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Nothing beats a big screen! This Ford Ranger received an upgrade today at SSV. #alpinestyle #ssv #ssvkp #streetsoundvision #bigscreen #largerthanlife #alpineelectronics #alpineaustralia #fordranger #toughford

1 0 Oct 20, 2017

I think every generation has own favourite boyband (just my opinion). backstreetboys is the most favourite from my generations. It was my teenage (when grown to adult) crush. And still for today. Now , as a mommy , i see so many young talented musician. But, backstreet boys still the best for me. Can't wait to see u all tomorrow at national stadium singapore. Let's sing along with all that song💃🎼 #backstreetboys #iwantitthatway🎶 #sporthubsingapore #largerthanlife #musiclovers

4 0 Oct 20, 2017

The supply...Only you can demand! #colossalENT #Largerthanlife #sample #beats #producers #art #inspire

4 0 Oct 20, 2017

• . And when you feel like you want to control me, I'll ask for you to feel freedom. • And you feel like you want to cage me, I'll ask for you to feel like you have bigger, better wings. • And when you feel like you want to see me crawling, my desire is that you feel dignity and respect for yourself . And when you feel like you have to become a monster to others because you feel hurt, I'll pray for you to feel immensely LOVED by the right one. . And when you feel less, I want you to KNOW that you are more, you are blessed, you are pure. . There's nothing to kill, to thread, to drag down, to fight against, no person to be forced to love, or act, or do. This is just a perspective of the absence what really is. What is is LOVE, PURENESS, GREATNESS, ABUNDANCE coming to you... What is is the right person for you in the very right moment, is love wanting to love you, people to feel good around your energy, the right thing for you, the right lover, the rightness felt and enjoyed. And you are given all of this and more NOW, you just have to allow it in your experience. • Don't be afraid to lose as you were born a winner, a creator, a master. Fear is not who you are and also not good companion. Set people, situations and things free. You don't have what you don't have, however you have been given ALL of what really is. . . . EA. . . #IAmThatIAM #IRemainInTheVortex #IRise #SunnyHappyPeople #Resilience #LargerThanLife #AbeWisdom #leyuniversal #icomeasonebutstandastenthousand #LoveIsLove #QuotesOfInstagram #Allowing #17secs

24 4 Oct 20, 2017

Just another night at work. #studios #nodastudios #colossalENT #Largerthanlife #vibes #music #producers #artists

7 0 Oct 20, 2017

Un GRAN #TBT de uno de los días más felices de mi vida y es que cuando nuestros sueños se hacen realidad solo queda darle gracias a nuestro Dios🙏❤️ Una 🌙de🍯 inolvidable a tu lado jmortega23 ❤️ gracias por ser parte de mis sueños. I love u babe❣️ #backstreetboys #backstreetsback #happy #honeymoon #tbt #BSB #BSBVegas #Largerthanlife #June2017 #mylove

16 2 Oct 20, 2017

Larger than life! Cole's birth announcement.... and he still is today! . Cole did not know his diagnosis until Jr. High. We didn't want him to feel labeled or limited. We explained to him early on that his brain had developed differently than other children and that he needed extra help. We never made a big deal out of his therapies… it just was what it was. . . When Cole entered Jr. High, we felt he had matured emotionally and intellectually enough to understand his diagnosis. During a car ride home from school, I casually explained to Cole that he had autism. His response? “I always thought I was normal?” Best response ever! "You are normal Cole,” I confirmed “this is just the reason you needed extra help.” . Fast forward. . Cole was at a lesson tonight, and his teacher was “going off” regarding a challenging student with autism. Rather then sit quietly and feel intimidated or ashamed, Cole boldly announced… “I have autism.” He and his teacher then proceeded to discuss what it means to have autism and live on "the spectrum." How cool is that? . . Love that our Mr. Cole feels confident about who he is and is doing his part to advocate for others and spread autism awareness. . . #largerthanlife #autism #spectrum #autismawareness #differentnotless #autismadvocate #mrcole

7 0 Oct 20, 2017
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