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All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. ~Henry Miller .. #jumpstagram #peoplescreatives #peopleinframe #peopleinsquare #hikingadventures #optoutside #outside_project #wildernessculture #thecutlife #thebest_capture #visualsoflife #its_gram #gramslayers #quotestoliveby #literary_imagery

55 3 Jan 16, 2018

~~~ ▪️When you Want to Leave- Stay One Moment Longer▪️January 16, 2018 Long winter months, your feelings of loneliness, discomfort in stillness, seemingly stagnant periods of being. These often make us want to runaway and avoid. To feel trapped having reached our breaking point, entering into tremendous discomfort. We have crossed a line where we have decided we can no longer stand in this place. We want to escape. When we reach our limits, what would it look like if we would if we chose to explore these places of discomfort further? What might be hiding in the places we don’t care to look? To look into the face of what we usually turn from. There is an outstretched arm asking you to adventure into your own discomfort. When Love brings you conflict in your heart you choose not to run but to step forward into it with openness. You choose fear because you know therein lies your liberation. You choose your aching heart in the face of conflict and miscommunication because you know therein lies your greatest love. When you want to leave stay one moment longer. See what that moment is capable of bringing into your life.

49 3 Jan 16, 2018

"Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not, We'll weather the weather whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not." ~Cardiff Camera Club, c.1921 . || This quote really pulled at me when I read it. Perfect quote, in both the literal & metaphorical sense. We are going to weather this unwelcome weather. While we continue to weather the weather of our lives. || . #ipulledoverforthis #hey_ihadtosnapthat #literary_imagery #gobeyondthe_capture #goandcapturethelight #efe_snapshots_daily #the_mobile_arts #mag_mobileartgroup #shutterbug_collective #its_gram #tv_editz #fifty_shades_of_twilight #everything_edited #edit_perfection #rebel_scapes #super_sunset_channel #bpa_rural #bpa_arts_members #dreamland_arts_of_nature #country_features #rebel_scapes #artistry_vision #affair_weekly #all_colorshots #allkindsofnature #atagwithnoname

167 7 Jan 16, 2018

'To myself I am my own' One Hundred Silver Fish - (an extract of a longer piece of verse) --------------------------------------------------------------"The evening is falling fast like swifts, when I lay my body on the ground and plant both feet into the clouds. From here I see each bracken wing, memories return and lost days live. But you say memory is the guise that fools, we unthinking are hounded out, of self, the wandering minions, our thoughts in airborne seeds blown about, extracted, reshaped, infused, and in exchange our silver-tongues, embedded when we were just little things.*-* Alone, we mourn in the quiet, stillness of our rooms, where none but self can share our sorrowful goodbyes, a sad unspoken manifest of hearts plucked out like sunken eyes, a beautiful, tragic that plays discordant on ceremonial strings, and in ritualistic melody we zombies celebrate and sing, our lonely arms akimbo, held aloft to our destruction, and the shadow-masks we cast from where all our memories came, as the sun pushes hard against our backs, and beats us slow when veiled in black it whips, with no mercy, as no more in body but winged we unstrip ourselves to learn it's silent ways.*-* Now, in days where wintry haze reveals the distant and the strange, your words are shallow meeting beneath the dusk arriving on the spray, and I walk on steps where the river folds in white flags that surrender to inevitable things, as I surrender to you my symbiotic, my truest companion and saviour, bound to me, whether in one hundred silver fish we swim, or bone dry and broke meat we are done, in life, through absent thought, or in thwarted memory ...exist." (GB, England, London, UK, 2018, all rights reserved) #thedarkpr0ject #literary_imagery #black_raven_inspired #scacco_matto_ #darksoulspoetry #darkroom_daydream #themysterypr0ject #quietthechaos #writersofinstagram #instapoem #tribeofpoets #bnw_rose #bnw_legit #ig_photolove_bnw #igfotogram #moodygrams #red_bw_vizor #heytate

190 18 Jan 15, 2018

~in the now of no one, because the smell of desolation is upon you, they scatter like mice to the wall when you enter To walk among them, with the knowing, Time is of the essence, yet you linger, Like smoke rising from embers . Collaborative work...edit by ambient_manga Original poem by both . #barnesofinstagram #melancholy #beautifulsadness #dream #landscapephotography #landscape #farm #fa_fadeaway #instagood

46 4 Jan 14, 2018

As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world. —Virginia Woolf . . . . #literary_images

48 2 Jan 14, 2018

I felt a tremendous distance between myself and everything real. . Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary . Lonoke County Arkansas #igersarkansas_sky #igersarkansas #wonderfularkansas #landscape #literature #literary_imagery #landscapephotography #melancholy #daylight #dawn #sunrise_sunsets_aroundtheworld #sunrise #morning #mood

42 4 Jan 13, 2018

... 🐓 ... . . . . . OP by Picsart, my edit 🐓 . . . . **************************************

429 96 Jan 13, 2018

. Do I stand alone again in my endless search for freedom? Challenging their might, defeated? Falling helplessly away Crawling from the wreckage, their destiny is my future? I feel the coldness as I step out into their darkness So I stand alone the same in my hopeless chase for freedom Clawing, I call, I call out, but again, I'm never answered You stand there in your lonely world, in your careless search for freedom While we struggle on, you turn hopelessly away Destroyed and recreated, our destiny is the future Now I feel the warmth, as the eclipse is forced away . . 🎵 Conflict - To Be Continued... 🎵

59 3 Jan 13, 2018

. And after the raging, comes a tranquil day So close to my eyes, there's nothing anyone can say . Is there any reason just why I keep on believing? In the thought in here, in the pain I'm feeling Am I supposed to be feeling like this? . Should I be feeling this loneliness? As days go by I'm despairing, the whole bloody thing keeps on turning . But there's something good to come for I haven't heard the door close Or the footsteps die away . And from the confusion comes a yearning, to let me rest, to let me feel any kind of loving... . . 🎵 Conflict - War of Words 🎵

68 2 Jan 13, 2018

. The ritual advances have been made, now flesh is bared as though it is a solution to the fear and confusion Dancing in chessboard rigidity, to meet the requirements of ancient codes and traditions, the never altered positions A fleeting sense of security, from being held tightly, until the camouflage drops and the tenderness stops . The well-rehearsed statements have been made, now it's red lights all the way In deathly silence, a hint of sniggering violence Reinforcing the roles, in a doomed situation Protector and protected, rejecter and rejected And there on a video, a simulated sex show To keep us smiling through, to tell us what to do . And when a body falls back in surrender with both eyes Blood on your fingers and a broken prize By averting your eyes it isn't seen By turning your head, you keep it clean And proud of your achievement, success is yours As you slip into a position and a thousand hands applaud Passion stops as a record drops it says - "Love has come at last" And you wipe away your splattered pride because it came too fast So there's the pleasure, but where's the dignity? Is it in your performance with your smile of insincerity? The coming retaliation is a deadly situation When the feeling’s mutual, assured destruction... . . 🎵 Conflict - Mutual Assured Destruction 🎵

54 1 Jan 13, 2018

I must go in, the fog is rising. —Emily Dickinson . . . . #literary_images

73 3 Jan 13, 2018

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. . A Shadow Passes by Eden Phillpotts . #literature #literary_imagery #quotes #melancholy #hopefloats #hope #magic #instagood #darkness #lifequotes #fa_fadeaway

46 8 Jan 12, 2018
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