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#tldr: Exploring Acrylic Painting 🎨 . Thankful that we got to spend time together in quietness, reflecting on our life thus far & then learning to use painting as a visual expression (to God). It was quite hard for me to remain quiet 😣, still learning 🤓 Quite cool to explore this way of "worship" ☺️ This reminded me of Bethel Worship, as they would have a few artists drawing on stage, with the choir and band. #interesting Kudos to SACC Life Committee for making this possible! Everything was weaved nicely, from teaching painting techniques to explaining the use of art as a personal expression of worship. Thanks abigailyeap for introducing this event 🙆🏻 #ascdiscus #nofilter #postthepeople #artjamming #art #painting #longpost #weekend #usingsocialmediaforreflections

31 0 Sep 24, 2017

I gotta admit I'm not absolutely convinced of these products. Don't get me wrong, they perfectly do what they are supposed to do, except for the 'after tattoo' thingy. Maybe I didn't use it as frequent as I was supposed to, but my tattoo got really dry and a thick scab which cracked up really quick (surprise surprise 😒) never experienced something like that with bephanten or other panthenol cremes. The 'cleansing gel' is okay but I didn't see or feel a huge difference to any other pH-neutral soap-free wash lotion. I definitely like the 'sun protection' though. At the end it's just sunscreen with LSF 50 (I usually use 50+ in summer, otherwise I would catch fire the second I'd leave the house). But it doesn't have this typical sunscreen smell, which is pretty nice for sunny days in fall or winter (you gotta protect that tattoo on your arm!!! 😂). A plus is that everything is 100% vegan and that the design is pretty cute. And yes I actually bought that stuff myself. . . #sunday #weekend #tattoomed #sunprotection #cleansinggel #aftertattoo #tattoocare #review #recommendation #vegan #design #cute #decoration #inkaddict #bathtube #bathroom #sukkulent #plants #candle #scentedcandles #atmosphere #home #ikea #ikeaistheshit #longpost #instagood #photography #dslr #hobbyphotographer #canon

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Sorry for the long post... 😂 What a night! At the start of the year, I never thought I would be performing in a musical theatre showcase or belting out a Dream Girls ballad with a spotlight. I'm literally on cloud 9 right now! . Thank you to Francis for always being our rock. Without you, we'd have no music! But what you do for us and the amount of work you put into it everything you do doesn't go unnoticed, we appreiate you! Thanks for putting up with us😂 . Thank you to Stephanie for all the hours you have put into this show both in class and the billions of hours outside of class. That hasn't gone unnoticed either. I cant thank you enough for really believing in me this year and for pushing me to really shine. I'm so happy with how things are turning out this year!! And thanks for giving me my first diva moment 😊 love you both!! . And to my colleges, it is an honour to be able to perform next to you. You're a talented group of individuals who make this whole experience soooo much fun. . And on that note, time to prepare for our voice exams!! #cityofstars #musicaltheatre #showcase #spotlight #blessed #divamoment #ballad #OneNightOnly #performing #givingitmyall #reallyhappy #acting #singing #longpost #thankyou #nothingbutlove #family #DreamGirls 🎤💄

24 1 Sep 24, 2017

Millennial seems to be a dirty word. I got lectured by a stranger about taking extended time off for Japan recently and it has been eating at me. Here's what kind of millennial I am I'm the millennial that figured out in the south if aren't married with kids by about 23 you're deemed defective. That if you don't work a job you hate to pay for a house you probably don't need full of stuff you don't want that you're lazy. That if you take the time to truly devote yourself to being happy you're an idiot and a hippie who needs to get a real job. That if you know what airline miles and credit card points are and how to obtain them you can take month long trips that cost you less than $620 out of pocket and it will baffle everyone to the point they will accuse you of being a drug dealer (actually happened) even though the information is in front of them and free. I figured out that not going to law school and instead working a less paying but more flexible job made me richer than all my friends. I'm the millennial that figured out that experiences are worth more than things and adjusted to that understanding. Millennial might be a dirty word to you. If so that's fine. I'm happy to discuss the word with you if you can find me on whatever insane trip I'm on that you don't have the time/money/freedom/nerve to take. #millennials #longpost #exhale #needsleep

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Kaskade will always be one of my favorite human beings on this planet. To see him work, and compose a wild, emotional ride for all those lucky enough to be in the audience is second to none. I look up to him not only as an artist, but as someone who is passionate about what he does, and makes sure he pushes the bar every time.

