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1 0 Dec 14, 2017

Let your love light shine 💖 This soft glowing rose quartz lamp is the last one in stock. Once it's gone these crystal beauties will not be restocked until the end of January. Wishing everyone a super sweet evening (or day)! 💫

29 2 Dec 14, 2017

When I am a little more “quiet” on social media, it’s often times because I’m feeling a nudge to dive a little deeper internally.💫 So I listen to that prompting and breathe with more intention and press more fully into the parts of me I have yet to explore. You guys...I have transformed in so many ways because of this unexpected journey these last few years. This path I took was not planed but more so perfectly laid out before me. I was given little nudges in the right direction all along the way. The more I have opened up snd shared, the more it felt like layers of me were pealed back. Cracking me open to expose more rawness. That used to scare me to death. Being authentic is a vulnerable place to play. But it doesn't scare me anymore. I know that with every layer that is pealed back, more of the me I was intended to be has room to shine. I no longer search outside myself for any validation or acceptance. (something I did all the time in the past) This journey has taught me that all I need is already inside me. Even if it still has yet to be discovered. So everyday I decide to "do the work". Whatever it will take to keep breaking open & continuously be stretching & evolving. Sometimes it's messy, lonely, confusing, uncertain, and full of challenges...but I welcome those challenges now with open arms. I know they are the only things that can crack open the deepest of my layers so my light can shine brighter. And so that those who need my love and service can find me.💫Thank you so much for walking this with me. It means more than you know. 🙏🏻

12 3 Dec 14, 2017

I'll be starting tonight's healing meditation on about 20 minutes. There is still time to add your name. Once your name is on the list, it will stay on the list unless you ask to be removed. . . 🕉💖🕉. . #HealingWithKerri #HealingWithKerriDotCom #Healer #EnergyHealer #EnergyWork #EnergyHealersOfInstagram #ChakraCleansing #ChakraBalancing #ChakraFondler #ChakraClearing #EnergeticYumminess #Lightworker #LightWorkers #LightworkersOfInstagram #Muladhara #Svadhisthana #Manipura #Anahata #Visshudha #Ajna #Sahasrara #DivineSource #healingmeditation

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14 1 Dec 14, 2017

*FOR SALE* Up for grabs is this beautiful #mahoganyobsidian #pendant! It's a little different from what I usually do but I really had fun with this one! Gotta keep pushing! Let me know what you think in the comments! As always, link to the shop in bio! . . . . . #healingcrystal #healingstones #starseed #statementpiece #lightworker #obsidian #mind #body #soul #soulart #light #higherconsciousness #crystaljewelry #mindfulness #metaphysical #jewlery #yoga #raiseyourvibration #goodvibes #wirewrapped #crystalhealing #lavaglass #volcano #chakras #Motherearth #gbjrstones #weareone #wirewrappedjewelry

4 0 Dec 14, 2017

There's a lot of posts circling social media that imply there is something wrong with speaking about things we do not agree with, like or feel strongly against. The idea is that we should only promote "good vibes", "love and light", which isn't necessarily the thing I disagree with. I mean, after all, I think it's very clear that I believe in all of the above. However, what I disagree with is the notion that we shouldn't speak about things that we do not believe in, and perhaps to some degree that we "hate". The reason I disagree with this very popular idea is it reinforces silence, and there are topics that should never be silenced. Now, in the world of social media, many have found a way to use their gifts to become "influencers", and I for one applaud those who have. However, I want us to remember the weight of responsibility that comes with leadership. I realize that anything we post online can and probably will be misunderstood, to some degree, but I want to encourage those of us who are "light leaders" to be cautious about what we promote. Good vibes, affirmations and love aren't enough when a woman is being sexually assaulted and forced into silence. My point is, let us not forget that there are times when we must assert ourselves, when we must decide to take a fervent stand against darkness, when we must establish healthy boundaries and speak up for the vulnerable and weak. Awareness grows and things change, not just when we speak about what we love, but when we have the courage to stand against what we don't. Beloved, there are too many people who live in a prison of belief that they must accept abuse, because they were taught to silent about what violated them. Let's be careful and thorough, because the vulnerable are listening, reading and looking to us to be light and a voice for them. Sincerely, -T💋

2 1 Dec 14, 2017
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