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Permítete aprender, aceptar que no sabes de algo para poder aprenderlo, errar, fallar y experimentar haciéndolo lo mejor que sepas. Nadie en este mundo nace sabiendo, ni siendo experto en ninguna materia, para ello hay que practicar día a día y adquirir nuevos aprendizajes. Deja de lado los miedos, la vergüenza o lo que pueda paralizar tu aprendizaje y ve a por ello con la energía de tu niño interior, ese niño que tenía un objetivo y no paraba hasta conseguirlo. Fija tu objetivo y ve a por él adquiriendo los aprendizajes que necesites. . . . #aprender #learning #sueños #metas #objetivos #exito #vivetuvida #vivetussueños #creenti #dreams #success #limitless #fearless #liveyourlife #liveyourdream #liveauthentic #believeinyourself #quoteoftheday #lifequotes #boadilla #madrid #spain #world #coaching #lifecoaching #lifecoach #cesargonzalo

0 0 Aug 22, 2017

Как не надо делать!)) Ропотные страдания - из жертвы в преследователи - Я буду терпеть все твои выходки, но буду тебя за них нещадно пилить. - Я ни в чем тебе не откажу, но за это со света сживу. - Я тебе все отдам, но ты всегда будешь мне должен. - Я все сделаю по-твоему, но ты будешь жалеть об этом всю жизнь. - Я заброшу свои дела ради твоих, но никогда тебе этого не прощу. - Я тебя всегда выручу, но буду попрекать тебя за беспомощность. - Я буду ненавидеть тебя за опоздания, но всегда буду тебя ждать. - Я буду за тебя все делать, но буду требовать от тебя самостоятельности. - Я буду отвечать за твои поступки, но буду требовать от тебя ответственности. - Я не буду заботиться о своих интересах, а буду от тебя добиваться заботы о них. - Я буду страдать от твоего эгоизма, но и тебе не дам им насладиться. - Я буду всегда на тебя в обиде, но не прекращу от тебя ожидать своего. - Я не буду менять свое поведение, чтобы тебе стало невыгодно так себя вести - я буду менять тебя самого.( источник) #психология #психологияотношений #коучингдляженщин #лайфкоучинг #любитедругдруга #psikolog #psicologia #motivation #lifecoach #lifecoaching #lifestyle #lovebetweenus

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PRE-TRAINING ✨💕 Click on the link in my profile to sign up and get the FULL training! I covered: • How you can do marketing your way even if you have NO prior marketing experience or knowledge (Hint: you only need YOU ;)) • What is holding you back and how to shift out of it :) • Getting used to getting uncomfortable, yet have fun at the same time! • The ONE reason why you are not getting consistent results and how to get those results you want. • Zero to $1K program Here's the homework: 1. List down everything you love doing- that comes naturally to you, feels good, gets you excited! 2. List down all your accomplishments. Even down to the smallest things like being a good listener. It ALL COUNTS! P.S. I think I touch my hair way too much 😝 Shall minimise that tomorrow 😊

3 1 Aug 22, 2017

Does your mindset empower you? Do u see the good in people? Can you keep a level, rational head when everyone else is stressed and chaotic? Do you have direction and clarity? Are you happy? Do you have fun everyday?

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If you think you are beat, then you are. If you think you will win, then you will. It's a mindset #success #mindset #selfbelief #nlp #hypnosis #lifecoach

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Смокините - дар от природата! 🌱💚

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Yesterday we had the new moon in Leo, in addition to the Solar Eclipse over America. The feminine moon vs the masculine Sun. . So what does this all mean? . . The new moon is Leo brings us back into our fearless heart centred self. Helping us push forward with a life that is true to us, helping the collective along the way. . . The Eclipse brought about an energetic "rebalance", which will soon be felt at a global level. Highlighting injustices, those seeking revenge and inequality. Bringing to light that which has been obscured from view. Highlighting and bringing forward conscious leaders working for the good of all. . You could find at this time that sudden changes may occur which require your immediate attention. Breakdowns in communication may occur, or simply, you may come to some wonderful recognition about your own self. It's a time of expansion and growth a true new beginning and realignment. . . Physically, like me yesterday, you may suddenly feel a little "sick". Sometimes with flu like symptoms, headaches skin eruptions etc as your body adjusts to the new frequencies. As a side note do remember that children and animals also are effected by the movement of the planets so be kind to everyone as we are all in this together. . . I feel excited for the changes for myself, for the world, for each and everyone of you. New beginnings, shining in new ways and with good vibrations. . . Peace and love . . . . . #lifecoach #reiki #frequency #love #positiveenergy #positivevibes

