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Har fredagsdisco för mina spyflugelarver. Spelar en riktig pepplåt för maggots av combichrist! #maggotsattheparty #combichrist #maggots #spyflugelarver #fredagsdisco


This male #ThreeToedBoxTurtle arrived on May 19th after a #VehicleStrike left his shell cracked. The finder kept him for three days (thinking he would be ok) before we were called. As a result, he had a raging infection and maggots in his wound.We were able to remove the maggots and flush the wound and gave him a round of antibiotics before transferring him to a rehabilitator who specializes in herps. We anticipate he has a long road ahead for his shell to heal, but his outlook is good. #hawkcenter2015


MA: Maggots in the flag? Oh. That sounds serious.Oh. Durang. How you kill me, sometimes.


#Maggots #DubiozaKolektiv You people Google translate this message is so funny, aha haha.


14/06/2016, Combichrist performing "Maggots At The Party" live at Göta Källare, Stockholm

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