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Weeee! Back to the grind! The only workout I did in the last 9 days is blowing my nose out 🤧 I only manage 1/4 of my usual and boyyyy it left me out of breath 😅 Hope your days has been better than mine and love seeing all your progress and killing your workouts! 💪🏼♥️ Happy Tuesday Sunshine 🌈

14 1 Dec 12, 2017

Loves to watch over his human ❤️

2 1 Dec 12, 2017

Eyelash extensions make the Holiday Season easier. You feel relaxed after the service( 💆😴🎶) and you look glamorous and ready to party (👗💄👛). Then you find yourself in a good mood from all the compliments you get, making family a little bit easier to deal with. Expires Dec 31th. #keepingitreal

2 1 Dec 12, 2017

#hhdl #keepingitreal ... thoughts?

3 0 Dec 12, 2017

Fuck you big guy...I'll buy my damn self Christmas. 💁 #fuckyou #santasapunk #nah #christmas #allthereindeergames #rudolph #staywoke #keepingitreal #lol

7 0 Dec 12, 2017

just_pmiller85 got Elle Vie Body Butter with this note as a gift from her friend.  Now that's a real friend! Real friends don't let their friends walk around ashy!  Are you a real friend?

11 2 Dec 12, 2017

I love the little Christmas knick-knacks you can find at the thrift shop.🎄

6 2 Dec 12, 2017

📣📣📣📣 Fit Tip Time!!!! 📣📣📣📣 A perfect option for Meatless Monday! Wanted to share my FAVORITE Spaghetti Squash tip to get the BEST NON WATERY spaghetti squash! SWIPE for the video!!!! But to save you the time.... roast for 460° instead of the GENERIC 350° oven temp that everyone already said! Roast for 45 min MAX, although if you have A SMALLER squash, start checking after 25 min! Squash comes out flaky and caramelized, PERFECT for the sauce of your choice! 😉😉😉😉

5 1 Dec 12, 2017

Disempowering questions lead to disempowering answers. Said another way, the quality of the answers that flow through our consciousness depends on the quality of questions we ask ourselves moment to moment.

9 2 Dec 12, 2017

Quite memorable That moment when perusing the bookshelves of the studio you are freelancing at - and wham! You spot a book you sweated over many years ago in a past life. Aaaah the memories that flood back. Ripe. New design in Australia. Edited and designed by Steven Cornwell (published 2000) was a labour of love and a tribute to the rising stars across design disciplines in Australia at the time. Chris Connell, Sean Godsell, Andrew Hoyne, David Band, David Ansett, Marc Pascal, Hugo Davidson, Paul Hecker, Nik Karalis, Jeff Copolov the list goes on. Designers who have now shaped their industries. Inspiring stuff. Surely it's time for a sequel scornwell?

9 1 Dec 12, 2017

⭐️Home made chicken tortilla soup! Topped with: • Plain non fat Greek yogurt • Blue corn chippies • Avocado 👌🏽🥑🍅 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #mangiamangia #fromscratch #ishowlovewithfood #italianmomma

9 2 Dec 12, 2017

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a rough several days. Excruciatingly painful back issues, plus a 2-day migraine. The good news is that I’ve seen my chiropractor twice now and I am slowly getting better. Also good news, he recommended I take a little walk today (after being largely incapacitated for 4 days) and it felt so good to walk almost 2 miles (which may have been more than he wanted, but I’ve been missing my daily walks!! 😬). Who cares that I’m walking with a back brace on. I’m walking and it was a gorgeous December day. 😊☀️ #keepingitreal #backissuessuck #walkingagain #coloradical

11 2 Dec 12, 2017

Part 2 After his mucus attack, he said "boo" for B. I have been trying to teach him ball or book but he likes boo. He learned and loved that word during Halloween. I almost cut this video short. I didnt want to disgust anyone with the mucus attack. But then i decided to keep it real. 😪😪 I dont know how being a parent looks like from the outside. But i can give you an insight to our home. I love Devin to death and i enjoy teaching and learning together with him. His cuteness stops my heart multiple times in a day. However being a parent does come with mucus attacks and poop explosions and middle of the night vomits too. It all ends up in laundry or bath time which is quite OK actually. Parenting sometimes means to have no sleep because your little one likes saying 'hat' at 3 am in the morning. And i am being literal. Devin woke up and repeated this word for 90 minutes during a night last week. it is too exciting for him to learn new things. And he wants to practice them all the time! At least whenever his eyes are open anyway... Also sleep is hard when you keep popping new teeth. Devin had his 12th come out within 5 months. 6 of these were new this past 5 weeks! So no sleep, lots of dirt. Also there are times where i spent effort, time, even money for organic nutritious food and he just wants to eat crackers. Let me tell you. It's so damn hard being a parent! That being said, it is the most rewarding challenge i have had in my life. Payment comes in the form of smiles, kisses, hugs and love. Free, but so worthy! So there it is. Our mucusful alphabet. B is for boo! #devinhossain #alphabet #abc #mucusattack #parenting #keepingitreal #toddlers #instakids

4 0 Dec 12, 2017

If you aren’t willing to get out of your comfort zone for an hour of your day, then this lifestyle isn’t for you💯 #keepingitreal #keepgrinding #dontquit #quittingisnotanoption #keeppushing #dontplayyourself #grinduntilyoushine #grinduntilithappens #getoutyourcomfortzone #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessaddict #fitnessjourney

12 0 Dec 12, 2017
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