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How can people say he's nottt cutee ?!!!!!

1107 15 May 27, 2017

Guys I'm fucking crying right now. That edit.... I can't sleep at night without dream about him. This is every night the same dream. I see him in New Jersey ,at the street, in running over him and hug him so tight without even ask. I tell him that I don't need a photo,only his hug. Then I show him this page. And I tell him that I'm so proud of him. With a river of tears. This is so sad that's only a dream. I don't wanna imagine it I wanna feel it. I saw him in his concert,but it's never enough. People that saw him know what I am talking about. Please tag him!!!!💔🥀 justinbieber

173 10 May 27, 2017

justin's back - one of the hottest things ever 🔥💦

75 2 May 27, 2017

«In my room there's a king size space, bigger than it used to be» 🌹✨.

36 2 May 27, 2017

2013 or 2015? • • Follow respectrauhl for more 💗

1348 46 May 27, 2017

[fc: 12310 ] ; 27.5.2017 new theme,yayy 😂💜 like you see,this theme i will try post textposts made by me 😊 really hope that you will little bit like them 💜 if you want,you can write your opinion on textpost 😊 --- comment "💗" if you want be tagged in next post - - - [ #purposeworldtour #purpose #stillkidrauhl #sirbizzle #sorry #followtrain #gaintrick #gaintrain #gainpost #justindrewbieber #justinbieberfan #justinbieber #justindrew #justinfan #justin #jerry #jb #bieberpower #bieberfever #believetour #beliebers #believe #bizzle #bieber #belieber #theme #gainpost #tumblr #textpost justinbieber ]

134 19 May 27, 2017
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