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Plz follow awwfetus "Hi guys I'm owner of justin__everything I forgot my password and since I used fake email address so, I can't recover it so I made this account with the help of my friend __think___positive__ . So plz follow this account. Help me to recover my follower plz. ❤" . . .

9 1 Sep 20, 2017

Don't you worry, cause' everything's gonna be alright ♡

61 3 Sep 20, 2017

«Baby you just gotta make up your mind, that every little thing is gonna be alright» 💖💫.

18 6 Sep 20, 2017


19 1 Sep 20, 2017


184 1 Sep 20, 2017

I might take a break from this

25 7 Sep 20, 2017

I love him so much :"( tag someone who deserve to meet justin !?

4297 173 Sep 19, 2017

He just wanna be kind with everybody 💖, but sometimes the people can be so annoying and disrespectful. Justin deserves to be treated like a normal human being, i know that he's famous and all that stuff, but he need space, he need to be in peace, even if it's just for one day.

23 1 Sep 19, 2017

this photo will always make me cry, I swear☹💘 ; justinbieber { follow byjusstin for more }.

29 2 Sep 19, 2017

Okay I am actually really. Really. Really proud of this one. Ugh I just love it😍😍😍😍 I hope youll do too but even if it flops ill keep loving it😂😂 AND I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF FAILS, I SEE THEM SO NO NEED TO TELL ME I FAILD . (im sorry for this shitty quality though😣) . Tmrw I wont have school (yasss bitches) so I will try to do some more edits ♡ . Also PLEAAASEE help me !! I need to find good stories on wattpad BECAUSE I'M RUNNING OUT !! I love j-jastin but I read everything of her :/ so pls tell me good writers who made good stories ♡♡ THAAANKS . anyway like share and comment it if you like it, and if you don't... comment too 😂! . Ily💖 ×Alice× . justinbieber . #photoshop #edit #edits #pscs6 #photoshopCS6 #manip #manips #justinedit #imagine #justinbieberimagine #dirtyimagine #beliebers #jelieber #justindrewbieber #justinbieber #justin #drew #Bieber #Purpose #sorry #purposetour #justinfan #fanpage #justinbieberter #jdb #JB #belieber #bieberfever #proudbelieber #belieberforever

56 15 Sep 19, 2017

"Hey Alina why dont we talk anymore! We used to be so close!!!" You're a fake bitch that's why

30 5 Sep 19, 2017

Do you find yourself attractive?

1993 83 Sep 19, 2017

How old are you guys ?😋

8487 249 Sep 19, 2017


23 1 Sep 19, 2017

i hate history sm 😒

172 9 Sep 19, 2017
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