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The priority when we think about success should be to ensure that we strive for our own idea of it. As humans we have naturally been open to suggestion of what other peoples ideas of success are. Our parents have been noted to play a bigger role than we may realise in our definitions of success. Sometimes it is our peers or the media that have imposed their views on us and we've lapped it up like a poodle at dinner time. Don’t be a little bitch.

74 2 Mar 17, 2018

Identifying your life purpose depends on identifying your own distinctive talents and passions. One of the reasons people fail to discover their purpose is due to having a very limited conception of their own natural capacities. Our individual potentials have very often been unintentionally hampered by our peer groups, cultures, education systems, families or societies and even by the expectations we have of ourselves.

63 1 Mar 16, 2018

Whatever you do to add your flavour to this world someone will not like it. Do it anyway. Live free. Do not seek approval.

100 2 Mar 15, 2018

Andrew Carnegie built a leadership role as a philanthropist for the United States and the British Empire. His 1889 article proclaiming "The Gospel of Wealth" called on the rich to use their wealth to improve society, and it stimulated a wave of philanthropy. The success formula he commissioned Napoleon Hill to discover by interviewing 500 millionaires over a period of 25 years, he believed should have been taught in schools. He strongly believed that if this formula were taught properly it would revolutionise the entire education system. A century later It is still not taught in schools.

55 3 Mar 15, 2018

Each and every single one of us are so unique, our fingerprints are like no one else, our life experiences are like no one else. These are your secret weapons. It is your responsibility to discover what you have to give. Everyone’s story is so unique, this is perhaps why a systemised education that’s created as a one size fits all approach has failed so many of us.

64 1 Mar 15, 2018

It doesn't matter how old you are, the sooner you start chasing your curiosity the sooner day to day life becomes more exhilarating. Take ownership of the phenomenon that is you.

70 1 Mar 15, 2018

Dostoyevsky wrote, the most terrible punishment for any human being would be if they were condemned to a lifetime of work that was completely and utterly devoid of usefulness and meaning. He was right. Meaning matters. Without clarity of meaning in our lives we run the risk of a meaningless existence.

61 2 Mar 14, 2018

With more distractions than ever before with our mobile phones and the internet, it is more important now than ever before to stay rooted with a definitive purpose of self.

75 2 Mar 14, 2018

You Matter.Your community needs your contribution as does your nation and the planet we all call home.We need you to do you.

63 1 Mar 14, 2018

Divine providence brought us here for a purpose. Our role in life is to discover that purpose and then give it away in a manner that elevates humanity, animals or the planet.

50 2 Mar 13, 2018

What we know so far is that we as individuals should have a defined purpose when we go about our daily lives. Without such definition we consequently run the risk of never truly connecting to our real talents, therefore never knowing what we are truly capable of achieving, further more we endure a life never knowing who we authentically are.

68 1 Mar 13, 2018

When speaking your mind in a conversation feels like a knife in your throat. . . . . . . #bigbangstories #picoftheday #instadaily #shorttails #quotes #tinytales #lofequotes #writersofinstagram #wordporn

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All good or bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, it has you. Zig Ziglar

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Sometimes letting go is better. Maybe something better is waiting for us. #world #lifestyle #lofequotes #change #beautiful #beautifulthoughts #sky #blue #nature #lifemeaning #freedom #lovelymeassages #acceptance #waiting #planning #lifestylephotography

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To change bad habits, we must study the habits of successful role model. Jack Canfield

87 2 Mar 12, 2018

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. Brian Tracy

98 1 Mar 12, 2018

Nothing stays forever. Everything changes and leaves and comes and goes and works and quits etc... the world keeps moving, and everything with it. So just hold on till a brighter day comes, because it will. #lofe #lofequotes #lifequote #lifestyle #sun #sunshine #joy #joyful #joyfullness #happy #happyness #happylife #anotherday #tomorrow

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