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I was out shopping two weeks ago, and saw this sign. My eyes instantly filled with tears. It was a gentle whisper from the Father, “This is what I want you to know today, my child.” I’m thankful I wasn’t in such a hurry that I missed this little message. Thank you, Lord, for using a moment while shopping to speak Your truth to me. Today, I think He wants you to know this too. #faith #loved #Jesusgirl #womensministry #lifepurposecoach

20 0 Dec 12, 2017

Listen to Simon, m’kay? gets better. Keep pushing, and never forget your “Why” #WalkInUrPurpose #startups #SimonSinek #Yourwhy #lifecoach #lifepurposecoach #transitioncoach #coach #coaching #womenentrepreneurs #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship

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I now have Egift Cards on my website. 🖤✨✨🖤 Help kickstart someone's internal journey or ask for a gift card to start YOURS!!! . . Enter on this post to 🎉win 🎉The Gypsy Bundle! Included in Gypsy Bundle Giveaway.... 🌟A $100 Egift Card for you to keep or gift to a friend (can be used for a full 60 minute session or towards a package!) . 🌟Gorge olive green embroider bomber Jacket from Love Tree (size Large but runs a size small- fits like a medium . 🌟2 Mini Hand Made Soy Crystal Candles / Lavender & Chamomile . 🌟1 gold, quartz bracelet . 🖤Enter by telling me your biggest goal for 2018, a word to describe it, or how you want to feel. 🖤Tag 2 friends who have major goals or you want to see live their best life. 🖤Make sure to turn on post notifications so you know when I announce a winner. 🖤Add #thegypsyclique Winner announced NEW YEARS DAY🤗🥂🎉💕 . . #thegypsylifecoach #kessleylmccormick #gypsy #lifecoach #lifepurposecoach #lifecalling #lifecoaching #intuitivelifecoach #intuition #positiveenergy #energyhealing #positivevibes #selflove #selfcare #selfhelp #claircognizant #thegypsyclique

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Launching today! 👉🏻 Are you coming? At your comfort home in your sofa, join this virtual event with a free ticket 🎟 (for now) • This virtual summit for: ✓ People who have encountered setbacks, failure, and defeat - but refuse to give up on their dreams. • ✓ Individuals who don’t fit into the standard “box” of society (aka: creative outliers), and who crave to reach new heights in life. • ✓ Conscious life hackers who want to improve their mind, body, and spirit so they can have the biggest impact possible in this world. • ✓ Those who deliberately want to manifest life with more synchronicity and a little magic. 〰️ #spiritualityawake #howtolive #howtobehappy #awakening #awakenings2017 #howtofindajob #lifepurpose #lifepurposecoach #lifepassion #mentor #coach #personaltransformation #mindfulness #meditation #chakra #mindsetiseverything #successmindset #mindsetsummit2017 #rebelsoul #societyrebel #freeticket #freetickets

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Your future depends on your loyalty! Stay true to YOU! . . . Relationship Connoisseur Coach Keisha K💋

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Barcelona, 1992. I left home (I would argue that I was pushed but lets not split hairs) and landed in Barcelona. I was working on the site of the Olympic Village and the beach side area, that hot tourist spot, was nothing but hookers and druggies until the city cleaned it up for the Olympics. I was on the site one morning and I heard a couple of Irish lads talking about a friend of theirs who was coming over to play rugby for Barcelona, but had broken his leg. Shit, I thought, here’s my opportunity to get out of digging bloody holes. I asked them where and when the team trained and went down and watched. I was 18, walked on up to the coach and presented him with my rugby credentials, none of which were true. I ended up playing rugby for Barcelona. I was fired near the end of the season,which was fair enough, but I was still ballsy enough to ask them to pay for my ticket home, of which, and god knows why, they did. #andreweggelton #presentinglightworker

21 2 Dec 11, 2017

If you’re anything like me, then you have days when you feel bad about yourself. Even think everyone else is better than you? You do that horrid comparison-itis thing… you know, when you compare yourself to others and never for the better! ___ Ultimately you may even believe you have no special skills or abilities. But this ISN’T TRUE! Think about it and you know this too 😉 ___ Let’s celebrate your ‘specialness’! I’d love to know what’s one thing that you’re amazing at?!

27 9 Dec 11, 2017

Today has been interesting. . We attempted the Na'Pali Coast Trail on Kauai - photo in my story and it's not pretty. . The trail was a mix of hard-packed, dry mud; slippery mud; and thick mud that pulled at your shoes. . Each stretch of slippery or thick mud caused me tension and the hard-packed sections where such a relief! . It was not a smooth experience; however, it was a beautiful reminder that "this too shall pass". . Each time we experience something that is not pleasing or ideal, there is the opportunity to change your view of it and know that not only will the specific experience pass at some point, so will your emotional experience of that situation. . I will fully admit, this was a practice for me today and I still have some practice of this ahead of me! . How does this reminder impact your experience? . . . . #thesimply #thesimplyca #thisisyourlife #sayYes #simplyshinetribe #simplyshine #coach #coaching #lifecoaching #lifepurposecoach #itsalllife #showup #shine #shinebright #shineyouryouness #yogaoffthemat #spiritualcoach

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We don't always intentionally allow dysfunction to set in. We believe that calling out our internal afflictions are a sign of weakness. We say things like " I'm good" and "It's okay that we begin to silence a loud thunderous alarm that is going off on the inside. So while sometimes we believe we are being strong, we are giving into the weakness of shame. The shame that says "Men don't cry..." "Be a strong black woman..." "Don't cry over spilled milk!" "Get over it!" Iyanla describes pain as "PAY ATTENTION INWARD NOW!" We all have things we can heal and/or nurture. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. #giveyourpainavoice #healthyexpression #nurture #selfcare #payattention #AcknowledgeITProcessITReleaseIT #painAPR #Bencarterlifecoach #motivatonalspeaker #leapintoVictoryeveryday #livellc #livellccoaching #lifecoach #lifepurposecoach #ChooseVictory

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