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👉👉What are you going to do TODAY to make your intentions a reality?? 👈👈 . . . . #motivateme #motivateyourself #motivations #motivationalspeaker #lifecoach #producer #songwriter #jonathangeorge #dailymotivation #garyvee #tonyrobbins #encourage

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

Wisdom comes from exploring yourself and the intelligence that sources through you. Get quiet enough to listen. Be compelled enough to act on those inner impulses. Explore from curiosity. Go inside the empty rooms of your heart, your mind and your body and stay there long enough to receive the intelligence that is already within. #youvegotalltheanswers #theanswersarewithin #listen #act #bebrave #learn #selfdevelopment #transformationtuesday #transformation #lifecoach #entrepreneur #innerwisdom #innercompass #knowledge #intelligence

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Aprendí que la paz interior y la felicidad no deberían ser algo negociable. ¿Cuántas veces nos hemos quedado en situaciones por costumbre, miedo o comodidad, para no salir de nuestra zona de confort?. Y no sólo hablo de personas o lugares sino también de nuestros propios pensamientos. No nos conformemos, vayamos por más, vayamos por todo, al final lo único que perderemos será la costumbre y ganaremos nuevos panoramas y experiencias. #serestarcoaching #lifecoach #reflexion #felicidad #paz #frases #quotes #inspiracion

3 0 Oct 17, 2017

#Repost Her too? It was both heartbreaking and inspiring to see so many women courageously stepping forward to say "me too" yesterday. But while #metoo succeeded in terms of creating awareness, it's now up to us, men, to ensure that all of their voices didn't fall on deaf ears. To make sure that #metoo isn't just a hashtag that trends and then disappears. Change needs to happen. • So what can we do? For starters, don't pretend to understand their struggle. We will never understand what it's like to feel unsafe simply because of our gender. But what we can do is promise to be better allies. We need to acknowledge that we have been too passive in allowing misogyny to continue. I'll be the first to admit that several times, I failed to speak up when I was around "guys being guys." It's not okay, and I am so so sorry. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can take responsibility for my actions or lack there of. Toxic masculinity creates an environment where it's intimidating to be "that guy" who "breaks up the fun." After all, who wants to create conflict? But choosing to be passive in those situations isn't a victimless decision. Being silent is the same as condoning it. Based on the sheer magnitude of female voices we heard yesterday, it's clear we can't afford to let this take a backseat anymore. • Just as the women in our lives found the courage to speak up, so too do we. We need to hold each other accountable to a zero tolerance policy. No more letting "guys being guys" slide. Ever. It's up to us to confidently speak up and voice our disdain when we witness or hear about this kind of behavior from our fellow men. I'm not saying we should go out and hunt people, because that's not the way to go about this. What I'm saying is that we need to lead by example. We need to set the bar for the men around us. True masculinity and strength lies in being mindful of our emotions, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, always choosing compassion over violence, and always, always treating women with respect. Choose to be the man that makes your partner, mother, sister, and daughter proud. Have the courage to be that man so that other men can find the courage to be him too.

1 1 Oct 17, 2017

Be Present 🖤

3 1 Oct 17, 2017

Yes! Thank you for always being there my good and precious Father. #neveralone #ineedgod #godisgood

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Consistency always trumps intensity. Consistency is what separates all-time greats from one-hit wonders; hall of famers from #1 draft pick busts. If we want to achieve anything, we must constantly move forward (even when we do not feel like it), one step at a time, until we get there. #Coachability

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Repost by life.marafon 👉🏻 Гибкость. Это так важно быть гибким, не только в тренировках, обучении, но и в жизни. Искусство гибкости позволяет вам полностью растворяться в той или иной задаче. Как вы сохраняете гибкость в своей повседневной жизни? #marinakoup #lifemarafon #lifemarathon #nutrition #fatburn #fitness #motivation #healthyfood #fooddiary #lifecoach

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AOTD: Every thought I have is fab, every step I take is fab, everything I do is fab✌🏻✨Live fab today, live first class✈️learn how in today's email on 9-5 Socialite, link in bio📲

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Get #ready for a beautiful day! #dawn #canoe #sunrise #mountains

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It’s live! You can now book your coaching sessions through the website. Link in bio. Thank you soarcreativeyyc for all your creativity and dedication in making this come to life. #makingithappen #lifecoach #yycentrepreneurs

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Only if people really knew how to fuel properly then the world would be a healthier/happier place 💯🙏 #ProtectYourself #ItStartsWithin

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Great Morning World 🌍🌏🌎! • One Step At A Time • Trust The Process! The Choice is Yours!!! Exceed your own expectations! Get into it! No Drama just Positivity.... The challenge is on! The possibilities are endless.... •Change your •Mindset• YOU •Change your Life! •Love• wins! •Lead• by example!•Role your Model• Model your Role• No duplicates, let them watch! •MissNicholeT• MumsyAndMeInfo •It takes a •Village• We are "All" •Works in Progress• CHOOSE• to be... #Live #Love #Laugh be #Happy! Make it count... You only have •One life to live! Are you Living or Existing? #GodIsLove #LoveIsGod #Humanitarian #Motivation #LifeCoach #Fashionista #Empowerment #Support #SelfLove #Mothers #SingleMothers #Daughter #Son #Family It takes a Village... #Community #Educator #Teacher #Dancer #Choreographer #Dance #Yoga #Pilates #Fitness ▪MumsyandMe▪is here for you all always! Support goes a long way! #MissNikkiBaby #Entrepreneur #Philanthropist Follow us on •Face•Book• MumsyAndMe• for Dance Fitness Classes check out •• 💛 💛💛Thankful for my • Village • 😘😊

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Freedom is your birth right! Let's break this stupid cycle! #kimbrce

14 1 Oct 17, 2017
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