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День 303. США. Гавайи. Мауи

7 1 Mar 18, 2018

The burning ghats. I was well aware I made sure to kept my distance when visiting this area of Varanasi. Photos are not permitted due to respect for the people mourning their loved ones who have passed on. Hindu people believe that by performing rituals using the 4 sacred elements of air, fire, water and earth it will help their loved ones end their karmic cycle of life and death. By burning their bodies in the open air at the edge of the river Ganga they believe it will help the deceased reach the state of moksha (liberation from life and death). It is believed that by bathing in the river Ganga which flows through India all the way from the Himalayas that it will wash away all sins and bad karma in ones life. Hindus travel from all over to perform these rituals in this holy ancient city. People will sit and watch the bodies of the ones who were closest to them all day and night until only ashes are left to be washed away into the river. It’s a place not for the faint hearted. This photo was taken from a far but I was lucky enough to get up close and personal by the fires with some locals to hear some stories and watch something I never thought I would see. They use an enormous amount of wood for the fire laced with herbs and flowers so the smell in the air was washed out by only the logs burning. #Varanasi #India

11 2 Mar 18, 2018

Днем и на закате. #thailand #ayutthaya #wat #sunset #bluesky

52 2 Mar 18, 2018

We didn’t bother knocking. Like us, they’re on an adventure || We drove our camper van through rolling green hills with impossibly perfect views around every corner. Set within the Alexander’s sheep and beef farm in is Hobbiton. From this very Hobbit Hole, Bag End, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins set off on their respective adventures. Even if your not a fan of J.R.R Tolkien, this is a magical place which you won’t want to leave.

12 2 Mar 18, 2018

Take me back. 👌🏼 #wheninjapan

10 1 Mar 18, 2018
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