there with savillesmusic fireatfive and basicwhitemusic and it's ONLY $5 💁🏻

37 1 Nov 21, 2017

Another day, another Ice Cube shirt #jessthanperfect 📸: styledbyskylar

47 3 Nov 21, 2017

four years ago. we had only been married for nine months at this point, and we had no idea we were pregnant with theo in this picture. jared MADE ME go on an adventure that day even though i did not feel good. but i was glad he did... he is good for me like that. I am grateful for jared. he is so constant, adventurous, loves honestly, fears nothing, and trusts God in every season. there is no one i would rather learn from and with. #mushypost #sosueme 💛

50 3 Nov 21, 2017

Stay warm this winter in a toboggancanada jacket! ❄️

36 2 Nov 21, 2017

*ALEXA'S FAVORITE THINGS* . I've got something a bit fun and goofy for you this week. Because, as you know, I'm going all in on the holiday spirit this year... . I've created a (shoppable!) list of My Favorite Things over on for the season. Not gonna lie, I feel just like Oprah. . The funny thing about drafting up a list of your favorite things? You have to reveal a lot of weird facts about yourself in order to explain why you love them so much. . As a coach who mostly talks about creative career building, I've never *intentionally* forayed into lifestyle blogging. I always keep it pretty job-centric around here. . But I won't lie. Doing this list? SO fun. I hope you find it equally entertaining and charming to browse through. . Check it out via the link in my bio... and scroll all the way to the bottom for a special note from yours truly. (Just in time for #BlackFriday!) . 📸 via emma_lauren

10 3 Nov 21, 2017
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