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No words😠😤 Follow 👉👉 dog_abusers_spotted - Reposting - I'm writing this post to try and get some justice for Leo the dog that was found stuffed in a suitcase in harehills. Leo was starved to death by this total scum Mason medford. He locked him in his house for two months and didn't go back to feed, give him water, or walk him. When this scum found Leo starved to death in his house apparently he laughed. How sick!!!!! Well I'm not laughing I just think about how this poor baby must have suffered. And wonder how he sleeps at night after what he's done. Hes walking around harehills thinking he's a big man. Well Its time everyone knows what he's done. Please share this for Leo and let's get him some justice. So Leo can rest in peace. I'm sharing the pics of Leo before he was with mason and when he was found in harehills graveyard. He was stuffed in a suitcase by this monster. Please don't let Mason medford get away with this let's get his picture everywhere so the whole world knows exactly what he is. CRUEL MURDERING SCUM..... btw He's 18 And more than capable of knowing right from wrong. #dogabusersexposed #Harehills #Masonmedford #sickening #leo #unforgivable #unforgiving #harehillspark #harehillsleeds #leedsuk #leedsunited #leedsuni #leedscity #bradford #yorskhire #grimescene #grimescenesaviour #dogabuser - #regrann

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