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"I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" - John D. Rockefeller #preachit #lifegoals #liberty #truth #agape 🙌🏻

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Shout out to those who actually deserve to be called "wifey" or "zaddy"! Nothin sexier than concern 🙌🏾 #stayawayfrominstahoez #looksfade #itgoesbothways #viceversa #lifegoals #thoughtof theday #brotips #adulting #wifeymaterial #zaddymaterial

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#cabinporn #lifegoals

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day 3 - i have just begun to explore life in the sales world. a part of me enjoys sales because i have the chance to influence people. on the other hand, it's nerve-racking. being vulnerable to the unknown reaction of others is a game. i also say it's nerve-racking because i feel i've developed the notion that sales people are annoying because they may not have your best interest at heart. i will definitely challenge this status quo. i love the challenge of learning something new. i want to master the art of sales. it definitely is not as intimidating as i've made it out to be in my mind. the mind always overthinks something unfamiliar. just go for it.

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I wanna be a rugby coach when I grow up 🤓🏉 #rugbyunion #summer #coach #coaching #rugbylife #preseason #womensrugby #smashysmashy #lifegoals #winning #supercoaches

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Disputing things from your credit report, doesn't mean you don't owe them. Disputing only removes them from your Credit Report to possibly gain an increase- that's all. This is why you will see the same collection removed and then added back on several months later to the same CB or different CB If the debt is removed from one CB, it doesn't mean it is removed from All CB. If you want the debt permanently removed, either pay it, settle it, Or pay to delete it. Make sure you get WRITTEN confirmation BEFORE you pay it stating that the debt will be DELETED & REMOVED from your CB. Do it yourself or use a company to get it done the right way with attorneys to represent you if need be. 🔌 #life #creditrestoration #identitytheft #fixyourcredit #family #lifegoals #business #studentloans #repo #loanmodification #taxliens #realtors #homeowner #bankruptcy #judgement #studentloans

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She wears her heart 💓on her sleeve, she has a sparkle 💥in her eye, and a drive to change the world 🌍! I made the decision my son DESERVED a better mother and my husband DESERVED a better wife. I was in a hole of exhaustion, worry, and doubt 🤒😥. I was tired of feeling like a SHELL OF A MOM. Tired of accepting what society tells us to do: pick a job, be told what hours to work, for how much per hour, and have to ask for vacation days. 🤖Like running on a hamster wheel, you give your time and energy, not make any progress, and live to the next paycheck.⛔⁉ ⏰TIME is what we all need more of. Time with our families, our kids. Time is ticking away and I am making it a point to change the trajectory of not only our family's future, but OTHER families TOO! There is SO MUCH MORE to life than to work to pay bills and die 💀. Feeling your best 🤗💪, getting your health on track, spending time ⏰with those you love while doing the things you love doing💓🏡🏖⚽🎉...THAT is what life is about! Who is coming with me? 🚀 #momonamission #unlockyourbodyspotential #teamanchored #teamtorch #teamtakeoff

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