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Lunch with wonderful peeps life it’s about feeling blessed cecconiswh #lunch #blessed #livinginthemoment #lalaland #

5 0 Feb 22, 2018

Who would have thought about dunes today 😂 Prep work done for Mexico ... soon we are leaving the USA at the boarder to Mexico... We are a bit sad, but happy to see more of our beautiful world 🗺 . . . #liveandgive4x4 #patreon #tinyliving #dunes #california #leaving #glamis #travelblogger #youtubers #instagram #4x4 #livinginthemoment #desert #sand

23 2 Feb 22, 2018

Day 33 of 80 I have been working so hard physically during this last 33 Days. I continue to struggle with finding balance and a routine. This is frustrated me and no matter what techniques I have tried to organize my time I still get to the end of Day Like I didn't meet the goals for my Day. It's spent the past 2 weeks doing a time study and really looking at what's missing, What can I be doing differently and why am I spinning my wheels? The baby not having a set sleep routine or patternI never know what My mornings s will look like And if you followed me for a while you know that morning is my time. I am at my best in the morning I can accomplish so many things between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. For me right nowThat's not happening on a regular basis and as much as I've tried to force itI have to let go a little and find a wayTo create space for those tasks somewhere else in the day. What has fallen by the wayside is my quiet time my time to increase my faith and check myself and focus on lifting up the people I l Love. Without my quiet time I'm spinning everyday I notGiving my best to my family to myself or to my challengers. I came Across a post about faith being like a muscle, If you don't use it you lose it or if you don't Move it you lose it. Just got me thinking how Can I combine these 2 things that are so crucial to my day and share them With others? Out of this my next challenge Was born. 21 Days to flex your faith and your fitness. Starting March 5th Not only will we focus on your nutrition and your Workout, we will spend time clearing out the clutter and turning our hearts and eyes towards the things that can truly impact us from the inside out 🌅 If this sounds like something that might be A fit for you and you want to know more COMMENT BELOW ⬇️⤵️🔽⏬ OR MESSAGE ME 📳 #fitmom #faithbiggerthanfear #40somethingmama #livinginthemoment #loveyourself #coachlife #faithandfitness #brave #GOALS #momof3 #mombod #doyouboo #transformfrominsideout #graceoverperfection #spring #summerbodmadeinwinter

9 1 Feb 22, 2018

It's evenings like this that really make me appreciate where I live. Headed up the lake with Barry of sligokayaktours earlier to grab some visuals for a project that is currently in the cutting room. Greeted by this amazing sunset while homeward bound after a beautiful day of sunshine. Adding this one to the photo prints. Link in bio to check it out.

25 3 Feb 22, 2018

It’s time for sign post acrobatics! I do this a lot...I can’t help myself...! Road tripping in Western Australia🇦🇺 is like sign post galore, you cross the Tropic of Capricorn too! When you’re driving through the Outback, things like this are a welcome attraction! I can’t be the only one that climbs signs though?! #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australia_shotz #visitaustralia #igaustralia

25 4 Feb 22, 2018

I have felt absolutely rubbish today (and even left work early) and I'm lying in bed thinking about the day ahead of me tomorrow and back over my day with Sam yesterday when in reality I should be trying to get some rest and go to sleep. Recently I've either heard on the radio or read in post on here or on blogs a lot about living in the moment, I myself often use hashtags like #slowliving and #seekthesimplicity and it's true I am... I'm always trying to look for ways to simplify life, to be more organised and save time so that I don't have to rush and can enjoy a slower pace of life. Something I heard on the radio this morning regarding this type of attitude to life totally made me stop and think... rather than spending time trying to find ways to simplify and streamline our life's activities we should just enjoy them...!?! Just live them. This links to something I'm sure I read on a post on insta about #justbeing. That it can be so easy to be thinking about what you have done or should have done or what you are going to do or need to do that you forget to concentrate on the thing your doing right now, right at this very moment. Whether that's time spent on your own or with someone else or just doing everyday things, it's important to be present in your own life. I personally have been guilty of this on many many occasions and so I've made a conscious decision to make more of moments and life as it happens, moments like holding my son's hand at lunch and just being totally absorbed in that moment like nothing else matters... cos in reality it really doesn't. #momentsofmine #livinginthemoment #bepresentinyourownlife #thisismymotherhood

12 1 Feb 22, 2018

A look of wonder! I’m looking to have the wonder and joy of a child today!! #wonder #joy #justfortoday . . . . #acceptance #happiness #freedom #parenting #positivevibes #renew #simplicity #gratitude #thankful #livinginthemoment #80sfashion #80schild

21 0 Feb 22, 2018

#hellofriends 😍 I just wanted to remind everyone today to #bepresent & #bemindful ! ★It's IMPERATIVE★ It's ESSENTIAL★ #livinginthemoment is #liberation #music #doterra #guardianangels who drop #hearts on my path are #clearaffirmations I AM on time for once 🤓 I pay #desecrated_hearts forward... forever #givethanks I AM on my journey to much needed healing & spiritual quidance #youcantrushyourhealing "Quiet down the mind 🎶 the more the song will play" #notallwhowanderarelost #wereontime #creativeheart #organic 😍 trevorhallmusic 💕 nahkobear 😍 I owe it all to you... you're mantra music blasts through every speaker I have... #grateful #full #atpeace

2 0 Feb 22, 2018

#Repost thedeanwest I am a huge supporter of the here and now! I don’t care what you do for a living, this one thing can change your world, your work, your connections to others. Being here.. right here and now is how we change the future for the better. 🙏🏽 ‼️plus , if we are talking or ina scene together I may pinch you to get you here with me 😜. . Want to learn to be present or what the hell that is, shoot me a message or book a private! . . Link in bio! . . dwactingstudio . . . . . . . #now #bepresent #livinginthemoment #deanwest #dwas #deanwestactingstudio #vibrationalist #vibrationalacting #actingcoach #meditate #meditation #love #presence #bepresent #inthemoment #connection

18 0 Feb 22, 2018
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