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#Repost via👇🏻 stupideasypaleo & shethrivesblog (Love these strong ladies😍) . "Current Mood... 'Unfu*kwithable' Means to me: Knowing my worth, being unapologetically me, fiercely loving my community, standing in my strength."

1 1 Nov 20, 2017

Calling all ladies....BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR- OUR FACTIONISTA WINTER PARTY!!! - BOXING 🥊, NUTRITION TALK WITH EMILY FRISELLA AND ALL THE FOOD YOU CAN EAT! 🍎🍗 - Come join us for a killer boxing workout at Title Boxing Club 10 and then hangout with us after during our potluck and nutrition talk with the one and only Emily Frisella!! - If you don't follow Emily Frisella...she is from the "Food in Session" podcast as well as a best-selling author of a best-selling cookbook "The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen" and the wife of 1st Phorm's CEO, Andy Frisella! - Gloves with be provided, all you need are boxing wraps. If you don't have any wraps title boxing has some you can buy for only 10 bucks! - Everyone who brings a friend 👭 that hasn't been to an event yet will receive a prize! - For the potluck- I will provide the main dish, all we ask is that you contribute a side or desert! - RSVP as soon as possible- there are only 40 spots available and they will go quickly!!!

6 1 Nov 20, 2017

•Back+Bicep Day 002 Supersets(4x12 of each)• 1A-Seated Cable row 120lb 1B-Reverse BB curls 30lb 2A-Seated Front Raise Over Extensions 27.5lb 2B-Rope hammer curls 47.5lb 3A-Underhand/Wide Grip lat pulldowns 120lb 3B-Db cross body hammer curls 20lb 4A-Wide Grip cable curls 47.5/52.5 4B-Rope cable Face Pulls 44lb +2sets of Rope Pulls +40weighted Decline bench sit ups 20lb kettle bell +Half Mile on Elliptical in 5:02 +40 seal jacks #supersets #backworkout #backandbiceps #curlsforthegirls #curlsfordays #backandbis #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlifting #bodybuildingcom #missionpossiblepat #legionofboom #hardwork #fitfam #gymmotivation #gym #planetfitness #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #dowork #battleropes #ropes #ropepulls drank my cellucor #c4ripped and scivation #bcaas #bcaasripped

6 0 Nov 20, 2017

This little girl kaia_the_pitty_pup had a lazy Sunday while I was at work all day busting my butt... Someone's got to keep kibble in her bowl! 😂 #legionofboom 1stphorm #s2faction #dominateyourlife #s2suppup #pitbullsofinstagram #iam1stphorm #dontbullymybreed #naphardplayhard

5 0 Nov 20, 2017

Ten years later, and my Dad’s 10th finish at the JFK 50 mile. Couldn’t be more proud. Now time for me to do it again . . .

93 2 Nov 20, 2017

Had a great day on the delta. Meat for the winter haha.. Next trip is gone be for sturgeon I hope! #striperfishing #fishing

18 1 Nov 20, 2017

Do you do enough to improve your mind? . I'll be the first to admit when I was younger I absolutely dispised reading - didn't want anything to do with picking up a book. . As I grew older - middle school and beyond I learned this was a new norm (like many of us did). . And now I'm reading at least 5-10 books a year. A majority of them are self help, business, and of a entrepreneurship building genre. . I fully intend on reading all of those books that andyfrisella has on his reading list (that I've not read yet) by year's close 2018 or by the end of the Summer 2019. . But in general - reading expands your mind, thought processes, gives new insights, among others. . These are two of my utmost favorites this year, besides #LawOfAttraction (which is the book I'm reading currently). . In my opinion it is one of the best things one can do to improve yourself for the long term. . How are you setting yourself up for success in the long run? And do you have any to suggest to me that I should read? . 1stPhorm #IAm1stPhorm #1StPhormAthleteSearch #100to0 #readingisfun #books

16 4 Nov 20, 2017

8:30 am class on thanksgiving is officially on!!! Come by BURN FITNESS and BURN those calories before we all prepare for the aftermath! #letsbecomebettertogether #burnfitnessrbny #fitness #100to0 #legionofboom #rockawaybeach #rbny

9 0 Nov 20, 2017

Work hard and success followed #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #athlete #fitmom #buffbeautynbrains #trainlikeagirl

4 0 Nov 20, 2017

This is Pooky. She’s half #beagle half #dachshund and she’s demonstrating exactly how I feel today. I did chest/back/legs yesterday, taking full advantage of my gym time. Tomorrow I’ll be working out from my Home gym. I am sooo sore today!! I feel like I can barely move! When I’m this sore, I drink BCAA’s to help my muscles recover from the hard workout. I’ve been drinking Green Apple all day today! 😋 It really helps me to recover and ready to train some more. Use Branch Chain Amino Acid complex as an intra-workout drink to preserve lean muscle, burn fat, and to prolong the intensity of your workout…as well as increase muscle recovery. If you’d like a recommendation on a BCAA, DM me! I’d love to help! #workharderbebetter #sosore #ihurteverywhere #recoveryday #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #greenapple #soyummy😋

7 0 Nov 20, 2017

Our Strawberry Kiwi #MegawattV2 is BACK IN STOCK! Want non-jittery, sustained energy, dialed in focus, increased strength, and muscular endurance? Oh and the best tasting / mixing pre-workout there is? Then you need Megawatt V2 and you need to tap the link in my bio! #iam1stPhorm #1stphorm #1stphorm4life #neversettle #legionaire #legionofboom #preworkout #onlythebest #thatpumptho #gymessentials #strawberrykiwi #backinstock #fitness #instafit #getsome

8 0 Nov 20, 2017
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