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Гармония с самим собой - единство души и тела. Будьте гармоничны с собой и добры к окружающим ☯ #kindness

0 0 May 23, 2017

#MOOD Everything was going good. Then I woke up fighting for my life. You go to the #doctors & they can't even tell you what's wrong with u. They just be making shit up & #experimenting on you. #Please do yourself a favor. This applies to everyone. My last few #episodes really changed me inside, so Do not & I repeat do not #play #games or try to do any bs to me. Hurting me is hurting my family in Haiti & I can't allow that. I don't care who it is. Family friends lovers or associates. The nice steeve isn't what your going to receive. Don't ever take my #kindness for weakness. I'm already #fighting within myself daily as it is. Please. Once I stop caring, that means you've pushed me to the edge & at that point I can't even tell you what kind of steeve you will receive. I try my #best #everyday to #wake up & add #good vibes to the world. Do not fuck with me. Do not not try to put me down or discredit me or sabotage anything I'm doing or working on. I will not allow that + the #universe won't allow that neither. I can be evil just like anybody else I just consciously choose to be wholesome. I refuse to be weak minded / weak #spirited or give in to any of the fuck shit. Cheers 2 _veganleather for loving me unconditionally & not judging my ideas & way of being. I know it's not easy at all. Thank you to any & everyone who genuinely loves me. Ya keep me going & just know I will keep fighting as much as possible. I have so many people to #aid & help so I will keep going. 👨🏾‍🚀 #steevesamlive #blessed #alive #elevationonly #aimhighlaylow #pain #ill #cbd #thc

3 0 May 23, 2017

Dividends of #kindness Such a high vibration to feel and give!! 💕😁 Not only for children but everyone! All day every day baby. I challenge everyone to extend an act of kindness today. to Give a stranger a smile, hold a door for someone when you normally wouldn't, pay for the coffee for the person behind you. See if you can start a domino effect and see how strong an act of kindness can travel (: #kindness #tranformationtuesday #transformintokindess #sharekindness #shareasmile #behappy #lovetoday #enjoytoday #spreadgoosvibes

1 1 May 23, 2017

This sweater, albeit pretty fabulous, is more than just a sweater. It belonged to my step father who passed away in April. You never know when someone is wearing their heart, so always be kind. #sweater #love #family #kindness #selfie #blackandwhite

2 0 May 23, 2017

Mi querida esposa... si tú pudieras ver el mundo como yo lo veo, pronto descubrirías lo mucho que te amo." Bendecido! #wife #beautiful #kindness #amazing #thankyou

0 0 May 23, 2017

On this day in 1967, a show featuring a kindly man in a cardigan & blue sneakers debuted on public television- #MisterRogersNeighborhood #kindness #manchesterunited 🇬🇧💔😢 Be a helper whenever you can.

3 0 May 23, 2017

Just saw this and thought it was a wonderful example of choosing what you focus on. Sometimes I get caught up on all the injustice and sadness in the world. But there are always amazing souls who help. Whether it's a dog, an old person in your community, saving the rhinos or the planet - we can all be someone who helps ❤️ (Via unilad)

74 1 May 23, 2017

Only one more day...eighteen hours left...until May me feeling like WHEEEEEEEE!!! To all you reading this, I am sending all this same love and positivity!! Have a beeeeeautiful Tuesday! And goes where attention flows, so focus on the positive as much as possible. And when that seems a Sisyphean task, like it did for me yesterday, search for the lesson, heed the signs the Universe/Creator is sending you to help you on your path, keep spurring your growth. Photo from back in the day when I was struggling something fierce, living in Los Angeles. I was in a literal hell on Earth...but damnit if I still didn't put a smile on my face at least once a day. That's always been me though, the eternal optimist, cheesy-grinning her way through the shit-sandwiches life can offer up. What's amazing is that I can look back now and truly understand that everything happens for a reason. Even the messed up shit that still happens on the daily. Le sigh...this life is crazy beautiful! #gratefuleveryday

4 1 May 23, 2017

No act of KINDNESS no matter how small is ever wasted. - Aesop #kindness #bekind #happy #payitforward #dailymotivation #randomactsofkindness

3 0 May 23, 2017

“In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” ~ Victoria Moran #infinite #moment #presence #pause #connection #breath #flower #beauty #awareness #awaken #time #mentalhealth #love #kindness #spirit #thoughts #body #soul

2 0 May 23, 2017

Lover's eye speed painting #wip I plan to auction this painted stone here on my IG later this week. as soon as I have finished it. so make sure to keep an eye (😁) out if you are interested in this piece. #loverseye #lovers #eye If you want to see a longer version of this speed painting check my #youtube channel

5 1 May 23, 2017

To yourself and to others. It costs nothing 💕

0 1 May 23, 2017
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