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Slovenčina ⤵⤵⤵ Hi, guys. Don't be scared, that is me, the owner of the blog - taking pictures of my paintings and smiling at you 😊 🙋My name is Valentina. Let's get acquainted. To make it less grumpy official I will tell you 8 facts about myself, only 3 of them are true. Try to guess which ones 😉If you gess right, I will send you a small present related to #TalkFolk paintings. 1. I speak 3 languages and understand conversations in 6 languages at least (if being given a glass of good wine) 2. I were a social star and fashionist at school and took up folk arts after I fell In love in one guy born in the traditional village 3. I have PhD in Philosophy and lectured at the one of the best Universities in Russia, then moved to USA and changed a career. 4. I don't have an artistic education, but draw since childhood 5. I love cooking exotic dishes and make thematic dinners for my family every Sunday 6. I am mom of 3, my weight is 49 killos, my older son is 30 cm higher than me. 7. I know Greek poem "Iliad" by heart because in childhood I were told that every true hero must know it. 8. I nearly dont have my paintings at home, most of them are sold out. If you come to my home you will see rustic interier in clear colors. . . #slovenskablogerka #instaslovakia #inthestudio #maliar #artistatwork

48 10 Sep 13, 2017

...Keď ma chytí umelecká chvíľka, nevadí že neviem kresliť 😂😂😂😂😂📸 #roztečena #machula #maliar #zomna #nebude

74 1 Sep 12, 2017

V muzeu ekvadorskeho maliara Guayasamina so zuzanamareckova Jeho pohlad na svet a tvorba v nas zanechali silny zazitok! --- At museum of Ecuadorian painter #guayasamin with zuzanamareckova His world view and paintings evoked a lot of thoughts.

46 1 Aug 24, 2017
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