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#Repost livelovebeirut Our #LiveTrueLebanon campaign with Dewarsleb carries on with another passionate Lebanese Truer.Can something great come out of traffic? ksokhn decided to abandon cars and invest in his passion for bikes( livelove.bikes) giving purpose to his hobby. To encourage people to adopt the eco-friendly option for transportation, he founded cyclingcircle the first bike touring company in Lebanon. His obsession with bikes inspired him to start the first bike delivery initiative #deghrimessengers now being noticed by other countries in the region. Karim established this movement as more than just a business; he is determined to bring people together for unforgettable memories. Here’s to Living True and inspiring others. livelove.bikes


Gone fishing with the fellas. Photos are free, warm and fuzzy feelings are one dollar. #imallin #fishingfornugs #venicebeach #gonefishing #daboys #beachlife #humans #likemkinds #bikinilife #venice #boardwalk #livelove #givelove

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