17 2 Sep 24, 2017

September 22nd was my sweet Busters 1st Birthday🐶🎈❤️🎁🎂 I never knew I could love a dog like I do this little guy. This past year has been an adventure, to say the least! From the first month of hell learning what it's like to have a puppy and adjusting to all the changes..... I don't regret him for one second and would go back and do it again❤️ He has brought so much joy and laughter to our home but also taught us all so much. The day B and I went to just "look and play" with this liter of Toy Maltese's to see how my allergies would be.....well, the minute he walked over to us we knew he was ours. The sweetness in his little face, I'll never forget. His breader told us how sensitive he is and if anyone raises their voice his feelings get hurt. He does not like arguing, yelling, teasing, scolding---you name it. I knew he was meant for our family even if it was a month early before our fun surprise for the kids. It's pretty cool how things work out when you are patient. (AVERI's thinking.... "yeah 17 yrs patient🙄") I didn't grow up with any pets, I have awful allergies and am a clean freak. I really didn't know how to take care of a dog let alone get him to like me😂 I FOR SURE didn't think I had it in me to love a little dog like I do! He has been so much fun and I can't believe we have had him a part of our family for almost a year!!! When we brought him home he was 1.9 lbs and now grown to be just under 6lbs. Happy Birthday my buddy, best friend and side kick! • • • • • • #pictureoverload #Buster #toymaltese #oneyear #bestfriend #buddiesforlife #howanimalshallowwasI #burpingdogisatalent #busbus #Vaughaners #makeupdog #maskcarabeauty #mommato5 #lovemyfamily #cheeseball #frick #longpost #happybirthday

7 1 Sep 24, 2017

Sunday 23rd September 2012 . Our last few hours in the US! . It was very misty when I woke up (1) but I was determined to get back out for a walk before left. . We'd been told there was a Cable Car museum not too far away where you could see all the cables moving. I clearly was tired or engrossed as I didn't take any photos but I've mentioned it as it's worth a visit. . I didn't take many photos that morning, just a couple more to illustrate the steepness of the streets (2 & 3) . I also managed to get the only photo I took of a moving Cable Car (4) I did take a quick snippet of video too which I haven't put up. . And that was us done! . We flew back that day, arriving in the UK the following morning... jet lagged! . I posted on FB at 1pm "I'm back in London! I've not really slept in 24 hours, and my body clock thinks it's 5am. Time for some sleep before the theatre this evening!" . When planning the trip I saw that Sheridan Smith was going to be at The Old Vic in the title role of Hedda Gabler. The venue was near the hotel so I thought why not. . What I didn't take into account was how tired I would be! I got to the hotel & pleaded with them to let me in the room, as I was early, as I needed to sleep. . The play was excellent & kept me awake, great ending which I won't spoil. Then it was to bed before the train home & back to reality the next morning. . Coast to Coast look back is done! . It was a fantastic trip & I'm glad I had the balls to go! I met some great people who despite our age differences didn't seem to mind me being there. . I'd recommend Great Rail Journeys to anyone. . #longpost #greatrailjourneys #usacoasttocoast # usa #sanfrancisco #amtrak

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🚨 #LONGPOST #SpanishPost 🚨 #Birthday 🎉 🎂 Solemos olvidar lo importantes que son las batallas que ganamos día a dia, nos centramos en cosas que son efímeras dejando de lado las cosas simples que marcan el ritmo de nuestras vidas. Podrá sonar -leerse- trillado, pero olvidamos de que se compone la vida, ya sabes cómo en Seasons of Love. In daylights in sunsets/ In midnights in cups of coffee/ In inches in miles/ In laughter in strife. Somos afortunados de poder lograr llegar un día a casa, después de un día cansado, después de un tráfico horrible, de un día de risas o de un día de locos. SOMOS AFORTUNADOS. Durante estos 28, sí, 28 años de vida he tenido la fortuna de vivir toda clase de desventuras; desde las que hacen caber una tormenta en un vaso de agua hasta las que desvanecen toda salida probable. He sido capaz de encontrar la felicidad plena, de hacer casi todo lo que he querido y he sido capaz de amar con todas mis fuerzas a personas asombrosas. He podido ver la grandeza y la mezquindad de las personas. Me he tirado al piso y he podido ser yo sin temor. He andado descalza en la tierra, el pasto y el asfalto. He tenido miedo en las noches y he bailado en la lluvia hasta caerme. He llorado por el dolor de personas que ni conozco y me he enorgullecido porque desde dentro pienso ¡Ese es mi Mexico! Los días siguen y estar aquí es una victoria enorme, mover cada articulación es el mejor regalo, no rendirse es lo único que jamás debemos dejar de hacer y mirarnos con una sonrisa es una regla de aquí en adelante. Este cumpleaños parecía tan inapropiado, pero la verdad, es que ¡Gracias por todo! Jamás nos rindamos, ¿ok? porque vale la pena seguirle; si la recompensa es estar aquí, luchando, ganando y perdiendo. ¿Y sabes porque más soy afortunada? Porque he tenido miedo, pero eso nunca me ha detenido para vivir. #FuerzaMexico 🇲🇽 ••• #WeAreFitGirls 👩🏽‍🎤 #AllAboutMe 🎈 #mexicanfitgirl 💁🏽🇲🇽 #FitGirlPhotoChallenge 📸 #FitGirlStyleChallenge #28DayJumpstart #FitGirlsGuide #FitGirlRevolution #FitGirlDetox #FitGirlsCook #FitGirls 💟 🗂 #Cuerpower #vivanlascurvas #curvygirl #curvyfit #bodypositive 👯💃🏽 #curvasfelices #YoAmoMisCurvas #bikinibodychallenge

