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Over 18 months have gone by and my little Lilly was finally able to meet her great grandparents... Grams and Pawpaw. • These two people have been huge influences in my life. • Pawpaw is who taught me the value of a dollar and how to be the hardest worker in the room in order to make something of myself. • They owned a business growing up, where I spent a lot of my childhood. • This moment was huge for Lilly, Julie, and myself. • Although I'm grateful that they were able to meet since neither of them are in good enough health to travel to us. It didn't end as well as we would've hoped. • Lils was happy as could be yesterday but her eczema seems to have got infected and last night she woke us up at 1am with a high heart rate and her right foot is swollen and red hot. • We are taking her to her comprehensive care clinic to see her specialists now. • With every step forward it seems we always take two steps backwards, but that will never keep us from fighting forward. • If anything the struggles are what make us fight harder. They make us stronger as individuals and as a family. • Keep Lils in your prayers today and let's pray it's nothing to serious. • We are grateful to have such a great family and support system. I'd like to thank you all individually but that would take me ages, so this post is to YOU. • Thank You #liftinguplils #chancetoinspire

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This mamas having twins! #lils

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