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Conceive Believe Achieve 🙏✨✨✨✨✨✨🌟

13 2 Mar 23, 2018

Weekend Vibes Dubai ❤️

677 1 Mar 23, 2018

Mel in action. 😉 If you know someone looking to sell their home, NOW is the best time. Contact us! #orangecountyrealtor #askmel #sellyourhome #liveyourdream #havefun #orangecountyrealestate

2 0 Mar 23, 2018

#wealthysurge • • • 🔔 Turn On Post Notifications To See New Posts. 📣 Share With Friends & Family.

40 1 Mar 23, 2018

💖💖 A sort of follow up on the last post, yes, you can have, be or do anything in life what you want. The key is how? How do some people get to live the life of their dreams and others that work just as hard if not even harder don't? We're all the same and deal all with the same natural laws. There is no such thing as luck. Luck is for people who don't believe in their own power. ⠀ ⠀ The people " who made it" are the people who were determined to reach their goal, they didn't allow anything or anyone to pull them back. They would rather die trying than give up. And that's the mindset. Because when you commit yourself to your goal, you can't go back. ⠀ Meaning focus think about your goal, talk about your goal, dream about your goal, take action toward your goal, read success stories of other people who keep accomplishing their goals, this list is endless. Not thinking about the effort, talking about the risks, worrying about the doubts, not taking action, reading about failures.⠀ When you do this, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving your goals! And that's the truth. So get disciplined and work, work, work on your mindset.⠀ ⠀ 💖 or follow for more inspiration⠀

11 1 Mar 23, 2018

Good Morning or Bon Jour? 😬 🤔 O que estudar no Canadá. 😉 #sedaintercambios #travel #intercâmbio #vivaoseusonho #liveyourdream #canada

2 0 Mar 23, 2018


623 1 Mar 23, 2018

I drive a campervan to yoga now. #california #reallife #whoami #adventureswithgoldy #love #vw #vanagon #liveyourdream

2 0 Mar 23, 2018

637 2 Mar 23, 2018


7 1 Mar 23, 2018

Nein - wir sind keine Backpacker, sondern tatsächlich Let's Dancer 🕺💃 Nicht vergessen: Heute um 20:15 Uhr ist team #yesjuklann wieder in Action 🎉 #judithtanzt #yesjuklann #judithwilliams #tanzmitmir #liveyourdream #letsdance #letsdance2018 #dancing #tanzen #köln #hannover #düsseldorf #London

563 14 Mar 23, 2018

She found her peace, her strength, and her soul in a world far away from buildings. move_more_stress_less at Angels Landing #likeamountaingirl

513 6 Mar 23, 2018
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