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A little video to capture the work that went into the frame for that raked 10mm express joint ceiling 👌👍🏻

31 1 Nov 16, 2017

10mm raked express Pannel ceiling at the Ropes Crossing Project looks great was no easy tasks to frame or sheet but the end results where well worth it !!

43 1 Nov 16, 2017

Missing little boo working late on SEMA projects cant post pics til it's finished in #vegas so here's #willowjoan #1963vette #sema2017 #sema #interiordesign #madeinamerica #kuttingedgeinteriors more pics of car in a couple weeks

34 1 Oct 17, 2017

Ropes Crossing facade and ceiling coming along nicely. The express joints from the facade to the ceiling give it a really sharp clean look.

42 1 Oct 16, 2017

Ceiling framing complete time to sheet. 9mm villaboard with 10mm express joints

42 3 Oct 12, 2017

Ropes Crossing Project receiving a large order of csrgyprock bring on the sheeting.

30 1 Oct 12, 2017

Night shift for the boys at Richmond Market Place shopping centre stripping out existing cornice above existing shop fronts once stripped we will set and sand ready for paint.

42 2 Oct 9, 2017

9mm CFC Express paneling coming along nicely at the Ropes Crossing Project 😎

38 3 Oct 6, 2017

SpeedPanel installation at Ropes Crossing Shopping Centre the wall comprised of 40 lineal meters 5.2 meters in height the boys smashed this out in two days with this system we will achieve a 3 hour fire rating saving the client time and costs associated with using a alternative system like block work 😎

43 3 Oct 3, 2017

The Kutting Edge team yesterday traveled up to Rutherford in the Hunter Region to help a client conceal a roller door in preparation for there shop signage. This last minute call out all ways keeps our team on the go and shows that we and the team are always ready and willing I would like to thank the boys that gave up there Sunday to get this job done 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

40 2 Oct 2, 2017

CSR Cemintal sheets flying high at the Ropes Crossing project.

34 2 Sep 21, 2017
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