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4 3 Mar 25, 2018

Date night work night... Because when you’re in love with your beloved so much AND your soul purpose so much, doing “work” together on Saturday night is EPIC. I love cute cafes especially this one that feels like it’s stuck in the mid 90s! #lovecoffee #lovecoaching #lovecoach #twinflames #twinflamelovers #twinflamelove

2 0 Mar 25, 2018

Mimicking Marilyn. In Marietta. ✨💖

23 2 Mar 25, 2018

39 1 Mar 25, 2018

And when you focus on the bad the bad gets worse. You are powerful enough to shift your focus and transform your perception in a second. You could easily ruin a good thing by focusing on the wrong thing. Try it! #strengths #focus #mindset #love #good #bad #healthy #unhealthy #right #wrong #working #notworking #perception #lovecoach

29 0 Mar 25, 2018

#searching #rumi #rumiquotes

10 1 Mar 25, 2018

Today was my first day purposely channeling Archangel Michael for messages to share. What a powerful energy. I can hardly wait to see what’s coming. Follow me as evolve in my new role as Love sharing universal messages and guidance. If you have questions about life, Love, success, etc., and want answers from two of the most powerful sources in the Universe – Love and Archangel Michael – post them in the comment section and I will deliver your answers. Exciting!! . Tag someone you think needs to see this❣ . . Follow 👈🏽 for a daily dose of Love and Universal wisdom! . .

6 1 Mar 25, 2018

Is everything you’re trying not going your way are you tired of being alone and never happy in your love life keep waiting for things to change but it seems it’s getting worse want more out out life feeling that you are on a stand still Stop hurting your self over thinking at night start Bringing more positive Energy around you

23 3 Mar 25, 2018

Ahahahaha so accurate. Happy weekend friends, may it be filled to to brim with love, fun and hilariousness!! xo Ps if you have a habit of losing your mind or losing yourself in love, come check out our event in 2 weeks (event info in bio) or stay tuned for the details to register for my upcoming webinar on April 11th!! Part of why we can be so prone to losing our minds or ourselves in the love bubble is because of some of the blind spot beliefs we carry unconsciously about love and partnership. A majorly common one is to drop everything and everyone to prioritize a new person. The only time droppin it like it’s hot is appropriate is on the dance floor. Ditching friends, breaking commitments, majorly disrupting routines won’t guarantee slam dunk forever success in love. But in order to keep our wits about us as the love cocktail saturates our brain, we have to be good with ourselves first. The more I learned about high quality love and partnership, the more I realized I needed to be right with myself before I was comfortable introducing someone new into my mix. When I’m good with me, I’ll honor what I need to be at my best. My routines, my friends, my work- all of these areas contribute to my best self- which arguably is what we want to bring to a relationship. If I’m willing to sell myself out to fuse with another hoping they’ll save me from the discomfort of dealing with my own shit, or to avoid being alone, that romanticized illusion is going to be short lived when the relationship gets smothered or the self-abandonment gets to a breaking point because I’ve lost all sense of who I am. That’s not love friends. That’s old pain, wounding patterns, and crap beliefs about relationships that sabotage our actual success. I get it. I really do. I had these types of habits for so long. And it took doing the work to get right with me so I could get to the place where alignment with me is priority #1. From this grounded aligned place I can powerfully build a great romantic relationship while still maintaining my life and all the other relationships in it. It’s a powerfully liberating and love filled place to be. Let’s get you there too. 😘😘

223 13 Mar 25, 2018

Self love Sunday 🕊 * Time to get real with yourself. * Self love is more than looking after yourself inside and out. * It’s also about calling yourself out on your own sh*t. * Owning up to some of the things you do/don’t do that you know you should/shouldn’t. * #selflove #ownership #bereal #growth

