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Hundreds of nurses & healthcare activists rallied in Sacramento today to celebrate the introduction of a Medicare for all style bill for all California residents.With the future of healthcare in California and the U.S. at stake, now is the time to act! #healthyca #sb562 #california #singlepayer #nursepower #supernurse #1u #healthcare #medicare4all


Californians: Single-payer healthcare is NOT socialized medicine. This is the biggest misconception and most frequent conversation that I have with people. This misconception is exactly why this bill was vetoed twice but Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 2000s. Single payer means you keep your doctor but without the co-pays, rising premiums and high deductibles. The state is the Payer. This is not a utopian idea -- It is what every industrialized nation in the world has for its citizens. Yes, you will be taxed but based on income level. Everyone pays their share but we cut out the middle man that right now is controlling EVERYTHING . We pay the most of any country yet get the least. To follow our progress or if you would like more information, link in the bio. #singlepayer #healthyca #healthycalifornia #sb562 #cna #californianursesassociation #progressiveactionforglendale berniesanders #medicare4all #medicareforall

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