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a snack ? no. a 5 course meal ? yes.

14 1 May 24, 2017

Comment different color hearts if you think this world is fucked up and people don't deserve to die ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 / justinbieber #justinbieber #letmeloveyou #myworld #believe #journals #purpose #likeforlike #kidrauhl #bizzle #rickthesizzler #bieberfever #boyfriend #holdtight #justinbiebervideos #getwellsoonselena #purposetour #purposeworldtour2017

54 12 May 24, 2017

i wanna be apart of more fandoms but being a belieber is so much work idk if i have enough time energy or money

33 3 May 24, 2017

Only Justin would be buying nerf guns lol

526 7 May 24, 2017

Ok so y'all know about the whole Miley Cyrus thing where everyone was saying she used black culture for profit, trashed it, then went back to her roots after? Well now they brought Katy perry into it and is saying that she's the new Miley because she's doing what Miley was seen doing in 2013/2014 and I can't disagree so I didn't care about this situation because what people were saying was right. Now, there trying to drag a whole bunch of random celebs into this and one of them is Justin, I have a problem with y'all trying to say he's a culture vulture like how on earth is this man a culture vulture? Let's take a look back, Justin was singing r&b songs from Boys II men, Chris brown, and Usher on his YouTube days before he was even famous. When he got signed, Usher became his mentor and Justin collaborated with different hip hop artists from Sean Kingston, Luda, Chris, and Usher. He has an r&b album called journals which everyone loved. A Few years ago he dropped purpose which had Big Sean, Travis Scott, and Nas even tho it was suppose to be pop. Not to mention Travis even has a song called "biebs in the trap" about Justin. Why would a hip hop artist make a song about a white guy being in the trap unless they have a good relationship with black culture? Justin has never been a Miley or a Katy or whoever else y'all trying to say used our culture. Just because Justin is always around black people and as y'all say "try to act black" doesn't mean he's a culture vulture. Y'all are missing the point of what this culture vulturing actually is. It's when you try to make profit off of someone's culture and then discard it when u basically are done using it for ur benefits. Please tell me when justin has ever did that? He's been with us since his career even launched if he was trying to use us for profit im pretty sure he would have left and he wouldn't have a deep interest in hip hop culture like how he says he's influenced by it. Being influenced by a culture and appreciating it are way different from culture vulturing. Bottom line is stop trying to come for someone who has always respected our culture and go after the ones who see our culture as a $$ opportunity.

62 17 May 24, 2017
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