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50 0 Sep 20, 2017

Say hello to one of three new Howie Babies. #duck #howiebabies #ljbtc ljbtc

41 2 Sep 18, 2017

The best surprise after missing my mom like crazy for the last week! #thanksmom #ljbtc #merchandiseonpoint 💖

17 2 Sep 16, 2017

"Shhhh... I'm the only one who's allowed to show up naked to the wedding!" said Julie & Mike's cake at today's #beachwedding . Thanks for the perfect little flowers, Robin! #grandfloral #annemariedonakerweddingsandevents #ljbtc #nearlynakedcake

166 6 Sep 16, 2017

Morning walk at #ljbtc

12 0 Sep 14, 2017

This is my favorite pose recycled. It has been a dream of mine to do a sunset silhouette pose since we started our #wackywednesdayworkout poses, and La Jolla provided the perfect opportunity. Hope you love it as much as I do!!

107 18 Sep 13, 2017

::La Jolla photo dump:: (so we can stay friends because I know my posts have been #blowingupinsta ) • 1. It's a big victory that the only one who came home with a sunburn was me. I'm totally patting myself on the back for protecting these kids' fair skin 💪🏼. #whitepeopleproblems 2. La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club is about family. And my girls love playing with cousins and my cousins' kids. It's pure Heaven to them. #cousinlove 3. Killer sunset with a cranky baby who never napped and felt the effects every night. #sunsetsky #crankybaby 4. Elizabeth begged for me to swim with her, and ditched me hard after 2 minutes. Lillian however can't ditch me so we played for awhile. #tryingtobeafunmom. 5. I take too many pictures #cameramama 6. The view out our courtyard room might not be the ocean, but it was 👌🏼 #sisterlove 7. Livy's best friends are her cousins! #splashing 8. Elizabeth's best friends are her cousins too #scrippspier 9. Pajama park morning at #ljbtc to see the ducks at the pond 10. How we all feel about this vacation that has been a #familytradition for decades. • Instagram now needs to figure out how to do new captions for each new photo in these #swipeleft posts, because these captions are way too long for #chatbooks 😅 #lajollabeach #lajolla #familyvacay #familyvacation #journaling

93 1 Sep 13, 2017

These two. Lately their favorite game to play is "spy." This involves being creepers and staring at people and then running away giggling. Here they are spying on the people in the hotel workout gym, not realizing that the very tinted windows which require them to stand close to see anything, don't work the same way for the people in the workout room (who can see them plain as day from the inside). Subtlety isn't their strong suit, but imaginary play is! • #creepers #spies #imaginaryplay #ljbtc #lajolla #girlmom #momofgirls #imagination

62 2 Sep 13, 2017

Livy and Aunt Jennifer doing some gymnastics on the beach before dinner. I'm going to work on my flexibility because I know I can do a cartwheel, but there's no way I could do a cartwheel like this! • . #lajollabeach #lajolla #sunset #gymnastics #beachfun #6yearsold #kidatheart #flexible #ljbtc

68 1 Sep 13, 2017
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