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Hermès exhibition 2017 À tire d’aile - Les mondes de Leïla Menchari 🤩👌🏼 #hermesbag #hermes #grandpalais #leathergoods #warmsoul #hermesexhibition #parisexhibition #fashion #designerbags #bags #luxurybag #luxuryart #warmcolor #hermesleilamenchari

2 0 Nov 19, 2017

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120 12 Nov 19, 2017

Science and religion are overlapping in their ability to describe waking reality. As the unified field theory nears, we see themes of non-locality aka oneness permeating. This is the understanding that all things, that is to say all matter nuclei, are part of one collective entity and each nucleus is vibrating between having its place in space time and expansion to the full scope of the universe. You are physically, literally, bouncing back and forth between being the size of a human and the size of the cosmos at a rate of millions of times per second. This is the vibration back and forth that encompasses our reality. The soup of our cosmos humming along. This form on paper, this sacred geometry, is the building block. The perfect circle. The sphere.

10 1 Nov 19, 2017
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