24 2 Mar 25, 2018

SENSITIVITY. ✨✨✨ We live in a time when it's much more acceptable to identify as a highly sensitive person. We are many, from all walks of life. Maybe you've come to a place in your life where you've learn to cope with the turbulent energetic world we live in. ✨ We are empaths. ✨ THE HIGHS ARE HIGH. AND THE LOWS ARE VERY LOW INDEED. ✨ I've come to believe that there is more GIFT than CURSE in my ability to feel so deeply. The love is beyond the stuff of fairy tales. The fire burns hotter than flowing lava. Sensory perceptions are heightened and when we meet an other as empathic, sensitive and magical as us, we harness the power to create new beautiful realms of existence or destroy worlds-whether we're aware of that or not. ✨ When God Meets Goddess both come equipped with these highly sensitive sensory tools. We intuit more and we heal more and which leads to taking on more than is good for us at times. We may begin to feel drained, distant or angry. ✨ God Meets Goddess are​ two individual suns onto themselves. Galaxies revolve around these suns. Embodying GMG we must give each other space to reset, reboot, and realign without taking it personally. With a strong sense off knowing it is okay and necessary to. ✨ When you know and feel this love as deeply as you do, you must lean into the faith this love has created. Fear of loss dissipates in the trust of your love. ✨ To navigate the waters of heightened sensitivity with your lover check in with each other. Learn to hear feedback as helpful observation so that then you can be brutally honest with each other. No lies. No omissions. No passivity. ✨ Honestly used wisely is preventative medicine to resentment. ✨ Stay active with each other. Stay alert with one another. Surrender to the inevitable highs and- relish the highs for what they are in the moments they surface and save those memories to help you through the inevitable lows. ✨ Honors yourself and you'll find it easier to honor your lover. 💘

19 2 Mar 25, 2018

I often get asked about my best manifestation tips, so here they are😊🙏🏻 . 1. Your mind is so powerful + you can manifest anything you wish Your mind is so powerful. Your mind creates your reality. Whatever you hold in your mind, will come in your life. You have the power to direct your thoughts and focus. Even though it may seem like your mind is controlling you, you have the power to reprogram and reframe your thoughts. It starts with practice – choosing a different thought, letting your thoughts flow, choosing new stories you tell yourself. - 2. Manifesting is neutral – it depends on what you focus on Manifesting is neutral. We all have the same opportunities to manifest in our lives. The Universe will give you whatever you want. No one is judging what you want as good or bad. You don’t need to be special to manifest certain things. We all have the same opportunities, we just have to focus on what it is we want. You really can manifest whatever it is you want. - 3. Without belief that you can get what you want, you’ll never get it Many people state that they want X, Y or Z, but in actuality they don’t believe that they can get it. Wanting something without the belief that you can have it is useless. You need to believe that it can happen for you. The most powerful manifestors believe in their dreams – they choose to KNOW that want they want is coming. - 4. You have to believe it before you see it Most of the time, you won’t see it automatically (even though it can happen). Powerful manifestors believe in the unseen. They know that what they want is coming, even if it’s not there yet. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

110 4 Mar 25, 2018

I am so grateful to be alive. For dresses and trees and sunlight and big smiles and good hair days and talented photographer friends. I want everyone to feel this way. I want every kid to grow up and play in trees and grin. I want every woman to feel free and sacred and turned on and tuned in. I want every man to feel at ease and warm and inspired and alive. I want everyONE to feel everything they want! Let’s bloom, together. It’s brave to ask for things to change. It’s brave to play. #empowerment #lovecoach #inspiration #feelingfree #fightforjustice #play

50 1 Mar 25, 2018

Heal the girl, and the Woman appears. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for my woman’s retreat. May 5th and 6th. Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains. $1,299 or $999 if you sign up through me. Transport, all food and accomodation in private rooms included. I am one of 4 speakers. I will be there the whole weekend and I will give to you tirelessly to help you understand and remove your barriers to life and love. Thank you to all who have reserved your spot in advance so far. There is only 60 spaces. Message me with your interest. ♥️🌹 #lovecoach #inlovethebook #michellerose #rosepersonaldevelopment #womensretreat #bluemountains

27 0 Mar 25, 2018
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