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4 1 Feb 25, 2018

AIDA, Shoreditch Rose latte: £3.50 (?) . They do some of the prettiest and most unique latte art here but I can't capture how pretty it is! (I hate yellow lighting so much) Good latte art always wins my heart. The first flavour to hit you is the strong scent of rose. After drinking it however you get a combination of the beetroot and rose flavour. For me the aftertaste leans more towards beetroot and then a lingering of the rose. (Not entirely sure I'd like a sole beetroot latte but this in terms of flavour was okay to me!) However this was definitely too sweet for me...if you have a sweet tooth though it'll be fine for you! . . . . .

43 7 Feb 25, 2018

To make what's known as "microfoam," which is what's poured into your cup, baristas add steam to the milk and rapidly heat it, thereby altering the physical characteristics of the milk, in scientific terms called "denaturing." Milk is made up of fat, sugar and proteins. When you steam the milk, the fat breaks down and the sugars break down as well, into smaller, simpler sugars, which actually make the milk taste sweeter. Then comes the question of pouring milk into the espresso, which is where the physics come into play. The barista pours so as to get the milk in first, and then finish with the foam, in order to create the design. . . #CoffeeHolic #Caffeine #Espresso #LatteArtGram #咖啡 #라떼아트

17 0 Feb 25, 2018

First cup of the day #latte #caramellatte #latteart #coffee #cafe #goodmorning #latteartgram

11 0 Feb 25, 2018

i got a soft spot for babies and really old people, everyone else is out of luck

24 1 Feb 25, 2018


27 2 Feb 24, 2018

you have become a part of my village and you have raised me to pillage, those who are not living, a subtle protest against the walking dead, stirring up what's last left of those cells fighting for individuality

28 1 Feb 24, 2018
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