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The mangled might of the beautiful West Pier. Twice ravaged by fire but still standing tall. This shot was taken on a freezing February afternoon at low tide. #nomorecandyfloss #freezing #lostatsea #westpier #brighton #brightonpier #thisisengland #piersoftheworld #broken #victorian #mangled #abandoned


Down in the the left we found an extremely sketchy ladder...the way back down that thing was way worse then the way up .....then to the right we found a mangled car that crashed going over the bridge over top of us...very creepy feeling....especially when u have to climb down it to get to the next level and it moves and makes noises.... #roadtrip #canyon #somewhereinarizona #sketchyladder #tiedtogether #carcrash #longwaydown #mangled #hiking #adventuretime #meandmynunky #thethingswefind


That mangled mess used to be a train car... had a little derailment this morning in Statham, GA. #Monday #train #trains #derailment #inthenews


Today, 151 years ago, the battle of Allatoona Pass was fought. Take a moment to remember this short, yet brutal battle. "The scene in that ravine (in front of the Star Fort), after the battle was ended, was beyond all powers of description. All the languages of the earth combined are inadequate to tell half its horrors. Mangled, and torn in every conceivable manner, the dead and wounded were everywhere, in heaps and windrows. Enemies though they were, their conquerors, only a few minutes removed from the heat and passion of battle, sickened and turned away, or remaining, looked only with great compassion, and through tears, upon that field of... death, upon that wreck of high hopes and splendid courage, that hetacomb of human life." #civilwar #americanhistory #battleofallatoonapass #remember #ushistory


Had a great time racing for the first time this season at CBR #1. Rode off the front for 20 minutes of the hour long race and got caught with about 8 laps. Immediately after, my teammate Sean got with a group of 6 that counter attacked and stayed away for the rest of the race. Sean pulled off a solid 6th place, and I got mangled up in the field sprint and had to make up what was lost, but still managed to get 3rd in the field sprint, placing me 11th. The hedwheels were a lightning fast match with my castellicycling long sleeve skinsuit and iamspecialized Venge! Thank you dmunsonphoto for capturing the moment! #iamspecialized #hedwheels #castelli #dmunsonphoto #californiabikeracing #luxcycling


Here our dear friend Natalia Avendaño Muiño stands in front of her portrait, Natalia’s Letters, at the opening of, I Know Not These My Hands, at Fotografiska. Two years ago, Natalia discovered a worn out pale green manila folder in her closet. It contained a forty-year old stack of letters, the correspondence between her Chilean father, Renato Leopold Avendaño Gutiérrez, and her Uruguayan mother, Gloria Nestar Jesusa Muiño Bentos. In March of 1973, Renato, a member of the Tupamaros, was incarcerated at the outset of the Civic-Military Dictatorship of Uruguay. During the three years of his imprisonment, Gloria and Renato kept in touch through letters with moments of coded language. She, in her elegantly placed cursive, he, with a mangled typewriter. There are long passages in Renato’s letters where he is just looking at her, recounting her in every detail, following the passage of time in the new lines on her face. coopergorfer #Iknownotthesemyhands #fotografiska #coopergorfer #uruguay #militarydictatorship #loveletters


“African Spiritual Science doesn’t know a cosmic principle of evil like the devil in the Christian and Muslim faith.”Gregor Schmidt, MCCJ Contemporary Beliefs about Witches and Witchcraft in Kenya, p.3 haki_kweli_shakur #NewAfrikanSpirituality _“Within the African worldview there is no concept of a devil that is in constant battle with God. Onlythrough colonization and enslavement have Africans adopted such a notion, and in some instances theyhave infused it into their own indigenous belief systems.” The African Concept of God,p. 6 (Unattributed)_“African spirituality does not recognize any all-powerful supernatural being that is hell bent on deposingthe creator as master of the universe. Consequently thereis no word for ‘Devil’ in most African languages. In their pathetic disingenuous attempt to translate the alien concept of ‘devil’ into African languages, the unimaginative purveyors of the intolerant alien creeds (Islam,Christianity) distorted, mangled anddemonized otherwise reputable African deities like Esu & Ekwensu. ‘Devil’ is a figment of superstitiousJudeo-Christian/Islamic imagination; a convenient fall-guy to explain their moral failing .” Esu: The Revenge Of Bishop Ajayi Crowther, By Remi Oyeyemi, Nigeria Village Square”_the missionary agenda had had a number of effects to declare ethno- spirituality unworthy; to declareimagery as idolatry, and visualisation as superstition. Also, by identifying indigenous deities with the devil,missionaries validated belief in a devil with all the power and attractiveness of the indigenous deity.”Stephen Bigger Ethno-spirituality: A Postcolonial Problematic? Alternation Special Edition 3(2009):233_“Enyeribe Onuoha refutes the idea that Ekwensu is Satan or anti-God. For him, Igbo religion has notranslated word for “evil incarnate” and there are no such spirits called the “Devil” who does nothing but evil. Rather for him, Ekwensu is one of the minor spirits of Igbo spiritology. VOODOO IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! #Divination #WestAfrica #CentralAfrica #WestAfricanAncestry #Science #Nature #Universe #Afa #Fa #Ifa #Iha #indigenousspiritualscience #ancientafricanspirituality #seedofgabrielprosser

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