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I was absolutely fearless when I came here. I went in the rooms like I owned it. I was myself. I didn’t change myself or compare myself. I just I had an absolute ball, I didn’t care what anybody thought of me. I was well-trained, well prepared. Then time creeps in… Insecurity creeps, comparing, despairing, letting this job define me and… I got my mojo back.!! I don’t know how exactly. I think it’s turning 50. Not afraid to tell my age I don’t give a flying fuck. People can figure it out so for all the actors who don’t want to tell how old they are be proud! You’ve earned it!! Shit, I’ve been around long enough to be on both Law and Orders LOL And yes, recently creating my own content gave me confidence, and a ton of other anxiety, it’s more “what you think of me is none of my business.” And it is too damn exhausting to worry if you like me or not. I’ve done that dance for so many decades. Life is so precious. I’d rather be happy, prepare and live a full amazing life. One that I can bring to my work... especially when waxing Joey’s eyebrows😉 (by the way Matt Leblanc? The nicest guy! I asked him if we could do some physical comedy and he was like yes! He let me yank his head around, and he said is it OK if I put my hand in the wax and if it flings all over you and the proper people were like yes we finally have something to do! He is a real class act) #AnActorsLife #Fearless #tuesdaymorning #Friends #MattLeBlanc #KeepAtIt #NoMorePeoplePleasing #50 #staytruetoyourself #liveyourlife 🌺

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's post;; ♡ so iconic,, I love it

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