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Another food post. Yaay. Bye. . . #happydays #longday #foodporn #foodpic #likeforlike #foodieforlife #like4like #kthanksbye

23 0 Aug 19, 2017

Dear assholes, learn how to act and treat people or just stay the fuck home and off your phone. #kthanksbye

10 0 Aug 19, 2017

Amazing eye makeover by ❤️🔥 #kthanksbye

77 2 Aug 19, 2017

My face when someone tells me to smile #restingbitchface #kthanksbye

11 0 Aug 19, 2017

About me alert 🚨 I've been tagged by the beautiful _crystal_marshall to tell a little some some about goes 😩🙈 . . . I have a 13 yr old and he's the most amazing, incredible person I've ever known. He is strong, caring, gentle hearted, extremely witty and has the most contagious laugh (next to mine of course) 🤣he teaches me to be better and always look for the best in others. He helps me to take a moment to enjoy how blessed we are, to breathe, and laugh in the worst of circumstances. #thankful . . . I love ALL THE food!! I haven't cooked in a while cuz, life has gotten a little crazy. But I love experimenting with ingredients and spices. I like all kinds, but RN I'm trying out being a vegetarian, and I'm lovvving it! I'm feeling so good in my body. I sleep longer and my skin looks way healthier. So gonna keep it going. Plus, hate the animal torture. 😭 . . . I love the water, being around it, exploring...boating, kayaking, inner tubing...whatever I'll try it, but I cannot cannot swim. I tried lessons once a few yrs back and pretty sure I almost drowns each session... good news::: I can hang on the wall or rock a life jacket like no other. #ohyeahhh #notashamed . . . I work in the healthcare field. Went to school for midwifery, but couldn't handle the blood ✋🛑 no no no so I have a degree in healthcare management, and I LOVE IT! I love coaching, mentoring, developing others blood can go bye bye . . . Oh and uhhh, I'm incredibly small. Like teetering on...the M WORD but I'm not 🤘🏼4'11" #safe I'm small, so OF COURSE I have a big personality and my laugh is loud and slightly obnoxious. 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . I love JESUS so I'll talk about Him #cuzhedabest #andwhynot . . . now your turnnnnnn #notafitnesspost #ilovehashtags #kthanksbye

29 3 Aug 19, 2017

Saturday night done right🕵🕵🕵 *insert crappy caption* done right too🕵🕵 xx.🍎 . . . #weekend #feels #cherryred #halfformal #dressyourbest #ootn #summer #saturdazee #onceaposeralwaysaposer #kthanksbye

517 0 Aug 19, 2017

Set Her Free •• 19.8.17 // "There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn't be one of them" // I have seen too many people (both men and women) not value what they've got, while it's theirs. I have also witnessed people sticking in relationships despite not seeing their significant other, in the way that one must, especially if it's "love". I don't know what's worse, do you?

51 4 Aug 19, 2017
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