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HaPpY sAtUrDaY!! Most people are out partying right now & living their lives, but what am I doing? (Looking at pictures of food) (Classic) So, I have no reason for posting this post other than the fact that this restaurant/brewery is very aesthetically pleasing (& delicious)!! 😬 I am ObSeSeD with brussel sprouts & sometimes I'm just in the mood for a good salad. This certainly hit the spot! ❗️Careful what salad dressing you are using❗️ Your salad dressing may be loaded with sugar, dairy, & sometimes gluten. So WATCH OUT! It sounds a little extreme, but staying clear of little things like that could save you a bloated belly. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & some spices are always a safe bet! Ps. I'm getting excited for my first blog posted which will be all about my journey with food & the impact that it has had on my health & my life so get ready ppl 😋✌🏻 • • • • • • • #longpost #food #asthetic #thestrand #salad #saladdressing #blog #blogpost #eatwell #antiinflammatory #gut #healyourgut #healthy #health #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #nutrition #nutritious #ilovefood #saturday #saturdaynight #feeedmefoood

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14k Solid White Gold Studex Long Post Earrings #cherisheart #studexusa #longpost

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🌟Shining shining shining shining🌟 We visited the nmaahc in August and it was the coolest place I ever seen in my life. An entire museum dedicated to telling the often forgotten and misrepresented story of Black people in America. From the thousands of African Slaves who didn't live through the Middle Passage and the skilled slaves of the Lowcountry, to Little Black Sambo and Minstrelsy, to Convict Labor and Emmett Till's Casket, to Black Power and Foxy Brown, to everything little thing in between it was incredible. I'm grateful to my parents for always teaching us to be proud of our history and our culture. I was reminded that I come from a strong and faith-filled people that fought and died for every right I enjoy today. But, here we are in 2017, and the battle still isn't over. #nmaahc #blackhistoryisamericanhistory #sayitloud #imblackandimproud #latergram #longpost #beyoncelyricsforeverything #mydadlikestotakeselfies

19 2 Sep 24, 2017

14K Solid Gold Long Post Studex Earrings #studexusa #cherisheart #longpost

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I have been waiting for these manga since the series was announced last year, Gandhi let me down with a month wait list and not having them at the end, Amazon wins this round~ ♡♡♡ Sit tight, this is gonna be a long post, and it doesn't cover half of it. Okay, first of all, as always, the work of these two women blows me away, I have 3 of their LoZ collections and the drawing always is amazing, so much respect. Along CLAMP thet are probably on my top 5 of favorite manga artists. Now the story. I have followed the mangas since the Ocarina of Time one, back when it was not licensed in English or Spanish and my cousin and I literally printed them out and tried to read them in mediocre English and bad Spanish scanlations. I always enjoyed how the new tidbits of story came together (like Link's earrings) from videogame and manga were expanded upon them, now we see Link's back story (super angsty and perfect, I'll hold on to my theories for later) and how the game story is much more easily explained in here. Knowing that the golden wolf is Ocarina of Time Link leaves me a bit confused as to why is him with Midna, unless they are not making him the golden wolf, since we already see OoT Link as a stalfos in the second volume. That's something I can't wait to find out. Upon this,I'm gonna go in a tangent and say something that came to mind in the first volume. And that is, there are parts that blend so easily with some fanuniverses that I had read in the last five years. The ones that come to mind right away are the Soul Saga, the Sheikah and Congruent. That bit on wolf Link about his senses reminded me of the Sheikah (Sheikah were created by the goddesses to see the truth while hyrulians can hear them, hence the long ears) was really something I wanted to see someday portrayed. And Link having a breakdown on the last bit is perfect after what we learn from him in Breath of the Wild. 👀👌 Also, isn't the long past King the one from Wind Waker ??????? #legendofzelda #twilightprincess #manga #Nintendo #akirahimekawa #review #longpost #rant #itsnotevenhalfofwhatiwanttosayaboutthismanga

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