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These beautiful moths flew thousands of miles to reach me 💚fuelled by pure love ..I am so great full my friend... #friendship #love # compassion #giving #kindness #gift #nature #naturelover #nature love #illustrations #insects #moths #indianmoths #

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When autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness #autumn #autumn🍁 #endofsummer #kindness #leaves #leavesfall #memories #friendships #connection #thought

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Talk About It I've been sexually harassed by old and young, Gay and straight, intelligent and dumb, All because I had a love burdened with obstacles, They thought it a sham, purely impossible. I've had distinctly uncomfortable encounters, With older males who have a semblance of power, Who were eager to help seated next to me, But then failed to respond when I made it clear they couldn't have sex with me. I was thinking about it on my bike ride yesterday, I can't prove anything directly anyways, Besides, I'm a male and it's demanded I be strong, Or whatever the definition of that is but I don't go along. It hurts to have my sexuality blatantly attacked, Trust me, with a six year old sex is something I sorely lack, But to me loving the right person, Is worth waking up each day and facing my learned social aversion. Author's Note: I won't lie, when I ride past UW Milwaukee on my usual routes it's hard not to feel uncomfortable. The general sense of “nothing's wrong” despite my having been actively attacked by staff and students alike on campus, in class and when I was powerless to defend myself reminds me that for the time being I have to keep fighting my battles alone. Two years and one lawyer later all I can say is that I never set out to be any kind of firebrand but it seems no one else is speaking up and I simply refuse to allow others to denigrate me or my reputation. There is a terrible culture developing at that school. At least at Madison one can ascribe the behavior to out of state students and alcohol. In Milwaukee there is no excuse at all, period. I'm on the outside now and everything's gonna be a fight to get back to where I was and hopefully get my master's but I'd be remiss in my personal commitment to myself if I stayed silent. Thanks for reading; sometimes writing is the only outlet I have. #writeaboutit #love #kindness #understanding #poetsofig #writersofig #writersofinstagram #poem #poetry #poet #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #uwmilwaukee

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Yesterday was a hard "mom day"... it seemed like my kids were fighting, crying & arguing I was playing ball with them outside (because we gave up on schoolwork due to all the fighting) and they started in again, crying, tantruming & just frustrating me... some days it feels like nothing is sinking in - about kindness & being obedient and loving & how to talk to people with respect... I lost my cool a few times & yelled - I hate when that happens... but it does, cause I'm human and a sinner just like they are. I need to keep reminding myself that they are sinners just like me! They need my grace & patience... but boy is that a struggle!! Anyone else struggle with this? I wish I could be a "leave it to beaver" mom! (I think that's the name of the old show). 😜 she could somehow do it all! Haha! But this momma can not... I'm a hot mess! 😂 but I'm so thankful that I have three children and a husband who loves the Lord & us... hopefully I don't mess my kids up too much in this process called life! (Already looking into therapists for when they are older!! Hahaha j/k). Here's to a better day! #betterday #grace #kindness #mommaof3 #coffeeplease #homeschoolmom

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The past can not be deleted , forgotten or discarded ☺ whatever happens in the past , do not make it a burden 😇 make it a lesson in life , to become a better person in the future 🙏 #myquote || this is a clove plant , commonly used as an additional cooking spice in #indonesia 🌳🍀🌿🍃🍜🍲 thank you guys 😚 || #traveler #travel #explore #exploreindonesia #cooking #traditional #clover #quoteoftheday #quotes #lovequotes #motivated #inspirations #for #kindness #goodness #happiness #life #photo #photography #like4like #likesforlikes

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Oh, what wise words ✱

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