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It’s National Cocktail Day? There’s a day for everything... but the ladies are in town! Time to celebrate. Cocktails with Lady J and my Aunt Kathy parkersdowntown. . . . . . #cocktails #drinks #family #ladyj #igdrinks #parkersdowntown #theland #cleveland #thisiscle #downtown #believeland #nationalcocktailday #🍹

31 5 Mar 25, 2018

Giving old photos new life is fun. * * Also low key wondering what I have to do to be recognized or appreciated more on Instagram. When I first got it a few yrs ago I'll admit I didn't know what I was doing or how to go about it really or even what I wanted to represent. But then I tried being a music page: all into bands and sharing concert photos and footage which went unnoticed and unappreciated (or so it felt that way). I then tried more aesthetic photos to switch it up from regular selfie and band trash. Still nothing. I then began my cosplay adventure and that is where I feel the most unnoticed and unhappy. There is so many cosplayers. Wonderfully, amazingly, crazy talented ones at that with thousands of followers. I feel like my cosplays suck in comparison bc I'm only a begginner who had limited funds and now literally no money at all to pursue anything. I started to go back to a different, more amped up aesthetic style- and tbh I think those photo edits look fucking awesome, but, it just feels like only a handful of others feel the same. And trust and believe I love that handful. They make me feel loved, adored, admired and special. But I've always craved more in life. To be an inspiration, to have recognition, to be known. And I really don't know how to go about doing that. I refuse to do certain things to gain notice on the radar of the world of insta. I've contemplated patreon but also figured what good could that do me? I don't plan to do boudoir photos or anything too risqué so what point would it to have patreon. Idk. I guess I'm just bummed that I create from the heart and I feel so alone bc everything goes unnoticed. I even stopped painting for that exact reason. Bc it feels like nothing I do is ever good enough. Sorry for always being that debbie downer but sometimes my feelings genuinely are hurt by watching so many wonderful people chase their dreams unabashedly, with tenacity and confidence I could only dream of having. Deep down I always thought I had an artistic soul but now I'm really wondering if I do or not. * * #haveyoueverdancedwiththedevilinthepalemoonlight #myaesthetic #aesthetic #create

13 1 Mar 25, 2018

It’s #art week in Dubai.. for the final flourish, #ladyJ makes her contribution... 💜💕 (yes, she had help)

36 0 Mar 24, 2018

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1 0 Mar 23, 2018
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