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Jack stealing #apples before they're ripe. I think they fit his #macros #dogsofinstgram #goldenretriever #epicweightlossjourney

0 0 Jul 23, 2017

Earlier today had me a strawberry green tea lemonade infusion tea from cartwheel had 50%off any size 😱✌💯💯

4 1 Jul 23, 2017

Froyo gains on a Saturday night! 💪🏼 Does this humidity kill anyone else's hair? 🤦🏻‍♀️Does anyone know of an amazing product that helps during 1,000000% humidity?👇🏼🙏🏻 Ok bye!! XO #memories #family Romper albionfit Shoes allblackfootwear

10 1 Jul 23, 2017

Can't believe Riley is going to be 11 this week. She is a very mature 11 year old with a bright future. It's rare that I can capture a picture of her without a softball uniform on! #children #birthday #hashtagstepoutbuffalo

2 2 Jul 23, 2017

So I was cleaning out my pantry yesterday and found all the ingredients to make protein balls 😍 ... Then I spent the rest of the day telling myself 'just one more...' And then there weren't anymore... Oops 🤷🏻‍♀️🤰🏻

9 1 Jul 23, 2017

As you guys all know I was going for my pro card and to win the show. Straight up... I didn't bust my butt for months just for fun or to get up on stage to wear a swimsuit for 10 minutes. I was going for the win. Didn't happen tho. So what now? What happens when you lose? Do you just give up? Go to Plan B? No... You keep going!! There is no Plan B. It's Plan A and only Plan A.👊🏼 Not sure when or where my next show... what I do know is... I'M GONNA BE READY!💪🏼

8 1 Jul 23, 2017 in my first garage workout today. Just a tad hotter than my apt LOL. 🔥🔥. It was a struggle today, since been moving our stuff since 8am. EMBRACED THE SUCK and freakin earned it! You make time for what you want to make time for! Point blank. If you got up out of bed today, you are able. So get it done! Hope everyone is having a solid weekend 💪 _ #weightlossjourney #weightloss #saturday #coach #lifestyle #strength #garagegym #fit #fitfam #exercise #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #workout #nutrition #fitness #macros #bodybuilding #motivation #inspiration #iifym #flexibledieting #health #success #fitnessjourney #positivevibes #gains #progress #cardio #training #weightlifting

35 3 Jul 23, 2017

Paleo Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies.

21 2 Jul 23, 2017

How to activate your glutes on the Stair Master!! 🔥Stand up straight 🔥Press through your heel 🔥Hold on, lean back a little bit 🔥Thrust your hips forward at every step ✖️I promise you will feel this in your glutes more then ever before! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

13 1 Jul 23, 2017

Finally getting around to trying the new line of #organic yogurt dressings by bolthousefarms and I can't get past the avocado ranch, it's so yummy! I'll keep you posted on the other flavors. The #macros are the same as their original line of dressings! #BHFHarvestNetwork #GotItFree, #bolthousefarms #nomoredressingontheside

11 2 Jul 23, 2017

🥚🍳What's the deal with eggs and egg whites? • While the term "superfood" is often butchered, the egg is certainly a "super" food. A whole egg contains a ton of vitamins, minerals, and protein. It also contains a decent amount of fat inside the yolk, which can stack the calories up quickly. • Four whole eggs would deliver a TON of nutritional value, but they would also deliver 20 grams of fat and only 24 grams of protein. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself but when you only have a goal of 50-60 grams of fat for the entire day, you're going to have to be selective with your other foods. If you are eating low-fat foods throughout the rest of your day then by all means, eat yo eggs. • The most important factor to consider is your preference. If you ❤️ whole eggs and don't eat much fat throughout the rest of your day, it's an easy decision. If you also ❤️ peanut butter, it's going to be hard to fit both into your daily fat range. If you're going to have a steak for dinner, egg whites would make your daily intake a bit more feasible. You get the point. Choose your foods based on what you want to eat and will be eating.

4 1 Jul 23, 2017

Avocado, spinach, strawberries, mixed nuts and crispy poblano peppers (found at aldiusa ). yes I do count macros and I fill 90% of them with nutrient dense foods. I average 225 to 240 carbohydrates daily. if I were to give somebody some simple tips for counting macros it would be 1. BE CONSISTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. log all of your food you plan to eat the night before so that you are not scrambling at dinner with 100 g of protein to eat while being over 50 g of carbs. ... which leads me to 3. be prepared. If you are new at counting macros then you need to make sure that you are getting very familiar with what foods are protein, carbs or fat sources. And then start meal prepping with simple basics like sweet potatoes and jasmine rice and chicken in the crockpot with some turkey meatballs. 4. KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. too many people try to over complicate counting macros and in reality most are just giving themselves an excuse and a way out of doing it. Is counting macros for everyone? Of course not, not counting macros works also if you do not have a disordered relationship with food. Everything works, you just have to find what is best for you and be consistent over everything else. #BlazingHope

2 1 Jul 23, 2017

I believe we have best shot at an amazing day if we start it by giving our body what it needs, in the right balance 🌿 For me, I don't have to think about it because my nutrition partner has done all the hard work and it works perfectly for me and my busy lifestyle! Fuel amazing = feel amazing. 😎 #pear #berry #apple #smoothie #peachenergy #herbalbeverage #nutrition #macros #micros #allthepros

0 0 Jul 23, 2017

"The first step to reclaiming the world of normal eating, free of dieting and food worry is to honor your biological hunger. Your body needs to know consistently that it will have access to food that dieting and deprivation have halted. . . It is much easier to stop eating when you truly know you will be able to eat again. FOR EXAMPLE 👉 // imagine you are in a room and offer a starving child a plate of cookies 👧🏻👦🏼 You tell the child that she can have only one cookie ☝️🍪You exit the room and leave the child alone with the whole plate. What would that hungry child you? 👀 Eat all the cookies and lick the crumbs, of course. ✋️But if the child knew that cookies or any other food were always available when hungry, the intensity to eat would be greatly diminished. The same is true for dieters." - Intuitive Eating. . . Allow yourself permission to eat. . . This week has been eye opening. I chose, "Discover The Satisfaction Factor of Eating." I have given myself permission to eat all foods. 🍔🥓🥞My sister is staying with me for a couple weeks, and she has bought every packaged item in Walmart and stashed it in our pantry 😅 OLD me: would of not allowed myself any of it, labeling everything as 'bad' ... only to probably end up binging on everything at the end of the week 😜 NEW me: doesn't take a second thought. It's just food to me. Neither good nor bad. ❌✅ It's just there & I find that I really don't like it .... 🤷🏼‍♀️ How has this week helped y'all so far?! Did it help?! Lmk 🙃

13 1 Jul 23, 2017

Morning 🙌🏼 so here's the go as I've been missing for a bit. I am injured my last HIIT session the other night messed around my hip and I'm now waiting for some free time to go to a doctor. 🙄 Until further notice city to bay training is off which is frustrating and after I get so medical advice I'll be trying to exercise with my limits of course. So right now I'll have to be looking after my nutrition. So far so good! Breaky today is just some poached eggs on dark rye with avo as I'm in for a long day again at work. #fodmap #foodporn #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #weightloss #losingweight #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlossinspiration #fitfam #fitness #gym #exercise #workout #bingefree #bingeeating #moderation #recovery #balance #lactosefree #iifym #macros #highprotein

28 1 Jul 23, 2017
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