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Remember this. That very little is needed to make a happy life. ~Aurelius~

41 3 Jun 24, 2017

. Sometimes a pretty sunset can take away my breath my mind my mundane thoughts. My life is absorbed in the cloud, colour, slow shifting light as the Sun departs and it all disappears into blue then night. Who knows what tomorrow brings. ✨✨❇✨✨🌠✨❇❇ Happy weekend my dear friends. . #rebelsunitedjune2017potd Day 24 Scape . #rebel_scapes #rebel_pureimage #rebel_sky #sunsets #bluehour #its_wow #literary_original_hub #literary_original

124 30 Jun 24, 2017

~~~ June 23, 2017 ▪️What it is to be at ease▪️ Sitting here with all of your past. All of your regrets. All of the difficulties that you've been through. All of the joys. All of the successes. My life consisting of both joy and sorrow. Pleasure and pain. May I come to be at ease even when life is difficult and may I have a wise response. May I be at ease when life is pleasant and joyful, though not clinging to the joy. Through understanding its impermanent nature. May I be at ease with myself just as I am in each moment. May I be at ease with this mind. This mind that judges, that resents, that compares. May I come to not take it so personally. May I be at ease with this body with its process of aging subject to sickness and death. May I be at ease with the impermanent nature of this body. May I be at ease with my heart. This tender heart, this fragile heart with its wounds. May I come to be at ease with these difficult emotions. With the challenges of love and loss. May I let go of anything that's causing me suffering.

56 14 Jun 24, 2017

. I have more time than I realize. I am here, standing still, breathing this summer air deep into my lungs. With my exhale, I release all anxiety and open up my world. This world is open. The door may be closed but the windows are cracked. The breeze is slight but enough to forget about the heat. I am still standing here, in no hurry, just being in this beautiful ever present moment. 💙 . #illustrious_art #artistry_flair #colorado_creative #colorado #fiftyshades_of_nature #naturehippys_ #landscape #mode_emotive #moodynature #jj_mextures #mextures #themexturesway #mextures_collective #its_wow #literary_imagery #literary_original #spiritualawakening #bepresent #justbeing

173 22 Jun 23, 2017

In the valley of the Colca Canyon near Chivay, Peru. . The sun was setting and the fields of grain dance in her light. As the smoke from the erupting volcano fills the distant sky with white clouds of smoke. Nature is ever present in this moment. . #Peru #explore #travel #chivay #fiftyshades_of_nature #nature #landscape #letsexplore #southamerica #literary_imagery #literary_original #its_wow

146 28 Jun 21, 2017
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