5 1 Aug 22, 2017

This made me laugh! When your spiritual but sassy reminders like this are needed in the concrete jungle. #iamspiration #lol #motivation #success #lifecoach #marketing #inspiration #happiness #positivevibes #life #goals #reminder #femaleempowerment #womeninbusiness #entrepeneur #authentic #energy #instagood #goodmorning

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1. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it. 2. If I have to struggle to get it & fight to keep it, it wasn't meant for me. 3. Does it grow me (as a person, not just as a business). We spend way too much time trying to prove ourselves instead of doing what we really want/love. Don't fall into that trap. Live your life how you want to, not how SM or anyone else stipulates. 🤝 Re-launch: 1 Sept. ____________________________________________ #Entrepreneur #GirlBoss #Blogger #FBlogger #LifeCoach #BrandCoach #NLP #CapeTown #LifeCoachToTheBrand

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Min väg till självkärlek …. . Förut så tänkte jag att om jag bara ändrade mina tankar så ändrades mitt resultat. Men jag förstod snabbt att ändra tankarna inte var så lätt som jag önskat. Tankarna verkar leva ett eget liv. Och via Oneness så fann jag frid till mina tankar, de fick helt enkelt vara som de var, glada, deppiga, dömande, uppmuntrande … de fick komma och gå och jag lärde mig vara den som betraktar. . Likaså försökte jag göra mirror work dvs ställa mig framför spegeln och uttrycka självkärlek. Ge min kropp pepp, beröm och kärlek. Det funkade inte heller, jag blev bara mer missnöjd när jag stod framför spegeln. . Min väg till att tycka om mig själv kom genom min kärlek till ord och min förmåga att känna energi. Jag sökte ett ord (man kan ha flera) som fick mig i den energi (vibration/känsla/feeling) jag önskade mig. För mig började det med belåtenhet. Jag ville känna mig belåten med mig själv, min kropp och mitt liv. Och när jag nu bara tänker ✨belåten ✨ så är jag där, jag är nöjd och tillfreds med mig själv och när jag går förbi spegeln så stannar jag ofta till och känner mig snygg.

2 2 Aug 22, 2017

Stability balls, who doesn't know them? It is incredibly rare to see a gym without stability balls. They can be used for a wide variety of exercises to challenge different parts of the body and different components of fitness. Typically, diameters range from 45-75cm. A bigger stability ball will have more surface area, thus increasing stability when compared to a smaller one. Therefore, many exercises can be progressed by using a smaller stability ball. The same principle impacts intensity when changing the pressure of a stability ball. Inflating a swiss ball will decrease the surface area in contact with a stable surface (for example, the floor during a stability ball plank), thus making the exercise more difficult. Stability balls can be used to activate the core muscles, challenge proprioception, increase demand on stabiliser muscles, improve balance, increase range of motion, offer support to the body, perform stretches effectively and can also be rolled, bounced and thrown! Due to the nature of stability ball training, extra care must be taken when using them to avoid the risk of injury through falling. Consider the exercise environment to ensure it is suitable. It is recommended that an appropriate matted area is used. Stability balls also need to be checked regularly to ensure they are not damaged. Any stability balls that have damaged surfaces, for example, scratched, should be destroyed. Manufacturer recommendations must be followed and they usually suggest balls are replaced after a year. Maximum loading capacities must not be exceeded. Today I'm showig you how to do the exercise 'roll out' in the stability ball. It works the core. The joint actions are: shoulder extension and knee flexion. The energy system used is lactic acid/aerobic. And now the instructions: begin by kneeling on the floor with forearms resting on a stability ball. Roll the ball away from the body by leaning forwards using the knee as the pivot point. Return to start position by completing opposite movement under control. Tips: maintain good posture; keep shoulders relaxed; ensure core muscles are activated.

47 2 Aug 22, 2017

No. No flip flops this morning - back and ready for my office today. And ready for my tiny new little challenge. How about starting not to judge anymore? Like no more?? No self- judgement. No judgement of others and what thy say or how they look or behave. How about just watching. Seeing. Being? If you are in let me know how it works and use #nichtmehrurteilen as hashtag so I can find you. Day one. Giving my best ✌️ Ihr Lieben - heut gibt's keine Flipflops für mich sondern Büroklamotten. Back to work und ausserdem motiviert meine kleine minichallenge zu starten. (Psssst ab 1.9. gibt's eine echte Yogachallenge). Jetzt geht's für mich aber erstmal ums nicht- urteilen. Mich selbst nicht verurteilen. Über andere nicht urteilen. Nicht über Kleidung. Verhalten. Worte. Einfach nur wahrnehmen. Sehen. Sein. Wer ist dabei? Sagt mir wie es läuft (ich fürchte ja, das wird nicht leicht) und nutzt den hashtag #nichtmehrurteilen damit ich euch finden kann. Let's spread some love 💖ich bemüh mich ✌️

11 5 Aug 22, 2017
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